World Of Warships Secret Santa 10x Captain’s Presents (Excellent Results)

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Previously bought 10x $1 containers and 10x $3 containers. Got some good loot but decided to record the opening of the next 10x $3 containers that I bought for myself on this lovely Christmas.

I must stress that I will not spend any more money for a long time on the game however the allure of these containers is very strong. People must realise that I got really lucky here and that this may not be standard if you buy up. If you do want to spend some money for christmas then I suggest a small mix of $1 and $3 containers.

Also sorry for the language but like legit, you all would drop your shit if you got any of these ships let alone both. Merry Christmas Fuckers!


  1. ive never gotten a ship from a super container ive only got 500 doublooms
    and 50k free xp

  2. did u buy all at once or one at time

  3. good stuff, keep it coming

  4. You pronounce Kutuzov literally as you see it.

  5. Ohh man… i cant get the containers… i just want one 1$ present.. ;(

  6. very nice, I had a $100 US to spend on the presents and got 5 ships
    Tirpitz, Kutuzov, Texas, Atago and Ishizuchi plus about 3k in dubloons and
    and a bunch of flags and camos.
    I figure I got about $200 of stuff for a $100 dollar investment, so not too

  7. Grats man! I might have to invest in some of these.

  8. Im from asia and i dun even play on asian server….i prefer NA community.
    Btw how WoWs sea community? Is it toxic ?

  9. Equal Speed Charlie London – “I love putting these on Scharnhorst and
    sitting bow on to everyone” Like what? What does that even mean?!

  10. ????????i bought the kutusow for 60 Euros aaaaaand you?

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