World of Warships – *Preview* Texas Tier 5 Premium USN Battleship

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Just a brief look at the Texas which was unexpectedly released today (well, to me at least) with a couple of suggestions.


  1. TheHardstyleMusicz

    Really liking this ship so far (I don’t have it, but from the video’s I’ve
    seen of it)

  2. cant wait to get home and get this ship, looks awesome!

  3. Congrats on 4k subscribers! What do I get since I have been here since CBT
    in game? LOL!

  4. Where do you get that awesome port ?

  5. How about you name your shiny new ship Alexis?

  6. Where did you get that port?

  7. You and Notser are about in the same count levels… I wonder how many
    subscribers you guys share?! Congrats on the 4K and the Texas… she’s
    tempting me…

  8. dam it. im traveling all day wednesday, the the texas would be the perfect
    US premium ship for me, and i can buy one my self because i have no money
    the new yock is my favorite BB for shooting with the main guns

  9. Business6,I love your channel,and your videos. It would be cool to see you
    live stream,but I have to work so I will miss it. I would like a Texas,but
    I have bills to pay and mouths to feed.Keep making great videos,and hope to
    run into you in game sometime.

  10. my God is Yahweh

    I Have it also 🙂 Yaaaayyyy

  11. What … there is no Texas on my WOWS ship when i log in to it … (EU
    I understand that Texas ready to be bought …
    Maybe on other servers ?

  12. ahh damn Im on EU

  13. I never would have guessed they were actually going to have The Texas in
    the game. It’s pretty awesome considering the history behind the ship and
    the fact that she’s the only remaining dreadnought afloat. I’ve had the
    amazing opportunity to see her in person one year ago today actually. She’s
    a magnificent ship but she’s in dire need of funding to help restore her. I
    hope to see her soon again after much work has been done on her.

  14. the only good US premium, why does it cost co much for a tier 5 though?

  15. congrats on 4000 subscribers! keep up the good work. RaunchyDF

  16. Oh, I hope I win won ;P

  17. this or the atago business ?! ;D

  18. HI Business. What do you think of that new map, Trident?

  19. i just got a farragut and i can see why you love that ship the guns are
    awesome its shreds everything and ive even had a couple situations where
    ive accidentally loaded ap and ended up citadelling ships i never would’ve
    expected to be able to.

  20. hey business, how much did the texas cost?

  21. congrats on 4 k subs business6. i went and visited the USS Texas this past
    Saturday it is a beautiful ship the go see if you ever down in the houston
    area i recommend you go see it. Keep up the great videos i enjoy watching
    them have a great day.

  22. When does he start streaming on wednesday european time ? because i
    definitly would like to get the texas and i dont have much money right now

  23. congratz on the subs.

  24. nice short and sexy Video! And maybe a !Gucciiii ship ?

  25. As a CV you want to drop torps from far out on that thing. Lost so many
    planes against a Texas <.<

  26. hell yea im early

  27. Bah, forgot to let it process 1080p for a bit before publishing. Check
    description for links to stream/twitter/mods :D

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