World of Warships – Kagero T8 Preview Impressions

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on Trap moves to capture C point with the help of multiple friendly ships. We encounter multiple Tier 10 battleships, I send out torpedoes and try to remain hidden. A flanking helps the team work down the enemy battleships. The team moves forward into B point where we engage with division of Akizuki. Hope you enjoy this preview and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Kagero Replay


  1. Shiratsuyu is still a better DD than Kagero….

  2. So what are compensations like?
    I have a Fubuki in port and the Kagero researched, plus some extra xp
    leftover on the Fubuki.
    What awaits me when I download the patch and get to port?

  3. KK Pixy (SolowingPixy)

    the torp acceleration skill is unusable for new t8 t9. the use of 8km torp
    is just too limited. that skill was so perfect for the 15km torps

  4. can’t wait to play tier 6 Fubuki…

  5. Lars eric Ericsson Rolstad

    ever since i have changed my fubuki from a torpedo spec to a gun spec i
    have been doing so much better. dds try to take me and i wreck them more
    often than not. I dont understand the complaints abbout the guns on the
    ijn, i just dont. L2P issue imo.

  6. That changes was very needed to the jnp dd line

  7. lol 2.3 km range reload, dat is some really crappy range xD

  8. Cross torp with a Shimakaze….those BBs have little hope to survive.

  9. Why does it say Nowaki bottom left corner?

  10. It’s quite nice to see Japanese Destroyers having “usable” gun systems :D

  11. Christopher Matarazzo

    does having a press account mean you get early access to ships?

  12. Hey notser, what is the font of the letters that describe the stats in the
    start of the video? :D

  13. That’s why you don’t go C from the bottom in this map…

  14. Notser! You had a chat with iEarlGrey! How was that

  15. That was some nice teamwork between you and the Shima, was great battle to
    watch gg

  16. 7:35 2.3km range reload??? LOL

  17. Thank you for covering this, because this is pretty much what’s happening
    to my fubuki… Also, by having fully upgraded fubuki torps, does that give
    me F3 on kagero?

  18. Doesn’t seem like an upgrade or downgrade, like you said. Also it doesn’t
    seem like they “nerfed” them as a whole which is what everyone was saying.
    It seems similar to the old DD’s just with a few changes. Great video
    Notser, keep it up!

  19. 7:33 Ummm u sure about that 2.3km range? Haha Freudian slips, can’t avoid

  20. Kagero is such bad ship in my opinion. I want keep my Fubuki :/

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