World of Warships- Shikishima First Impressions

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Hey guys! Today I have the first impressions review for the Tier X Reward Ship Shikishima. (Yes I was extremely tired when recording this apologize). Enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. That gun sound is amazing.

    Can’t wait to get this ship myself!

  2. german bb: *turtle back*
    yamato: cheeeeek

  3. Angling? What’s that again?

  4. Man this looks like a very interesting ship and my inner weeb always craves for more yammy varients, too bad its a steel ship I’ll proboblly never get lol

  5. I’ve said Yamato and GK guns sound like god clearing his thoat. Shikishima sounds like 5 gods do the same thing.

  6. Shika has best sound why cant all the guns sound that good

  7. So… these 510s reload faster than the Pommern’s 380s… Makes sense.

    • @CDStonerThe DPM is already low. If you put longer reload… And the accuracy is not very reliable. Or u give reload or u give better accuracy. Its already not a competitive ship. Look Georgia Reload!!!

    • You cannot compare them only on the guns. Pommern has 12 guns, hydro, turtleback armor, way better secondaries, torpedoes and is one Tier lower.
      Shikishima relies mainly on it’s 6 guns.

    • For balancing it makes sense. For realism, nope. Since when did WG care about realism? USN 457s vs 406s, IJN 460s vs 510s, GKs 406s vs FDG 406s.

    • @vk45 de Yes, its for balance purpose. At least Japanese build 2 510 mm guns in Kure for testing. And they wanted to try it in the last Yamato hull.

    • All the shit w WG does makes no sense. They come out and say this is for balance, but then the “balance” never applies to made up fantasy Russian ships. These people have zero credibility to the player base cause they talk out of both sides of their mouth. Ive spent thousands of dollars over the coarse of the game and with every update the games gets worse. These decision makers are quite literally the dumbest people to make corporate decisions Ive ever seen. Only way to deal with this is stop spending $ on the game. No more premium time or doubloons or anything else. That is the only way for them to notice. So many other ships need to be fixed and re balanced that nothing will be right till that happens and all the new stuff just makes it worse. I could point out literally hundreds of examples that prove WG has just BS excuses for what they do. How many new maps are there? Game modes? Not to mention the absolute garbage one sided blowout matchmaking that just frustrates new players as well as the veterans. The people running this are so pathetic. Player base is craving someone to make good decent well founded decisions that make sense on their face. They expect you to bend yourself into a pretzel to understand why things are “balanced” the way they are and that’s the problem. This game used to be fun at the start and they have totally trashed their own game. They need to start replacing the decision makers and the community needs to stop spending $ to force their hand. These Russians need a hard earned lesson in capitalism.

  8. Literally every ship to be reviewed: …
    Sea Lord Mountbatten: It is what it is!

    Seriously though, a helpful impression of the Shikishima, thanks for that.
    My current takeaway: Guns not as awful as I expected them to be, better AA is always nice to have. Secondaries seemed nice as well, but not worth speccing into to me. Will likely pick her up at some point (which I didn’t expect to when I first read about her).

    Looking forward to your second Impression.

    • The secondary Shika seems to be the most common one I run into.

    • @Melon Lord If you invest 24k steel into a Yamato that strictly speaking has more derp main battery than normal Yamato but the best secondary dpm in the game with GK range, what would you spec into?

    • @Evangeline perhaps instead of being hostile to me you read the OPs post where he says he doesn’t see the secondaries as worth speccing into.

    • @Melon Lord Hey, sorry if you perceived me as hostile. I was just trying to point out why the large number of secondary Shikis exist, as you pointed out that most people run it this way.

  9. That’s just the forth or fifth Yamato hull, with the 510 mm guns. It is not the A-150.

  10. Sudeshna Das Sarma

    100mm: I am fast firing, I can pin 30mm, so most cruisers and I set fires
    155mm: crying in the corner with its 12 second reload, 26mm pin
    WG: so how is our logic😎

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      It’s actually realistic funnily enough. More velocity will get you more penetration in real life. Just look at how .45ACP will penetrate body armor vs 5.7.

      But your comment did get a chuckle out of me so have my like

  11. that gun sound is ASMR for my ears lmao

  12. Does seconday build… buggers off to the arse end of the map… genius.

  13. It’s not a Cleveland in a shot, but it is a Gearing.

    For module and captain build, personally, I agree, Auxiliary Armaments durability is actually worth it on the Shikishima if you invest in secondaries, because this ship will get shot at and it will lose most of the secondaries otherwise. Main turrets are like the most well-armoured turrets in the game, they typically survive. Wouldn’t take the mod for secondary RoF though, but MBM3. Shikishima secondaries are situational. The ship is not a brawler. While I’d go MBM3 on any ship over secondary mod, on Shikishima especially, you want to improve the RoF of main battery that you can alwys use over the secs that require you to take a Yamato into 11.6 km of an enemy. For skills, I don’t run BFT and EM and instead run FP. Yes, the turrets with all of that will be much slower, but the ship will actually be quite tanky with only 3 fires and all that deck armour and you just need to plan ahead and not have enemies on multiple sides, which would get you killed in Yamato anyway. If it’s some small crap rushing you, just use your Harugumos on it.

    Fighter vs Spotter: Frankly, fighter is cool, because it’s the best air defense. But it still is just a bit of a tax and a good CV will just take the loss of a few planes and 26.4 you with the survivors twice. Bad CVs die to BB flak, where Shikishima has enormous flak and dps actually. Spotter isn’t just range though, it is also good for shooting over islands and into smoke. I typically run spotter, because if you have a bad CV on the enemy team as a BB, they’ll mostly be an annoyance with spotting, but fighter won’t stop that. A good CV however is best countered by just winning faster than they can decimate your team. Or, if you get really lucky, you snipe their CV if it gets spotted.

  14. Love the content sea lord! And NEVER change the outro music lol it’s awesome

  15. 20″ reloads in 27 seconds new US line 40 seconds. This is why WG has no respect from the community. They contradict themselves all over the place. Its like listening to a drug addict when you don’t even listen anymore cause every word out of their mouth is suspect to a BS lie.

  16. I really think it’s a nice gimmick, even though the 510mm guns and the controversy around them. I would really like to have it but 30k steel…… I probably will have that in 6 years given I don’t convert it to coal to buy coal ships and yes, even if I use a coupon to get for 22.5k, it’s still too much for me.
    By the way Congratulations to 15k! It’s been a while since i joined you, but I am not intending on leaving any time soon.

  17. wg: “Yamato will be the only bb with the largest gun caliber in the game.”
    Released 510 mm gun.

  18. 7:01 Beautiful work on the sound design Wargaming, maybe redo all the gun sounds for all ships, make them sound more mad

  19. I remember an early Video about this ship, few months ago. It had some tiny gun sound back then, I think it was the Montana gun sound. One of the biggest disappointments I ever had in this game.
    This new sound is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. Even better than Yamato gun sound. And god knows you can do everything with Yamato gun sound. So you can do even more with this.

  20. OMG i want this ship so badly. It’s kinda good that you can’t just buy it.

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