World of Warships – Shiratsuyu Preview Impressions

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on Sea of Fortune moves to capture the A point at the start of the game. The enemy team takes B and C while my team controls the A point. A couple enemy battleships move into the area, I try to make use of the torpedo rearm consumbable. The game is back and forth, I try to make full use of the . Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Destroyer Shiratsuyu Replay


  1. My Bae shiratsuyu is here ayyyyyy. I apologise in advance for the poi spam
    from my fellow weebs

  2. The thing seems good with the ability to shoot out 16 torps in 5 seconds…

  3. Its pronounced shira-tsuyu

  4. Funny that Baltimore at the end. Thought he was gonna capsize you.

  5. shiratsuyu looks like a really good DD.

  6. Much power in this ship Poi! Having okayish guns and 16 torpedos is not
    something to be scoffed at. Is it a torpedo boat or a gunboat? Looks more
    like a torpedoboat to me

  7. Incoming poi poi…

  8. I have Fletch and it sucks. Bensen was better. I think American fletch
    needs an upgrade esp for detectability.

  9. im making a commitment right now, for each torp i hit in Shiratsuyu i’ll
    type “POI” in chat, people gonna be tilting more than Tirpitz

  10. Nice torpedo beats against the Sims, Notser. Also no stuttering so +1.

  11. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. The Japanese pronunciation is Shi-Rah /

  12. Considering the average damage for tier 7 destroyers, you did quite the
    good damage.

  13. BT-7 Made from 666% Stalinium Mk II

    Imagine the amount of Poi in this shit?? LMAO too much POI!

  14. Notser, you should try War Thunder naval CBT! A bit of a change from the
    RNG, should be fun. I am sure most of your subs won’t mind.

  15. I hope i’m not right but by version 5.18 it will be nerfed based on some BB
    players complaining about torpedo walls so enjoy it while you can… Anyway
    i think it will be fun to try out the new IJN DD line \(`U̲´)//

  16. Great game and great video Notser! This ship look almost broken with those
    4 16 torpspams in one full game, i like it.
    Is their really any downside to this ship? Sure, the speed, but that you
    can fix with boost and flags. Anything else?

    Is this the only IJN DD that will get the torp reload cons?

  17. Yudachi as a premiu, pls WG

  18. why theres no kraken unleashed? :c

  19. Stay away from my peanut butter

    Holy fuck for once someone pronounces Shiratsuyu properly in a video.
    I always hear “Shiratuy” “Shairatsuyu” and other mispronunciations.

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