World of Warships – Minegumo

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Showcasing Minegumo which joins World of Warships as a reward for participating in the Battle of Java Sea event. The ship will cost 190 Java tokens or you can purchase with cash or doubloons. The ship has the ability to switch torpedo types, I love the option and show it off in this game. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

0:00 – Intro and Equipment
5:03 – Minegumo | Land of Fire

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  1. Surely a largegumo would come soon after.

  2. Nicely done and really useful commentary. Thanks for posting 🖒

  3. irl the torpedoes weren´t swapped out in-battle. It was the same torpedo but at the turn of a switch a setting with higher speed and lower range was selected. So yes, irl the switching of the settings also took only 5 seconds.

  4. I think I want this thing

    • Let the greed run free.

    • @@elfiasco78 well I never said I’m gonna actually pay for it with real money. I’ll wait for it to become a coal or steel or research bureau ship. I haven’t paid cash for anything in this game except for premium time in three years.

    • @General_Cartman_Lee

      @@TK-fk4po She will be available for cash, doubloons or container lottery.
      There’s a chance that WG puts her into this year’s Santa container ship list. If you have enough tier 10 ships and have everything else from the drop list the chances are good to get her for free then (I managed to get every ship I was missing from the drop list through free conatiners from the battle pass and certificates).

  5. How do you do the battle of the Java sea and not add the USS Houston.😢

  6. I really like mode toggles on the torpedoes like this and Kitakami have. Hope we get more IJN ships like that. Oh, and I don’t think they’d actually be reloading the torpedoes, but changing a fuel setting so it burns more fuel per minute to go faster versus less for longer range at a slow speed. Not much accounting for the damage change on Kitakami, though.

    • I love it and think a IJN DD line with them would be perfect. I also like it if they just transitioned to this type of torpedo design for DDs in general

  7. @michaelmurilloboudewins3057

    6.5 km Alternative torps… Jesus… most situational torps ever 😆

  8. Nice vid and ship… definitely keen to hear what you think about Jupiter…🤞🧐

  9. Well WG could Overhaul the IJN Torpedo DD Line to have alternate torpedos not set with only type

  10. would have loved to see your Commander build

    • It is all the torpedo row, concealment, preventive maintenance, turret traverse. That was the recommended build that WG presented me so I stuck with it

  11. @princessofthecape2078

    Got mine out of a crate.

  12. How do you spectate the things u shoot

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