World of Warships – SmokeBot CAN work

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There is this wonderful in WoWS called SmokeBot where a DD is nothing than a scout for torps and smoke screen provider a certain ship, so that ship could destroy the enemy team. Ofc you can’t just pick any ship to for the role because some are just too big and clumsy but is one of the best.
In other words even if you play only “for the team” you can still be useful, gl.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Can do funs with huns in 60 fps please

  2. Still watching all your old vids and the salt increases the further I go back. lol.
    You seem a lot more mellow now (which is good). Cheers.

    • TallulahSoie yeah, I like him way better as he is now

    • Well he was playing top tier competitive for OMNI before they cracked the shits that their streamers couldn’t make it to every training. Ever since leaving that competitive elite toxic community he has become one of my main people I watch play

  3. Have you tired using the mod that Increases the frame-rate limit from 75FPS to either 120 or 300?

  4. I think your not entirely grasping the concept of a “bot” Mr Flambass…

  5. Anyone climbed the ladders without any premium account?

    • +buffalojoeinchico , out of 10, I say my win rate is 20-30%.
      I call that uneven match-making.
      Further, I see those with multiple high tier ships and I say, gawd, wallet-warriors pumping through the tiers.

    • buffalojoeinchico

      +RUHappyATM there are DEF walet warriors. But this game is much less ptw than most others! I feel pretty conpetative against most premiums in my tech tree ships. Alot is simply knowing the game/ships and if ur watching flambass, thats a great resource! Flamu, notser, jingles, mejash all good too! I have my own channel(Capt Happy) but not as informative yet as these others. I do mostly simple replays cas my Mac crapd out but ill be back on that soon:)

    • buffalojoeinchico

      +RUHappyATM btw, im “Happy8_1” in game and you saw my yt name…so the answer to the question posed by YOUR name is yes!! 😉

    • +buffalojoeinchico , Flamu and Flamass all have premium account.
      I seems to be teamed up with players who don’t play well. Thus my win rate of about 20-30%. Mate, that’s pretty terrible. Almost like a two tier game.

    • buffalojoeinchico

      +RUHappyATM do you play on NA server? If so, throw me your game name my way n ill div w you sometime if u like. And yes, all the CCs have premium accounts, but thats not what makes them competitive. Its game IQ and situational awareness. But even great players draw crap teams and there are times that it doesn’t matter what ur level of play is, you cant overcome terrible players on ur team. I posted a vid recently of me in my hindenberg(my fav T10) where I got 5 kills, 200k dmg, but still team lost game. Does premium make a difference? Yes. But compared to most games out there today, the pay to win factor is relatively low.

  6. That was great. A simple but powerful strategy anyone could manage if they commit to some selfless play. Flambass, of course, ends up wrecking the other team as usual and almost does more damage than the Mino. That’s a symptom of DDs being too powerful relative to cruisers as much as anything else. You shouldn’t have to worry about going one on one with a DD in a cruiser even if it is two tiers above you, which can be suicide now.
    What would help is if DDs where given substantial credit for damage done from their smoke and on their spotting.

    • that very much depends on the DD you’re in and the cruiser you’re in, a heavy cruiser should have problems against dd’s, Kron and/or Alaska shouldn’t be able to knife fight dd’s as well as a Seattle/Neptune or Wooster/Mino will.

    • There are a fair number of light cruisers that traded off armor and armament for range and a bit of armor. A “trade cruiser” with 76mm of belt armor and 25mm of turret armor and 4-7 open mount or shielded guns of 140-152mm vs. a DD with 5-8 127mm guns? When, for example a 127mm (5″/38) can punch through that belt at 6.7km? Odds still favor the CL, but not outrageously.

  7. try double Leander. Thank me later

  8. Strange game… almost like teamplay.exe has been found this one time 😉

  9. Good, tactical fight and great teamwork. Bravo.

  10. When Daring and Harugumo legendary module?
    Add like all for have answer.

  11. buffalojoeinchico

    Lol. Yup, I too am re-adjusting to NOT having to tell my clanmates when I use hydro/radar after latest patch;) I now get the, “yeah, I know.” after I tell them. Its a nice change to game and long overdue.

  12. Why does nobody shoot the destroyer? Okay Henri did:-)!

  13. “Smoke and spot role” *does over 100k dmg*

  14. I am convinced that Flambass can get 100k damage with nothing more than a Canoe and a Slingshot.

    • Canada does it every day

    • Naah, he gets krakens with this setup.
      What is’nt common knowledge, is that once Flambass went to the Adriatic Sea to rest, and while sending paper ships to the sea, he almost conquered Italy.
      True story bro.

    • +TurinekSS If he ever shows up off the coast of Florida in a Bass Boat, we might nave to nuke him.
      It might slow him down a little.

  15. Is it just me or this game (wow) got boring?

  16. Wait…. daring in WIP??? Um… wut?

  17. That gun sound doesnt sound good…

  18. Nice teamwork.

  19. Smokebot deals more damage as the mino he supported.

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