World of Warships – Shokaku Solo Warrior

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on Hotspot sends out an initial fighter scout to find out who from the enemy is attacking each point. A couple enemy destroyers show up, which causes a torpedo and bomber response. I try to go after them but leave some gaps in intelligence, team misses out on some kills. The game progresses where we’re down a lot. I try my best to go one at a time against the enemies and set some fires/floods on them. Hope you enjoy this game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Shokaku Replay


  1. First wot and now an aircraft carrier replay. Who are you and what have you
    done with the real Notser?

  2. Yeeeeeah, you said it yourself, but if youre really wanting to go for the
    IJN CVs, youre REALLY going to need to learn to split your fighters up and
    “git gud” at multi tasking, or youll have no hope in the Hakuryu lol

  3. i REFUSE to use carriers.. tried and failed so im happy with dd,ca/cl, bb.

  4. Notser good job. I was in my Arizona the other day. I got Kraken and
    Confederate and lost to a solo warrior.

  5. you got it, gratz :)

  6. LOL, u get more money than me but i do more damage with Lexington…

  7. Dude that was a sick replay. How is the IJN line? I’m still grinding at
    Langley… That ship/planeset is not fun at all…

  8. Congratz on your Solo Warrior Notser!

  9. hey how to slide(?) position so fast from right to left?

  10. I got my first Kraken Unleashed in my Kurfurst the other day! I’m so proud
    of myself! I’ve had Kraken at lower tiers, but never at Tier 10 until last
    night! :)

  11. Congrats Notser!! Still chasing my first SW but I’ll get it some day

  12. Oh Snap!!! Gongrats on Solo Warrior…Well deserved.

  13. Congrats notser and good morning! California time

  14. Notser você precisa treinar mais um pouco ;)

  15. Congrats Notser on the Solo. I know it’s been a long time coming. I have
    yet to pull one off in 6k+ games

  16. Congrats dude! When I saw the title I remembered that you didn’t have one
    of those, which is amazing when you consider your skill and hours at the
    game. I was rooting for you the whole time, Notser!

  17. thanks notser for posting a cv gameplay!!! u did great ;)

  18. That was fun to watch. Thank you!

  19. Noster how do you get so close to those planes in the beginning there?

  20. nice game Notser, please more of those ;)

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