World of Warships Easter Eggs #1 – Fortresses and Fishing

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The World of Warships map team really loves to hide little Easter eggs around their maps. I found one on Trap and it led me on a bit of a Easter egg hunt and here are the Easter eggs I found on Trap and Shatter. Enjoy everybody!

If you have found an Easter egg and would like it featured on another episode please drop me an e-mail.

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  1. I am surprised to see the Canadian content. It gives me hope that we will
    see the Hiada in game

  2. In world of tanks, on the map fiords and fisherman’s Bay, both feature an
    unknown German destroyer anchored in the bays of the respective maps, may
    want to check them out chase!

  3. how about a ship easteregg video ?

  4. …and you indeed did a fantastic job in finding these easter eggs and
    sharing them!!!

  5. 2 fortresses…2fort confirmed

  6. yo, someone stole this video from you

  7. edomar jismeivh

    How can you get around with the camera? They should let us do the same in

  8. they should add a map where you play in waters where you have moving ice!
    where a light ice pack slows you down and a thick ice pack stops you. or if
    you hit an iceberg at an angle you start flooding lol

  9. ohh man this is tooo cool, yes, do more in the future! Totally awesome!

  10. IChaseGaming, check your messages please.

  11. 6:48 Stikka? Did you mean Sitka?

  12. something neat I recently noticed is that there is actually a lot of
    working, animated mining equipment on Land of Fire

  13. and the meaning behind all this?

  14. Hay ichase, I got one for you. It an Easter egg I found last December. If
    you look at either the forward or rear most gun turrets on the German Tier
    8 cruiser Admiral Hipper you will notice the word Glowworm inscribed on the
    right side of both turrets. After a little research I found that this is in
    homage to the HMS Glowworm, a British Destroyer that the Admiral Hipper
    engage in battle with and was eventually was rammed by her. Sadly the
    Glowworms, which had already sustained massive damage from the Hipper’s
    cannon fire, had her bow torn off from the strike which lead to her boilers
    exploding shortly after ramming and drifting away from the Hipper, killing
    109 of her men. 40 of her men where pulled out of the water by the Admiral
    Hipper while they were attempting to also find and save one of their men
    thrown overboard, unfortunately 6 of these men did not make it later on
    because of their wounds. This battle also marked the first time of the
    second world war where the Victoria Cross was awarded. It was awarded to a
    Lieutenant Commander Gerard Broadmead Roope after the British authorities
    received a letter of recommendation from the Admiral Hipper Captain,
    Hellmuth Heye, who sent the letter through the red cross. After the British
    command read the captains first hand account of Roope’s valiant courage in
    the face of a superior warship they gladly accepted Heye recommendation and
    awarded Roope the Victoria Cross. Roope sadly never saw the award as he had
    drowned when he had lost his grip rope while being pulled aboard the Hipper
    during rescue operations.

    This also leads to another interesting fact of the event. Apparently this
    is an odd Victoria cross case as though Commander Roope was the first
    person of the second world war to be awarded the the cross, as well as the
    “last” person of the war to be awarded the Victoria Cross. How is this
    possible you might ask, well according to Dan Brayshaw, another YouTuber
    who brought this fact to my attention, Heye’s letter was not looked over
    till the end of the war, but it also marks the first event by date of
    someone performing an act of valor that lead to them being recommended and
    award the Victoria Cross in world war II.

    This egg has also been feature on an episode of the Mingle with Jingles
    Episode 133 at about 7:40. <
    > He never actually showed the easter egg though, just tells the story in
    his usual way.

  15. Hi Chase, This was super cool. Only you would take the time to do this.
    Well appreciated! Keep it up.

  16. I had no idea about these, but being from Halifax (well, Dartmouth), I love
    the two shout-outs to Nova Scotian forts!

  17. Huh, why would a San Fransisco based ship have a Norwegian flag on it?

  18. Now, for the book I need to state, I hate Shatterer. DD map and nothing

  19. Great stuff, I want moar!!! Now, I have seen stuff on maps but remembering
    thr names of the maps still eludes me even after all the battles one have

  20. How do you do that freecamera ? i want to know :(

  21. Fascinating stuff iChase.I rarely get chance to sight-see when I’m playing.
    Nice to know the devs put so much thought into these things.

  22. MechanisedChaos

    I’ll be damned, the person who built the White Heron was from my hometown.

  23. Ekenda3 (Isaac)

    Hey you didn’t manage to find any penguins? 😉 And the time it took you to
    to figure out and change the mistake props to you!

  24. On strait in the islands around the C point I’m pretty sure they plopped
    another fortress, looks a hell of a lot like Alcatraz if you ask me

  25. “sailing boat”, looks like a barge to me

  26. As the location of the Spawn do you mean Sitka Alaska? I live there and
    there are many boats like that, including my own that fish for halibut

  27. Fanru Ye (Frank)

    I actually found the John R. Brown in a battle myself and took a look from
    afar. But I didn’t thought that there was so much history behind it. This
    is amazing.

  28. love it!

  29. north map, south spawn there a shipwrecked/rusted ship on an island

  30. Look at the new map TRIDENT.
    The islands makes a shape of a walking man.
    – legs at the west
    – head at the east
    – and B is his stomach

  31. I cant still find the Penguins on where the Titanic sunk.

  32. RollerCoaster47

    They need to put in the Orca, the boat from the classic movie Jaws.

  33. I have been to the Chateau, never knew that was in the game, that’s cool!

  34. There is a scow schooner in Auckland, New Zealand called Ted Ashby that
    does trip around the harbor

  35. now that i call a series!


  37. so cool, I was on vaca in Quebec, and we were told that Frontenac was a
    secret meeting spot for FDR, Stalin and Churchill.

  38. You are a scholar sir.

  39. Really cool video , subscribe added as well.

  40. subbed. 😀 right on. thanks man

  41. In the Soviet cruiser line overview they did say they hid an Easter egg on
    the Kirov, no idea if has been found.

  42. I’m still running my ship aground looking for the infamous beach babes. I
    know they have to be there somewhere.

  43. Hi iChase, how do you view the map in the way that you showed in the video,
    I want to see those shown in the video by myself ?

  44. They put those details in and fails to make correct ship models for certain
    ship :p

  45. Well that’s pretty America-centric lol

  46. That is super cool iChase – Ty for finding these. I lived about a mile from
    the ALMA for a good 15 years and enjoyed seeing it sail on the San
    Francisco Bay many, many times. Locally her class is primarily known for
    hauling hay bales of salt marsh hay (upwards of 600-700 bales in some
    cases), however, as you correctly point out, they were general purpose,
    shallow draft work boats. For having almost no draft and being all beam,
    she still sails pretty well.

    Every fall the San Francisco Bay plays host to the US Navy for Fleet Week –
    ships from around the world join the US Navy for parades, display maneuvers
    and of course a bit of shore leave R&R. The week highlight is the Blue
    Angles Flight Demonstration Squadron. One of the best seats in the house is
    aboard the ALMA – a wide stable platform out on the Bay with good sight
    lines. Hard ticket to get however!

    cheers to WG map making department

    tugboat1964 in game

  47. IChase look at Northen lights map, my friend said he found a penis on one
    the mountains (he is probably lieing

  48. The island designs themselves are quite interesting… I realized there is
    an island on New Dawn in the destroyer graveyard that looks like a sleeping
    stegosaurus. Spikes and everything… its neck curves around to the
    north…. see if you can find it.

  49. Classy Churchill

    Whoooo hoooooo!!!!!!! Liberty Ships FTW my grandfather served on one of

  50. do not call that ship a square, it’s a rectangle… Squares are cute unlike
    that boat. >:C

  51. D’ont worry iChase as a fellow Canadien a tink that your french is pretty
    good. ;D

  52. Sitka Alaska?

  53. james ward-gwilliam

    as oliver twist said more please. also sent an email with one i found. been
    trying to find some myself :)

  54. whats up with all the canadian shit? i live in canada and our history is
    too boring for this many landmarks…

  55. A fun fact about the Citadel de Quebec is indeed that it houses the
    official residential seat of the head of state the British Queen, it’s
    called the porcelain thrown and it’s situated in an outhouse on the base.

  56. What have you done… Now i’m spending the next hour searching maps.

  57. On the Ocean map, there is the City of Atlantis. Warning: you will die
    trying to find it.

  58. Plenty of of the ship models have easter eggs as well. Cleveland’s got the
    kill marks, for example. I think the motor launch on the Khabarovsk is also
    made to be an easter egg as it looks more like a sporty speedboat.

  59. Jonas Drøjdahl

    Nice finds! I know others have found similar things on North (Norwegian
    stuff). The map developers really do put a lot of effort into them,

    However, I really don’t think the first fort is La Citadelle de Québec. The
    shape of the real fort is asymmetrical and has indentations at the sides as
    well as the front (which points inland while the ingame one points out to
    sea). To say nothing of the differences in buildings. Real one: Lots of
    smaller buildings. Game: Long central building with two distinctive
    buildings at the ends.
    Considering the amount of effort and attention to detail they have
    otherwise put into the landmarks and ships/boats, this simply doesn’t fit
    very well.

    After a search of star forts in Canada, my conclusion is that it is in fact
    Fort George in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
    It fits with the general layout almost perfectly, and shares the slightly
    offset long building and distinctive end buildings. It is even atop a hill.

  60. Nice finds. Wargaming did a good job of using unusual and obscure
    historical objects for their easter eggs. :)

  61. Here’s a cool Easter Egg idea you could share with Wargaming.
    USS Eldridge (DE-173) a Cannon Class Destroyer Escort.
    Or popularly known as that Disappearing ship in the Philadelphia Experiment.
    She should actually randomly appear and disappear at random places in a map.

    Why stop there. Make USS Eldridge a Tier 1 Premium.

  62. I swear a couple of us found Santa’s village on the ice map. We actually
    stopped shooting at each other for a bit so we could check it out.

  63. how do you fly around the map like that?

  64. mistformsquirrel

    Hah, love that they added those little details – that’s fantastic. Good job
    environment team!

  65. Chase I saw another ship wreck on trap on the north side of the volcano in
    B cap point. Was to busy dodging shots to really get a good look, but it
    was there. Very nice attention to detail with this, I really like seeing

  66. A Liberty ship in the game.
    Possible future convoy missions maybe?

  67. my God is Yahweh

    cool video !! excellent !!

  68. Cool 🙂 I have a question: If you shoot at the buildings, fortresses and
    other land structure, do they actually show damage in the game? Will
    buildings burn or fall down?

  69. Confirm: There is no Easter egg in map Ocean!

  70. Dominic Peakman

    how long did it take you to do a map?

  71. Has anyone seen the Easter Egg on the Admiral Hipper? Someone wrote
    “Glowworm” on one of her turrets. Look it up people.

  72. On “Land of fire” one can see on one of the isles an excavator excavating

  73. Nice, do more!

  74. I noticed this Canada theme aswell. Like at 8:03 you see these colourful
    houses which kind of look like the ones in St. John’s, nfld

  75. could “shatter” have been a reworded “Chateau” instead?

  76. I was aboard the other Liberty ship, the SS Jeremiah O’Brien in San
    Francisco two years ago. Awesome little ship, even had a few vets aboard
    who told us stories about her exploits.

  77. Wow

  78. 4:45 Sorry iChase but I have to correct you on this point. That fort is
    actually based on Fort George in Haifax, Nova Scotia located at the top of
    Citadel Hill. I only noticed because that’s only an hour from where I grew
    up :)

  79. Why did the Alma have a norwegian flag? It doesnt seem to be related to it.

  80. Fernando Mernez

    jajaja “The History iChannel”

  81. Nice. Although I don’t play, I watch it for entertainment.

  82. unbelievably awesome the level of detail that are put into the maps of
    wows. super good job dogging the info out there chase

  83. That was pretty cool! 🙂 DO MOAR!

  84. Try to sink those small boats.

  85. I’m still looking for the Orca. The ship used in Jaws.

  86. Ross Godding (Nasheron)

    thanks liked the exploration vid :)

  87. Well this is positively surreal.

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