World of Warships – Sims 0.6.0

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Sims on Warrior’s Path moves out to assault the A point for the team. A couple enemy destroyers show up and force a retreat from my destroyer. The enemy clearly wants this flank, we’re outnumbered but I can still fight as I move back. I try to use the islands to minimize the enemies who can engage me. As we retreat, the enemy overextends and takes heavy losses. I hope this was fun and hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier VII American Destroyer Sims Replay


  1. Hey, this is notser and this is the T7 american premium destroyer sims. She
    has 13800 health, a top speed of 38.5 knots, 4x 127mm guns, 8 torpedos, a
    surface detect of 6.6 km, and 34 AA defense rating. For my modules we use
    quick chance on main armament, improved aiming accuracy, reducing the
    chance of flood and fire, improved acceleration.
    For my commander: Priority Target, Adrenaline Rush, Last Stand, Faster
    Torpedo Re-Arm, Basic Firing Training, Demolition Expert. AND
    Concealment… we are on the map warriors path, and…

  2. hey Notser: use the Shchors in rank play—lol

  3. How is shell alpha damage calculated again…? Speed of the round and shell

  4. german dd spotted from the moon. uss dd shoot to the moon!

  5. Let’s see a Leningrad! With a dedicated spec captain it’ll be one nasty
    ranked DD!

  6. 15:30 “You need to be more aware of WHERE the islands are”

    says the notser-Notser :P

  7. 5:55 I can run into the island and save me! ;)

  8. when was the Sims torps massively upgraded? last I played it they were 5k

  9. DOT damage? Damage over time damage? Really? Really?

  10. 7:40 LMAO I never noticed, but now I have one huge question for WarGaming;
    rather small one at that, but is is GIGANTIC compared to even the largest
    building in that TINY village!

    I suppose it is the same for all Villages in WOWS?? I haven’t really gone
    to the trouble of checking yet, as I never really paid that much attention
    to them while playing. But SERIOUSLY -who lives there? A city of nothing
    but Gnomes???

  11. I remember when Sims was considered to be the worst Premium in the game! My
    the times have changed, mostly in a good way too! I own the Sims as well,
    got her at a discount 1 year after CBT – something like $13!

    I have debated using the 5.5km set of torpedoes many times now, as they
    move at 65 knots, and deal 11,600 damage – but the reload is a good deal
    slower, and that range is ONLY useful for brawling.

    I consider using them, because much like in this video, I frequently end up
    in close range brawling scenarios where the 5.5km set would be devastating!
    But then I also have many games where I am never that close, or if I am it
    is what kills me.

  12. Sims you get the new skills slightly wrong and the sims is screwed its that
    Im talking loss after loss due to incorrect skill choice.
    The sims always fighting tier 9 makes it a shitty dd to run nowadays.
    Try to stay at tier 6 ie anshan as the maps are so much more fun and the
    players less satan like.

  13. Dont like your sims skills notser im guessing you are a sims noob.

  14. You can be bottom tier with any ship and still influence the out come of
    the match.*

    *Some conditions apply, results my vary.

  15. “just look at his guns, he has hate in his eyes” LOLOL i love you Notser

  16. Ayano “Akari Mizunashi Furutaka” Sugiura

    you think you’ll be maining Sims for ranked season?
    that is if you plan on using her

  17. Number of salvos with a 3-second reload in a 12-second window: 4 (or 5,
    depending on how you count)
    Number of salvos with a 2.4-second reload in a 12-second window: 5 (or 6,
    depending on how you count)

    Net gain: 1 salvo every 12 seconds.

  18. “he has hate in his eyes” tru dat

  19. Have you ever tried torpedo acceleration on the Gearing? I liked it.

  20. WoWs = worst most boring game ever

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