World of Warships – Probably THE BEST German ship in WoWS

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This is probably my personal favorite German ship in World of Warships. It has perfect balance between firepower and armor, speed and reload, concealment and mobility.

At first I preferred Siegfried but it’s like somebody turned the key and it started failing me (I still like it tho’) but Agir is consistent as hell. You can always rely on this ship and I srsly find it one of the best and most fun ships in the game. Not to mention that it’s a tier 9 which usually have more problems than good sides about them.

I can definitely recommend this ship.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Noo don’t make it look good. They’ll nerf it

    • @dzello ” There’s this thing called consumer protection ”
      it’s adorable that you think this would apply.

    • @Thomas Neal It does, actually. Even WG said they cant change a bunch of ships.

      Youre the only dumbass here who doesnt know that. 😂

    • @Nikko Andrew Parangue Forgetting about Atlanta and other’s that got “power crept”. That is a unofficial nerf by not updating the ships to match the new meta.

    • @David Pedrol Carol nope, in terms of armor it actually got “buffed” but due to the “buff” and more armor she now has become easyier to citadell. But in fact it was a buff but like in Warthunder: “no armor is best armor”!

    • @Nikko Andrew Parangue
      No, Dunkerque reload time buff for exemple 😀

  2. Thanks Flambass for all those Yolo’s we the player base will have to endure… congrats on 8 kills

  3. Flambass: Agir the best german cruiser
    Siegfried: Am i a joke to you (° ~ ° )

  4. Don’t worry tovarisch, we’ll nerf it right away
    -WG probably

  5. Kill steal lvl expert 😀

  6. Way to go Flambass, now they’re going to take Agir out behind the building, we’ll hear one shot ring out, and then no more Agir. FML

    • It is purchasable for real money, I would be surprised if they would touch it. More likely, they will keep releasing stronger ships until it is irrelevant.

    • Morning Napalm You sir, are using your brain and making sense and they don’t like that. You may be invited behind that building too once they move the Agir’s corpse.

    • Sonar Tech77 LOL!

  7. I mean, there’s carrying, and then there’s “picking up the rest of the team and running, whether they want to or not” :p Well done.

  8. I actually thought this is about the Siegfried… I mean I had an amzing brawly game yesterday with the Ägir, but I’d love the Siegfried more.. 😀

  9. GermanLokomotiveDriver

    8 Kills wow, ok 2 of them killstealed xD ,my record was 7 in Ryju(old Version) but with Solo Warrior ,since the new controls i dont Play CV anymore…

  10. Flambino: probably the best German ship
    WG: you sure about that, buddy?

  11. Yeah, need to not check comments before the game begins.

  12. Shit… I know Omaha is a meme to shoot at and det when you see it. But I also had multiple kraken games in it, including a 7 kill 200k game which remained my best damage game until I got into T9. There is something about the Omaha…

    • In the old days a papership full of guns was still something 😀 Nowadays it just gets blapped as soon as it leaves spawn unfortunately. My first kraken was on Omaha too if I recall correctly

  13. Flambass: Ägir is the best German Ship.
    WG: Let the nerfing… begin…

  14. I’ve been wondering what to do with the 1m free xp I have… now I know. Thanks Flambass!

  15. Was half expecting a ‘Shouldn’t be too difficult’ quip after Monkey talking about getting into the hole without touching the sides. I know I certainly would have said that if one of my friends made that kind of comment lol.

  16. flambass: there is only 1 paid actor
    and he is doing a bad job at pretending

  17. Well I hope you gave Monkey something back for all the kills he gave you on a silver platter^^

  18. Casually walked into a 1v4 , kills them all , and here I am being huppy by only getting 1 kill in 7th tier

  19. I dunno, Agir’s are easy to citadel if you catch them broadside, and everyone is broadside to something at some point. I like the Odin more

  20. Papaver Somniferum

    After watching this i came to conclusion, that when playing Agir i should use AP shells only and secondary build captain.
    Sounds weird, but as i see it works.

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