World of Warships – Ruggiero di Lauria EU Damage Record

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It’s the new tier 10 Italian Battlecruiser and you can expect big numbers. Very big numbers.

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  1. I send you one too… with a surprise in the end score!!!

  2. I love Tuesday mornings

  3. Ruggiero = Roger, try something like “Roodjero”. For de Lauria it is close enough, try to pronunce the first two vocals distinctly, and stress the initial part not the last. Hey, YOU asked for i… wait, what’s that click?

  4. @richardkullmann7170

    Perfect timing! What a lovely surprise😇

  5. “Finally figured out where his W key is” as the yoshino REVERSES out. Never change Jingles 🙂

  6. *Yoshino reverses out from behind the island*

    Jingles: “he found his W key”

  7. It is a most satisfying feeling is to see the red bit go white and vanish.

  8. 2:31 Hi Akatsuki!

  9. I must admit, up until the carrier got spotted, I thought the match was lost. But then came the happy end.
    And I do love happy endings, doesnt matter if its a jingles video, a movie or a massage… 😘

  10. after 6 years i finally made it to jingles O_O/

    • Thank you for sharing! Congratulations and Great Game! 🎉

    • not only did you make it to a jingles video. it’s also NOT a game of throws video!

      i think that’s about all anyone could hope to achieve playing world of warships. that’s game completed. 100% challange done. nothing higher to gain at this point.

    • this could of been a game of throws, if that carrier was going south east instead of north east he wouldn’t of been found and would of gotten a solo warrior (i think that is be the last member on your team alive and win against 5 or more, might of got the number wrong…..)

    • @@gutz-Coldrevenge3 or more for a solo warrior. 5 or more for a Kolobanov’s

    • @mariuszsobieraj1208

      gg mate

  11. But can we appreciate how the Protagonist and the Vermont took 9 ships down tho? Like yes, they avoided the cap, but they got down to business. A Devastating Strike team of sorts. Also, Vermont’s AA chewed on a whole bunch of T8 Planes. Beautiful.

  12. Jingles: “And it looks like the Yoshino has finally figured out where his W key is.”

    Me watching the Yoshino trying to hide from the Vermont: “Nope, that’s his S key!” 🤣🤣

  13. First it was the Thunderer. Then it was the St Vincent (extra gun, faster, better dispersion, super heal & torps). Now it’s a Thunderer with SAP

  14. Everyone loves a happy ending when the Carrier Dies

  15. Prefect timing!

    I’m saving up to get this ship.

  16. I just love it when you casually hear Akizuki chirping in the background.
    Some youtubers will re-record stuff if their pets start playing up whilst they’re recording. But not Jingles! and I love it.

  17. @thomasgarrison3949

    Another great video, thanks for making my morning a good one.

  18. Watching the Vermont turn hard to starboard seemingly just to avoid capping A for no explicable reason was the single most frustrating thing I’ve seen in a replay for months

  19. Look at that! Jingles was willing to ask for help with pronouncing the name of the battleship! It shows he truly cares for accuracy…
    As long as it isn’t FRENCH

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