Foghorn: World of Warships News | Update Patch 0.9.5: Hamburg Dockyard

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Update 0.9.5 Notes: and
Unique Upgrades DevBlog:

Pop-Up Giveaway Server:

00:00 Intro
00:47 Soviet Cruisers
03:50 Hamburg Dockyard (Odin)
07:19 Mission UI Changes
07:52 Armoury Changes
08:26 Unique (Legendary) Upgrade Changes
09:02 Ranked Sprint and Clan Brawls
09:45 Visual and Map Changes
10:14 Balance Changes
10:39 Warhammer
10:57 Other Changes
12:06 Schlachtfest 13th-14th June
12:44 Birthday Celebration
13:31 Outro


  1. B day forghorn

  2. This is something PAINEZOR would love, lots of goodies

  3. Happy B’day, Stats

  4. Happy early Birthday.

  5. He could read me anything with this sweet ASMR voice. It could be tax law for all i cared.

  6. Stephen Pelletier

    Very clear disambiguation of the Russian cruiser shuffle in 0.9.5. Thanks you!

  7. Happy Birthday Mr Bloke!!

  8. happy bday. use ur cc powers so we get something to do with clan oil.

  9. 11:05 – Wait, you mean some players do not read the news? #sarcasm Also: Happy Birthday Sir : )

  10. Do I nEeD tO hAvE MoSkVa In My PoRt? jk. Great video as always! I love the summary of news you provide to us before every patchday.

  11. I just sold my moskva and i have the 2x multiplier for the research bureau, if i reset the line do i get moskva?

  12. At least they’re not calling Odin a free ship.

    Unlike some fat American cruiser I know.

  13. James Bigglesworth

    Many happy returns for the day if I am not online then young man 😉

  14. Thanks for the news. Sadly still nothing on desync problems…

    • Not yet, no. The causes will certainly be based in the scalability of their server infrastructure, so not an easy fix.

  15. If I sell my Moskva I will get it back with permanet camo (I have camo already, not so keen on losing it)?
    Thanks for the video 🙂

  16. llljustcallhimDave

    I got to see the new mission UI on PTS, its definitely an improvement. It will take some getting used to if you have been playing for some time though.

  17. This if far more comfortable then reading the news myself 😉 And when there is something I’m particularly interested in, I’ll just read up on that instead of going through the full news. So thanks for the regular update videos! And of course: Happy Birthday!

    • Thanks, Phil! I try to just include the stuff I think is important for people to be aware of. Like you say, if someone then wants to go and read more, they can. I actually created Foghorn with two of my old clanmates in mind – they’d never read the news and it was a bit of a running joke that they never knew what was going on!

  18. Will California be available this update

  19. Thanks, Gimby! If you are able to stick your head in to the stream, it would be lovely to see you.

  20. WG being vague? How preposterous, such a thing would never happen, never! (Note WG gives no guarantees on the accuracy of this statement)

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