World of Warships – Ships & Giggles 50

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The Big 5-0! Woot!


  1. Worth waiting for. ;D

  2. Great job Biz. Loved the opening credits!

  3. Just got back from work and got to watch this, very enjoyable and congrats on number 50!

  4. Crash_Steel_1873

    that was a good video man, thanks

  5. 2 Vids in the same week ? Oh YES!!

  6. Time to wait another 2 months for an upload kappa

  7. Great vid Biz! The credits, the editing, the music – they all add up to me almost forgiving you for being an Aaron Rodgers fan ;P

  8. The memes were on point! Loved it!

  9. Honestly, if that’s what future videos will look like because you don’t like commenting, I’m totally fine with it!

  10. Awesome Vid! Makes me miss Steven Seagal 😛

  11. you run range mod on Kronshtadt?!?!

  12. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    Going out with a “BOOM”. Such a big Number, can´t believe you have actually done 50 of these. Can´t even wrap my mind around how much effort must have went into editing.
    Thank you very much for the Entertainment! Stay safe!

  13. Terrence Anderson

    Ok.. when the Gustav Holst came on who sang in henchmen voices? Be honest.

  14. damn, I can see how much work went into this, amazing job. Sad to see the Ships & Giggles videos go, but it did so with an ending we can all be proud of. Also it’s fun to see this clips on YT and not on stream lol.

  15. As my Kiwi wife would say “O for awesome”

  16. That was some spicy editing 🙌. But I’m sad that’s there’s not gonna be anymore of these🥺.

    • I just can’t guarantee that I’ll have the time, that’s all. I don’t want to commit to doing these and leave you guys hanging with no content for months

  17. Happy 50 Biz. Enjoyed every minute of it.

  18. Freaking epic! Well done. Maybe the best Wows vid I’ve seen.

  19. Thanks Business for no torp beat anime animations. They’re everywhere and that’s sad.

  20. I am looking forwart top grinde my Amalfi, thx. 😀

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