World of Warships – Royal Power

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A replay sent in by Hypadaiper in a on the map. Battle started out badly for Hypa’s team as they went down 7-1 but through proper usage of the Konig’s strength, Hypa and his team would make a . Enjoy the battle folks 😀


  1. Hypadaiper is actually correct. That isn’t a German word at all. :D

  2. 1 more thing bout konig, is quite small sized ship. so dodging torpedo is

  3. omg i love the konig!!!!

  4. The way you read it iChase is the correct way, I think it’s a reference to
    german techno-music.

  5. Huge mistake turning in after that German Cruiser obviously torped. Even an
    average player would have just kited away and then turned in once the
    threat was over.

  6. As The Gnome Overlord Jingles always said, “All it takes is a massive rush
    of shit to the brain for a team to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.”
    Or something like that.

  7. I hate this ship…just can’t make it work…so tempted to free xp to the
    tier 7

  8. Good game, no communication at all in the teams, as always at that tier.
    Some players carry the masse :)

  9. I'm just a British guy

    so nice and tight?
    Ok Chase I hope that was intentional

  10. *one of the few Battleships. All DDs and CAs have 2.0 sigma afaik.

    Also, König has a very short shell arming time; 0.01 seconds (the same as
    destroyers). Won’t travel far underwater, but it will not overpen as much
    either. Aim just a tad higher than you would with a regular BB.

  11. Quite the carry.Those 3 players took 11/12 kills.

  12. Slowly Germany ?? navy will invade WOWS and take over lol

  13. Did they change the spawn points on this map last patch? – used to be that
    the NE spawn predominantly north and thus was closer to A/B. But playing
    yesterday it seemed that there were 3 ships spawning further south along
    the 9/10 lines, that would appear to encourage attempts at C.

  14. Is it worth me free exp-ing from the RN tier 4 to the Leander…?

  15. HAJPA DAJPA =) 

  16. Wow thank you actually featurring my Replay ! Love ya stuff

  17. The watch-ya-ma-call-it class at T? That’s a great ship. Kappa. Have a save
    trip home. See you soon

  18. lol wtf were they doing, giving full broadside, going in one by one= =

  19. Why are 5 ships capping A and being useless up there?

  20. In the König is one of my best KDRs of all ships in WOWS, I think I’m at or
    over 9:1. I found it to be completely dominant at Tier V.

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