World of Warships: Shimakaze vs Super BBs in Grand Battles

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Grand Battles are the new game mode with super battleships. Destroyers are exceedingly good against them!

0:00 Shimakaze Match
12:52 End Screen
14:04 Captain Skills & Upgrades
16:04 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Japanese destroyer Shimakaze in Grand Battles.


  1. I just had a good game with shima in grand battle, 205k dmg, 4 frags, 2.5K exp, and carry the game along with another Shima

  2. leatherenthusiast

    I just bought the legendary module for shima. Seems i wasnt first to troll wargamings grand choices xD

  3. Committing Sudoku!
    I laughed like an idiot for a minute

  4. I’ve noticed most CVs tend to go for these Super-BBs more than DDs too.

    Played in a Hannover today, and an FDR just chunked me for 10-20-25k in span of a few minutes.

  5. It’s always a pleasure to look at a sinking CV

  6. I just made 2 battle yesterday and I will ignore that this mode exists. Loaded my Thunderer and I was not surprised that I slap the ”super” BBs for over 11k per salvo and x2-x3 fires set… It’s just pure pain and cancer. Can’t say how much worse it would be if I was in Halland, Klever ,Marceau ,CV ,Wooster etc…

  7. That was fun!

  8. Don’t need to worry about air craft carriers. Wows changed them and they are 100% scrap now.

  9. Lick Kitty Split

    Great Game Aerroon. I’ve grabbed my Gearing and Austin in Grand Battles so far and scored 200K for both. That game mode if off the chain when it comes to Farming. I really think it would be better if it was 12v12. 90% of the games I’ve played have lasted 5min or less.

  10. is it just me or does Aerroon kind of sound like a pirate in his intros.

  11. Christopher Powell

    The only reason I go into Grand Battles is IJN DDs and few CVs

  12. 24k for me in Shima, it’s like a farming simulator. Since no one is using radar cruisers, you get to farm all the match playing with concealment.

  13. wargaming lowkey telling us history lesson on why nation didnt make BB anymore

  14. In this game mode, I saw “Z Pla n” achievement and the japanese equivalent. I wonder how to get them. Anyone knows ?

  15. Tek Millet Bir Ümmet

    Shima-cheese 🙂

  16. I have been enjoying playing my Chung Mu in this mode to. Deep water torps are great hehe got 15 hits last game!

  17. Emilio or Asashio next?

  18. Can you do more Shima videos? Im finding it really hard to play with all the radar, CVs and better DDs. The shima has been power crepped the most.

  19. She is very fun, while she does lack more on gun side, you can still very much surprise gunboats with your alpha, and the girls are amazing, especially since you can choose various diff torps

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