World of Warships – Saipan Premium

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Stats Subject To Change

Tuesday seems to be the release day.

Saipan on Land of Fire using two fighters and two torpedoes. We intercept enemy aircraft and torpedo multiple enemy ships. The team finds a lot of success and the Saipan contributes to that success. A couple times we have to defend ourselves from destroyers, but the rearm works out pretty well for defense. The other loadout is pretty depressing, 3 fighter squadrons and one dive bomber squadron. I hope this can help you decide if you should take the plunge and pick up this ship. Hope you enjoy the game and have a fantastic day!

Tier VII American Aircraft Carrier Saipan Replay


  1. PurpleSpeckledAppleEater

    I played 1 game in the Saipan teamed up with some IJN carrier. Put my old
    Cleveland commander on the job to add an extra oomph and kept the 3
    fighter/1DB configuration. The Saipan was AMAZING!!! Ripped the two enemy
    Saipans a new one.

  2. Iam no pro with CVs but the really good ones leave 1 surviver in a TB/DB
    squad. They have no inpact but cost the opposing CV more time to replenish
    and rearm if he doesnt suicide them.

  3. nah wtf happened with it not being tier six ijn cv are gonna rip this ship

  4. I had a very good run today, but after watching your videos I always feel
    like baby-seal clubbing material again. Great video!

  5. And also when do this ship go on sale?

  6. I like the CV´s the most and a premium one! i should defenitly buy when its
    on sale

  7. If you put some waypoints on your fighters, you will keep the DD spotted
    much longer..
    Play DD myself, but thats the way most CV Captains do it..

  8. Patch 5.4.2 is changing the bomber reload time to 30 seconds and the ratio
    of fighters to bombers. Also the alt attack for bomber wont panic. Thoughts
    on these changes?

  9. Lol theirs gonna be a lot of dumb CV players once this goes on sale. Good
    for me and my Atlanta!

  10. Saipan – WGpatch 5.4.2
    “Reduced area of the bombs scatter during auto-attack to the values of
    special attacks (with “Alt”). Bomber preparation time has been reduced to
    3.5 seconds per plane. Changed reserve (in hangar) ratio for dive bombers’
    preset: the ratio of fighters to bombers is now 3 to 2.”

  11. I think fighters should have an option to equip rockets as a means of doing
    something other than scouting once all the enemy aircraft have been

  12. Notser you Beast you hehehe GG

  13. Hey Noster,have a question? If you only had one ship to play which one
    would it be? I’ve been working up the tiers and I’m up to 8 with most
    countries and have a couple favorites

  14. Notser, is there a reason why you dont use the strafingrun with the
    fighters on the enemys bombers? Isn’t that much more efficient?


  16. Saipan Saipan :3

  17. gg! I like all ship class play. CV videos interest me perhaps a tad more.
    One key issue I keep running across is, if you are in a CV, whether to try
    to immediately take out the enemy CV. Seems to be contingent: – you don’t
    attack me, I don’t attack you. Or – there are two of us and two of you. In
    either case, you attack me, look out! Beyond that, seems still up in the
    air lol! Looking forward to more battles, CV and other : )

  18. I love your cv videos! Mainly because I dont use them. Really cool!

  19. Notser; I know U used a Press Account to make this video and War Gaming
    probably has rules about what U can say.
    but at a $100.00US we need to know more is this a good buy and not a
    Premium ship that WG put in the game just 2 have
    a Premium CV.

  20. Notser : I watched the video from Flamu ( EU Server) on the Saipan. he
    complained about the Saipan being under powered.
    he had a Hiryu & a Shokaku on the enemy team. the only thing that helped
    him was he had a Lexington on his side.
    it seems the Saipan is not the best Strike CV or the best Fighter CV.

  21. Does anybody here feels like that Ranger was a bot? He fits the condition
    for a bot like the name Admiral_Surname and not moving from spawn, except
    for going straight for CV.

  22. I don’t know where it’s available for purchase, but for sure not on EU and
    NA WG shops

  23. how does someone do a manual drop in an aircraft carrier

  24. Notser – thank you for showing the Saipan to all of us. I DO agree with a
    few that the conversation about the types of planes utilized by the Saipan
    would’ve been illuminating to their effectiveness in smaller squadrons –
    but perhaps you weren’t paying attention to them vs. the other US CV’s

  25. For a first time cv captain, IJN CV line or USN CV line? Langley or Hosho?

  26. Great Gameplay Notser! I will changw my tactics in carriers by this video,
    thank you. 🙂 By the way, Congratz on 9.000 subscribers!! Keep up the
    awesome work!

  27. Hey notser, why don’t you use the barrage skill for the fighters ? ?

  28. The Ranger is too stubborn on going after you. Not that he has much choice,
    he has no fighter and you will harass him the whole game. But your fighter
    cannot be at all place at once. Should attack other target . Not moving is
    a no-no btw
    And as the other said, strafe more, I’ve seen you do it but don’t know why
    you didn’t today

  29. 9:43 “this is EXACTLY how you want to use your torpedo bombers.”
    Hits only 1 torpedo.

  30. You missed the whole point of the Saipan, low squad numbers BUT 180 KNOTS

  31. typical ranger captains… always sitting perfectly still…

  32. Looks like a interesting cv, not something I am interested in though. I
    imagine when it first comes out for sale we will be seeing a lot of them

  33. Andhika nur Aulia

    For Asian server we’re going to get on Tuesday but… no
    confirmation about her availability. Just April fools discontinuation and
    several twerks on some ships. Also the testing of
    not_different_class_but_with_pretty_camo new premium ships.

    Also for USN BBs damcon lasts 20 sec so using them pre-emptively is
    actually viable

  34. It’s probably 50 USD :(

  35. Played like a PRO !
    I always enjoy your play, I can learn a lot form them.
    Keep on ! and Enjoy the games ! – I think you’re a natural born presenter &
    player .

  36. How did you get Saipan??

  37. What???????????
    premium carrier???????????

  38. It’s funny that as I was watching that I was thinking “Why haven’t you
    turned about so the BB and DDs will have to come through your team or the
    cap circle (which will give them away); if you keep going East while your
    whole team is West that could become a problem”.
    IMO you should have died. Must’ve found the only 2 DD players who can’t use
    smoke/manoeuvre to avoid air dropped torps, lol.
    Don’t like CVs. Haven’t since alpha, and none of my criticisms of them are
    any less valid to my mind than they were when I raised them back then.

  39. great game! do you also have the cambletown?


  41. i always read as senpai….

  42. I want Kaga

  43. If I recall you can one shot him if ALL torps hit, if 1 misses its a
    no.Also the enemy cv was horrible lol

  44. 0 money and 0 EXP (???)

  45. you should try using fighter barrage with the saipan because of its small

  46. jihyuk kim (Ayakashi)

    Is saipan good?
    When I heard she has 230
    I thought I have to buy her
    but now 220…sadly…

  47. Is this the first Premium aircraft carrier?
    If that’s true, I demand an Akagi!

  48. 0 XP lol

  49. Hai.

  50. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Yea.. Tier 5 Captain Skill is pretty op on that Thing^^. Tier 9 Planes…
    well^^. With the 3-0-1 you go up to 9 Diver Bomber Planes :D

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