World of Warships: Sergei, load the Stalinium shells! – Khabarovsk Commentary

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The Khabarovsk brings the idea of gunpower on a DD to the extremes, yet still has a hard in T10 because of how strong other ships become and because of how punishing the turret destruction mechanic is. As usual you can skip to 17:56 Upgrades, Consumables and Captain perks.


  1. shit like this is one of the reasons why I think WG is not releasing each
    shells’ penetration values,
    because there’s just no way to justify such tiny 130mm AP shells penning an
    angled Iowa armor unless they gave their Russian shells some very special

  2. flamu where are you from?

  3. Flamu is OP! 😉 excellent video again, thx! :)

  4. Awesome video Flamu. The Khaba looks quite good and I think I’ll push for
    it, but what did you think of the Tashkent and Udaloi?

  5. I like to think 65% of my games I do ok/good in but ever sense I hit Tier 8
    I just haven’t been having good games, I angle my ship constantly switching
    directions and I also try and use terrain to my advantage but it just
    doesn’t seem like anything I do helps in the long run and I keep getting on
    losing teams over n over. I want to be so good I can try n change the tide
    of the game even if my team sucks like you do when you play with crap
    teams. I play German cruisers only, and I am currently grinding with the
    Admiral Hipper trying to get the Roon.

    If you had any tips of where to be on the map at a certain time that would
    be great, like a vid tutorial explaining it, cus you do make good tutorials.

    Just not having a good time with this game anymore.

  6. Why do you use last stand and AFT on your Udaloi (“i will be spotted
    anyways cause of perma-firing”) and use camo skill on the Khabarovsk? Their
    playstyle is the same, enemies are 90% the same.

    Anyways i wouldnt recommend either of them, have you tried demo expert +

  7. fletcher>gearing imo i prefer my fletcher as a lone wolf but gearing is
    great in a platoon

  8. what about the blyskawica ? would you advice using ap shells aswell? i’m
    still not sure how to invest my 4 cpt skills … higher chance of fires or
    more range for invisble firing…

  9. Problem is that a dd is so small that when u hit it you will hit turret or
    torp rack. But removing the ability to destroy turrets on dds will be
    unfair for rest of classes. And completely removing the change of losing a
    turret is not a option I feel. Maybe they can lower the chance off
    destroying one on a dd and cruiser. And increase change to damage it.

  10. It has actually become quite rare to see Russian dd’s. Especially the
    Udalois, Tashkents and Kievs. You will see them, but in no way it comes
    close to other dd numbers. A great ship like the Blys you will see in most
    battles nowadays.

  11. Amazing. Iuse AP on my DD’s rather often but Ive never seen a 100k damage
    on the end result screen. You’ve taught me a lot about destroyer gameplay
    Flamu. Thanks!

  12. Another masterclass bud.

  13. You know, you’re not penning battleship belt, but superstructure.
    On the other hand, if you shoot at bow and stern which have 32mm of armor,
    instead of heavity-armored citadel you’ll be doing 4-5k damage per volley.
    Btw, american 5″ and russian 130’s HE’s are nerfed compared to japanese 5″,
    since IRL former had 3 kg of bursting charge, and latter had 2.3.
    Electric torpedoes have better stealth(which does not make any sence since
    japanese oxygen torpedoes should also be invisible, but whatever).

  14. I almost feel sorry for that Iowa at the end of the game. He must be like
    “damn that DD firing in the smoke…wait why is this noob shooting AP at a
    BB? LOL this guy…wait I’m getting penned by his pea shooters?!! HAX!!11″

  15. Shima does 39 knots, 41 with the speed flag. I actually outran a Khabarovsk
    in my Shima once, because 39+flag+engine boost is around 44-ish, while the
    Khabarovsk “only” does 43.

  16. How would you rate the chances of a Russian DD vs American DD at, long
    (14km) mid (10-11km) and short (7-8km) range?
    I’d guess the Khabarovsk will win Long range easily
    Mid should at least be somewhat equal? probably in Khabarovsk favour still.
    In Short range I’d hope the Gearing would win?

  17. Your videos are drugs for me……

    I fucking hate the destruction of turrets.

  18. Im pretty sure a shima can do 39 knots.

  19. Always surprised whenever I get those 5k AP salvos on Yamatos. This is by
    far my favorite tier 10 ship to play. But I’ve noticed this thing loses
    turrets so easily, it’s ridiculous

  20. I basically rage quite for a week when my number 1 & 2 guns were destroyed
    on my Yamato within 3 minutes of the game starting.

  21. Ended up going on a bit of a rant about the permanent turret destruction
    mechanic, but I just can’t help it, it’s probably the only mechanic I
    straight up dislike in the game. I just don’t see how it adds anything but
    frustration to the game. It could easily be replaced by a temporary cripple
    that can’t be repaired using the consumable, making targeting turrets
    viable without adding the random permanent destructions.

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