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Quick review of the Exeter, brand new Heavy Cruiser for the British Fleet. Hope you have a wonderful and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier V British Cruiser Exeter Replay

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  1. Notser, play some Morrowind)

  2. I’m still surprised this is a tier 5, not a 6, the RN’s CA’s were generally lacking in armour. I’d have gone Hawkins 5), Exeter 6), County 7), Surrey (paper design 9x 8-inch) at 8, and then two others with the top ship being the so called ‘Churchill Supercruiser’ which was the UK’s smaller version of an Alaska like ship, armed with 9 x 9.2-inch guns.

    • York is probs gonna be the T6 or they are going with Hawkins, County, London and Surrey.

    • Yep, hoping a British heavy cruiser line is made, along with Repulse/Renown.

    • +straswa Dunno, I’d say if they were to put them in, it could be a true battlecruiser line.

      Invincible/Indifatigable – T4
      Lion (tiger as Premium) – T5
      Renown – T6
      Admiral – T7
      One of the WNT ships – T8
      G3 – T9
      ????? – T10

    • What if they combined heavy cruisers with a transition to battle cruisers at high tiers for the British? A post Refit Hood at 8 would be neat

    • +Kenji S if it was me, I’d never play that line (although I’d really want to) as if RN BB accuracy is anything to go by, you’re literally going from being able to consistently hit ships to RNG screws you again. RN BB accuracy is just…awful.

  3. “It is a light cruiser, it has 203mm guns.” Notser 2019

  4. PanzerJäger Hantoeig

    Exeter: 203mm guns
    Notser: L I G H T C R U I S E R

    *Ship classification shenanigans.

    • cruiser classifications are weird. the heavy cruiser was established by the washington naval treaty, but not all cruisers were classified light heavy

    • +Trinal Galaxy Washington was for the 10,000 ton weight limit for cruisers. But it was the London treaty that split Heavy and light cruisers. Light (0-155mm) Heavy (156-203mm)

    • And this is only for the signatories of the treaty’s . So not everyone is included.The Russians or Swedes wouldn’t be affected by the treaty’s specs, So that’s why Kirov is a light cruiser with 180mm guns

    • +Gustav Bonow cruiser classification is fubar after WW2. some cruisers were reclassified, others were not even by the signatories.

    • +Trinal Galaxy As soon as the treaty’s fell apart classifications were null and void. And due to the ship in question being a treaty era ship you need to distinguish Light and heavy cruisers. And as I stated this only applies to the signatories of the treaty’s.

  5. Light cruiser……

  6. 8km torps are great at T5 if you actually try using them instead of just saying how bad they are.

    • Yeah I do really well with them. “You wont kill anything with them if you never fire them.”

    • I agree, I have many torp kills with my Exeter, gotta use `em to get `em…lol.

    • +Len Pytlewski Yep, about the only thing I can rely on from this thing since the torps reload decently and has GREAT torp angles for a RN ship. Guns fire way too slow, has too few guns, and has no armor against what she will typically face. If there’s a BB around with any accuracy, hasta la vista baby as you’re probably eating a citadel from any angle. Having said that, fortune favors the bold and if you’re not afraid of getting hit, Exeter may surprise in the dmg output as she is a ship of extremes.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Also 8km torps are 1km better than Minekaze/Kamikaze’s. Only 2nd to Furutaka’s upgraded torps.

  7. Be careful, WG may move it to tier 6 because it`s too OP…lol.

  8. HMS Exeter refers to the SIZE OF THE GUNS MOUNTED ON THE SHIP

    not the armour layout Notser

  9. And now matter how much you try to be disrespectful and ignorant Exeter is still a heavy cruiser by royal navy designations so you can stop persisting in calling it a light cruiser.

  10. I beg to differ, the torpedoes on this ship are very usable if you use your head. But uh she’s not a light cruiser XD

  11. Joselito Sto Tomas

    I would had preferred that it was a T6 with a smoke consumable and a 12 sec reload.

  12. it should be move to tier 6 and given smoke, tier 5 not allowed in operations

  13. launch system is single and narrow now. this was patched!

  14. with, the Exeter was switched to the Narrow/Single launch torpedo systems like the UK CL’s and DD’s

  15. “It is a light cruiser, it has 203mm guns”
    Really Notser? lol

  16. I wonder why I would play Exeter. The Furutaka has at least the same Gunpower (plus the recent dispersion buff) and is much better protected.

    Ok, the turret traverse…. you got me there.


  17. Notser!! Please stop calling heavy cruisers “light cruisers” just because they don’t have armor!! It is called a heavy cruiser because of its gun caliber, not because of its armor!!

  18. When I played the furutaka it had those awful single turrets.

  19. “It is a light cruiser, it has 203mm guns.”
    “The Soviet BB’s are overpowered, but it’ll be good for the game.”

    Notser, are you recently off any meds that we’re unaware of?

  20. OMG so many people post that light/heavy cruiser thing… Annoying

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