World of Warships – Shchors Fights Back

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Shchors on Trap moves toward C to cover the flank for a couple destroyers. We engage at long range against a enemy cruiser, which moves to hide from damage. A couple enemy destroyers show up and we try our best to assist. The enemies fight for B, while we continue the fight for C. Back and forth for both points, but eventually we get a opportunity to finish the fight for C. Enemy destroyer tries to capture B and hold for a victory. Close game and a really great example of picking your spots as a fragile cruiser. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Soviet Cruiser Shchors Replay


  1. He didn’t try to angle against you. Your sailed into a crappier angle lol

  2. Love the spinning propellers on that capsized shipwreck at 13:20.
    Nice touch.

  3. Peter Attila Kriszt

    Hi there,
    I like your videos because of your live comments, with this as well. 🙂 And
    because you fight and use the different ships well, I think.
    If I were you, in this battle at around 16 min. I would have used my scout
    plane to find that enemy destoyer. I belive this plane as good as the solo
    fighter is for that task.
    Thanks for your time and work!



    Please, don’t worry about my bad English. Peace! :)

  4. Notser, Myogi please!

  5. *11k and still growing* Love your channel Notser! Thank you from 11k subs!!

  6. Very nice , I just got this ship, hope I have your luck with it. Keep them

  7. Donskoi sounds so funny. I am grinding to get that ship because of the
    funny name. :3

  8. Michael Page (Gothicmace)

    As always……woots

  9. James Meek (Ingrim)

    wow, 11k subs, good job, one of the medals was a bane of ocean, heh.

  10. holy shit, that AP damage up close was insane!!

  11. Notser do you ever stream on

  12. @13:40 or so … 88 thousand points of damage? Man, I guess I should play
    the Shchors … :)

  13. Notser – I love how you feel that as long as you speed up your speech
    you’ll be using proper pronunciation of the ship names. These videos
    continue to be fantastic – well done!

  14. creepycreeper099 ,

    Notser I’m close the getting the NC and I was wondering what US BB is the
    best to get the NC?

  15. Notser at 5:33 when the target selection fails… tbh, I am experiencing
    that a lot more in 5.5… wonder if it is related to the update….

  16. hi notser , russian cruiser is really fun to play (railgun ship) a tips for
    you ; play chapayev likes zao with concealment and we makes a really good
    score with it and a very good DD hunter with radar , have dontskoi and it’s
    a awesome cruiser ^^

  17. gg Notser! but more importantly, congrats on achieving Bane of the Ocean!
    Well done!

  18. think the colorado said goodbye before going to davy jones’s locker

  19. gg!!!

  20. Destroyer Inazuma


  21. Ömer Bekcioglu

    16:45 I pressed tab to see which class of that enemy destroyer than I
    realized Im on youtube instead of game :)

  22. Pls start Streaming Wows! That would be pretty nice

  23. Excellent match! Keep them coming.

  24. Do you use any Mods in WoW?

  25. Hey… Notser… gg

  26. PurpleSpeckledAppleEater

    I’m glad I watched this. I didn’t realize that the Shchors could dish out
    citadels using AP that well on thinly armoured cruisers.

  27. +notser I saw you in a game last night in your Schors. I was in the Nagato.
    Game name is Crudbasher. That Citadel you took towards the beginning was
    from me. 🙂 GG great seeing you!

  28. Tovarish Stalin approves.

  29. Hey Notser, could you please do another Tashkent video, just cause I want
    to see what she’s like after 5.5.

  30. Sir Orrin Productions

    I have the scout plane on my Yorck, how do you use that view? I can’t
    figure it out….

  31. This match reminded me of my last Tashkent game that came down to the end
    on this same map.

  32. Great Video really shows how you can play the shchors.

  33. I’m surprised you’re doing so well in the shchlong. It honestly felt like
    an uptiered buddy for me so far. :/

  34. always love bottom tier games. these are the most impressive

  35. DanThePlasticMan

    Mr. Notser, did that hipper have an atlantic bow?? I don’t remember the
    hipper having that in this game.

  36. Atagos usually are free damage farms, thank you wallet warriors eheh

  37. awesome videos. Since i have been watching your videos i have gotten much
    better, AND using destroyers (I never did till now)

  38. notser
    if you answear me this i will be so happy ?
    What you think is best?

  39. I recommend using the crosshairs with diagonal lines if you run a ship with
    scout plane (ie. static 7, 8 or 9). It really helps with judging the
    direction on an awkward angle.

  40. KingOfRotterdam16

    yeeey more notser! Gz on 11k :D

  41. yey. saw it when IT was 9 min since uploaded

  42. Love your vids and I look forward to them every day.

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