World of Warships – Quick Cut: Tier X Premium American Cruiser USS Austin

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There’s a lot to unpack with Tier X Premium American cruiser USS Austin. She reminds one heavily of Tier VII Premium USS Atlanta, with a different set of shortcomings and a very different mix of consumables. Most notable is her lack of radar, which allows opposing destroyers to light her up and target her for extinction by enemy battleships. Still, Austin is surprisingly resilient, as demonstrated here on Warrior’s Path. She will play best in a division with friendly smoke, I think. For solo players, Austin is probably a bad investment.

In an effort to keep a better flow of content coming, I’m going to pretty up some of my more interesting Twitch games from a given week and share them on the channel. It kind of goes against my innate need to have a good-looking finished product, but I’m going to try this and see what you guys think. Please let me know in the comments. These are much faster to produce than my normal stuff, but are a little less polished.




  1. And we thought the hate for the Smolensk was palatable? Yeah, it’s fun to be on the giving end of that never-ending hail of fire…but it most certainly isn’t much fun to be on the receiving end. No amount of squishiness is going to save the RoF with the reload booster. 😀 Otherwise, I’m glad to see you finally able to share some game play in it, and I’m happy to see that it’s everything you hoped it would be. I’m currently struggling with the Dm Donskoi.

  2. A high tier American Cruiser with Torps! Has hell frozen over?

  3. I took out a full HP Des Moines in one reload boost with SAP. I caught him broadside looking the other way and at around 7km I landed almost every shell it seems

    • I was genuinely surprised how much HP I took off that Buffalo (at range, no less) in this game with the dakka booster. Just lunacy.

  4. don’t you just love the new graphics!

  5. I don’t man, I think it needs more dakka. 😂

  6. This thing is made from dd nightmares…

  7. Hmmm.. WG lets Flint and Atl suffer with bad gun range only to turn around and bring out Austin on the same hull with longer guns. Not cool

  8. I think this ship is waste for 29k steel. No survivability , no radar , no smoke , no damage , no super healing, reload time is long for 127 mm. You can hunt dd if you’re lucky and other ships allow and so powerful AA. Completely disappointed.

    • If I’m honest, I agree. I don’t think she’s worth the steel. She can be fun, but she’s incredibly situational and very, VERY difficult to make work when playing solo. Look what a single DD smoke screen allows me to do in this game; then consider how often you see DDs in random play lay smoke for strangers.

  9. Love your videos bud. Gets me excited to play when I can!

  10. A few instances where SAP would have done better than HE, but an honest review. Always great to hear you suffer. Bring on Civ 6!!!

  11. took the piss out of a couple of clan divots at tier 7 with no camo , they said ” they dont use mods ” , they like to play clean , he went crazy at me when i laughed as he was the first ship killed , ( 3 minutes )

  12. Battle of warship Anas

    Please try the CALBERT.

  13. Just watch Flambass playing Austin. Hardly any battle below 180k dmg

  14. Austin goes BBBRRRTTT!

  15. Just a shame it’s shit without the booster. Still not worth 29k steel imo.

  16. OMG. 11:18

    Rap, you and I were in sync when you popped that MGRB and began raining on the Vlad.
    I was breathless from laughing when he died.
    Holy crap, I needed that. Thank for the comedic relief.

    I’m definitely saving for this baby. I don’t care about competitive-worthiness anymore. I’m playing for personal enjoyment now. This looks like fun and memes.

  17. 11:26 that reaction made myday

  18. I have really enjoyed playing light cruisers, even worked my stern off to get the Flint the hard way. So a T10 USN Atlanta is very tempting but at 29k steel in the current meta (which rework of a rework hell are we in this week?), I don’t think this ship is worth the cost. But I does look good and the speed daka looks hilarious. So why in hell does WG gimp a ship like this, giving it one situational strength while the rest of the package is under powered and vulnerable?

  19. Austin is broken AF no ship no matter how weak should be able to delete atleast 2 ships and them not be able to do a Damn thing about it.

  20. Austin: Have you ever seen a cruiser fire 86 sap shells in fifteen seconds?
    DD: …N-no-?
    Austin: *wOuLd* *YoU* *LiKe* *tO?!?*

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