World of Warships- Removed Video and CV Boycott Updates

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Hey guys guys, today I update you guys a couple of brewing topics! Enjoy!

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  1. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    In terms of the numbers, some countries are ending lockdown around the world, so the drop in players may come from people going back to work

    Also I think all the CB meta tells us is that 7v7 is a terrible idea, unless they limit it to 1-2 ships of a same name (including black ships. They’re basically the same thing)

  2. Youtuve AI is the dumbest thing introduced by any technology and many complained but youtube is not listening.
    Thi AI is not to automate it is here because of laziness

    • It totally reminds me of the WoWs MatchMaking AI….

    • That is because we don’t actually have AI yet. It’s not AI. it’s AS…. Artificial Stupidity.

    • Just like the AI in WOWS inflicting penalties. They used to actually review TK penalties (you had to actually kill or seriously damage someone), and they used to mean something, now they hand out pinks like candy on Halloween.

    • Don’t confuse laziness with greed. Youtube employs the AI because it is cheaper than humans. Nothing to do with lazy, everything to do with cost cutting. Massive difference. Love capitalism it’s doing great. Not.

    • @lunsmann Either that or the fact that so many videos get uploaded a day AND also many get reported that hiring humans wouldn’t make sense… so, yes, GREED in so far as they do need to make a profit so people can watch for free and also upload for free… the problem is that YOUtube these days is a magnet for conspiracy theorists, flat earthers, anti vaxxers, covid-19 garbage and fake news… they really didn’t have an option, I’d agree that they should, and do, employee some humans.

  3. “Angry plus sign” – Now this is something new XD

  4. Tier has nothing to do with the popularity of classes. The issue is how CV have been implemented in Clan Battles. If you could pick Battleships along with Carriers, as a result, Cruisers would be put in check, and DD’s would be picked more.

    • Yeah, that’s my thought feom last season too… I even filled the questionaire (hope WG reads it)

      For more flexibilities, there should be 1CV-1BB or 2BB setups.

      I even read the idea of making DD’s air concealment half from what it is…
      I mean… what? They want to kill german CV not long after the launch?

  5. Ehh, if the “better” clans are “boycotting” the game mode it just allows the other clans that normally wouldn’t have a shot at collecting the cool rewards a chance to do so. At the end of the day it’s a game, if those folks want to give up the rewards they’d likely collect out of some sense of moral superiority or sense of anger then let them. No skin off WG’s nose.

    • That’s true. From the video and discussions I’ve had with my clanmates it seems like the boycott is really about people not having fun in Clan Battles because the meta (especially at higher tiers) is so stale. Every game is basically the same thing. Same ships. Same strategy. Game just becomes a boring grind for steel.

    • Truth, the real irony is when unicum players complain that a good CV is too influential yet they have no issues taking a division of 3 unicum players in broken ships like smolensk or 3 dd “cv hunting” divs and brag about 80+% wr.

  6. Dude! Did you just ranted about the Google Youtube AI algoritm?
    Thats hate speech. LoL

  7. I lost interest in the Naval Firefighting Simulator a couple of months ago. Still enjoy these vids to keep up with what is going on, though.

  8. Take in mind, that in this season even “potato”. clans without enough T10 players to form a division can make T6 one and join. This actually brings number of battles up as well.

  9. Spreadsheet is fine. no need to do anything.

  10. Great job keeping this in peoples radar Mountbatten – a +1 for sure!

    CV spotting needs to be changed – in randoms if they added a delay in team spottting like 6-10 seconds to allow the spotted ship to get turned, smoked etc would help a lot – and fighters should not spot – only spotter planes and the cv strike squadron.

    for clan battles – we honestly need mini map only spotting or match making that pits cv vs cv and bb vs bb teams … both are solutions WG does not want to implement from what i have been hearing – and a huge mistake … I do not want to see cv’s nerfed into the ground, but fix the spotting, and you reduce the community angst agains them – not being constantly focus fired by 6-8 people would be a huge improvement

    Also, AP bombs mostly non repairable citadel damage is so broken – and the fact that you can easily and regularely citadel ships like bismark with ease – something no other ship can do – So broken … AP bomb damage needs to be far more repairable to be allowed
    So keep up the good work everyone – support our content creators, skip some clan battles to add your voice for positive change, and lets help make the game a little less toxic

    Good hunting,

  11. WG responding to CV boycott “we noticed that there was a drop off of players in this season of clan battles, we believe this to be due to its place at T6 as most of the more competitive players do not regularly play at this tier and were uncomfortable with these ships thus choosing to abstain this season. We do not believe CVs to be the culprit as a little over half of the teams chose to bring battleships and this is the outcome that we were hoping for by holding it at this tier. It has been decided in order to preserve player numbers in this mode that clan battles will once again be held at T10 for future seasons.”😂

    Edited: Note: this is a joke and completely hypothetical.

  12. Everyone all focused on how shit Youtube is but here I am laughing that a _Shima_ got torped by a _Harugumo_ . The irony of ironies.

  13. Maybe one way to help would be to require CVs to be moving forward at full speed to launch and recover plans.

    • What do you thing?
      1)Bring back old RTS gameplay
      2)This is fine , CV rush them if don’t want CV (DIY)
      3)Rework again
      4)neaf them or remove the CV
      5) comment
      Vote 👇

    • Makes sense

    • @Russell RTS was too powerful

    • Ministry of Indoctrination

      This is an Interesting idea but I think it would further encourage CVs To just go back and forth and the very ends of the map possibly making the problem worse.

    • @NoisE MP Nerf CV. RTS CV’s were OP as well (maybe even more so), but not as obnoxious and oppressive. Another rework could make them even worse. The rocket planes are getting a minor nerf already and the AP bombers a major one, I’d say that nerf rockets a bit more and make CV fires work like they did in the RTS. It’s not really fair that CV’s don’t abide to the same rules as other ships. Limited plane reserves would be fair as well, but that may be too much to ask.

  14. if they are going to insist on having CVs in clan, then make it a carrier battle group, 1 CV, 2 BB, 2 CA/CL, and 2 DD, or 1 CV, 1 BB, 3 CA/CL, 2 DD or 1 CV, 1 BB, 2CA/CL, and 3 DD. that way CV guys are happy and we dont have 6 Stalins, or Venezias, and make it so one team cant have more than 2 of the same ship, you want to take Stalingrad in CB fine you only get 2, Venezia you only get 2, etc.

  15. Timett son of Timett

    We honestly all ought to leave YouTube with the abbysal customerservice they provide.

  16. As a clan in typhoon 2 atm, there’s a ton of spees, perths, and huanghe’s with the occasional niche ships. Also, it seems wg is trying to heavily inflate the season numbers by making cb more accessible at t6 and by trying to make people play more for the same rewards. This season is definitely a joke.

  17. This boycott will probably have to span multiple seasons for WG to interpret the drop in participation as anything more than a fluke.

  18. The thing about WG is that so much crap has been going on for a long time, and fully ignored by WG. Clan battle boycotts and so on wont do anything. At this point only thing that may do something is boycott the game itself. Let them loose activity on all servers and you may get lucky enough to get their attention. At this point though i doubt even that….

    • Agreed, I really didn’t wanna stop playing the game, but I’m tired of wasting so much of my time on a game that could be so much better, but the dev doesn’t give two shits about it’s game or community.

  19. Sea Lord…Thank you!!! That is MY Post in Reddit that reference about the numbers drop in battles played.

  20. Ok, so make the first 35 seconds cheerful birds singing and then cut direvtly to granny porn.

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