World of Warships – Scharnhorst Kraken 140k

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Scharnhorst on New Dawn pushes out on the western flank to pressure the enemy near their base. The enemy does the same on the eastern side, we get some flanking fire on the enemy. As we move forward, the enemy tries to stop the strong push on the western side. A bunch of are still defending their base, we move to the center and work down any stragglers away from it. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII German Battleship Scharnhorst Replay


  1. World of Warcraft? xD

  2. Can u play with New Orleans? i realy like that ship :)

  3. The premium camo on the Bismarck is ugly

  4. Oh yeah, World of Warcraft is back.

  5. careful on angling using your bow on scharnhorst. her bow have very thin
    armor compare to her side. i heard you can citadel her on the bow too.

  6. world of warcraft hmm it looks different than normal

  7. gneisensau or scharnhorst better?

  8. I can’t wait for your video on the Großer Kurfürst!

  9. should I have the catapult fighter on my Tirpitz or the spotting aircraft ?

  10. warcraft 🙂 dude you missed that up :p

  11. The Scharnhorst is a true “HEAVY CRUISER”, the Queen of her class.

  12. Notser that was a lovely vid ! can you do a vid on Nurnberg ? you havent
    done a vid on her In a long time

  13. Maximilian Graf Von Spee

    Moskva has 220mm guns or 8.6 inch I believe

  14. Wow, glad you mentioned it. If I play for a few hours it ends up locking up
    (after a few minutes of choking) and I have to reboot. Heck, I have to
    start the game right away from bootup. If I go on youtube and watch a few
    Notser videos first, it’s even worse!

  15. can you do a bayern training room vid? In over 20 match’s I’ve not gotten
    but one citadel on a BB and I average 74k dmg.

  16. You were kind to the player at 14:15 in chat. His response must have been
    heart lifting. We need more players of your caliber… rah rah.. but
    seriously, your in-game behavior is a good model for all of us, Notser.

  17. Would u show us the SecondaRY build if u reach 15cpt points?

    100-170k dmg almost everygame..omg love the scharnhost! in T8-t9 he them to
    death and killing iowas that always show u his broadside lol

  18. Two High Calibers and Confederates. Two players were doing heavy lifting.

  19. I wish I could get a game with Notser. Too bad Hawaii time zone is better
    for gaming with Aussies and Kiwis than a Notser. Although I finally spooted
    a mouse this weekend. :D

  20. What is DPS and is there another thing like this that i should know ? (Bad

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