World of Warships – SMS Emden – The Swan of the East

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Q. What’s German, white, has 60 hunting it over 3 months terrorises shipping over a quarter of Earths’ surface?

A. Emden.

System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. damn I started to cry abaout this story this is awesome

  2. Jingles, do you think you could do a video on the Murmansk?

  3. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    If you like World of Warships and anime I recommend you Hai Furi and Zipang
    they are very entertaining

  4. Anthony Brockman

    Great story, thank you.

  5. Vikko The Tusken

    Jingles, the stories never fail to amaze me. Your storytelling is among the
    best and as a History Major I thank you for doing it right. However –
    speaking solely in terms of pixel boats: All I see here is an Albany carbon

  6. Christian Hakim

    For the history lesson alone, probably my favorite WoW video ever.

  7. Again, thx for the history lesson Jingles. Great stuff.

  8. Jingles…? Where the heck is the Xcom vid? 😛 I am badly hooked by the

  9. JonarusDraconius

    EMDEN – The ship so tough it took Australians to take it down! 😛


  10. Jingles you should look up the fate of the second HMAS Sydney, the Leander
    class light cruiser. Quite a conspiracy-theory ridden end, and as an
    Australian I can say its a rather embarrassing yet tragic event as well.
    Considering we only had 6 cruisers in WW2 it was an enormous loss for our
    navy too.

  11. This just shows that the overall stat points for the ships are for the most
    part unreliable, and of those, artillery is the least accurate. But for low
    tier games, most of the time it has more to do with how well you can shoot
    and place yourself over how good the ships are.

  12. Gwiber WurmChild

    70’s. I’m 44, born in in 1972, and I think you are younger than me?
    Wouldn’t you have been.. 5 in 1979? Were you an avid reader at the age of

  13. General Saufenberg

    that`s the Müllers for you! Von Müller, Gerd Müller, Thomas Müller^^

  14. awesome man3333

    I’m the person playing the tenryu

  15. Jingles i’m happy at least you mentioned Singapore in the Emden’s
    history… I don’t think you have ever said that before

  16. In the game MWO there is something they call “Kill most damage done” I
    think that should be something in every game

  17. Lars-Åke Sköld

    I like the touch with the fake smoke stack, although when I first got it
    the fake stack was at the rear of the ship instead of where it’s placed
    now. The previous placement looked more “real” than the current one. :/

  18. im listening it during work. Always love the history part.

  19. MJ, wish I had you as my history teacher. Great vid. Enjoy these immensely.

  20. So, in conclusion:
    disadvantages: Significantly worse than any comparable ship.
    advantages: tier 2, so you can kick noobs.

  21. Yay Australia!

  22. sefhyro space pirate

    i wasnt lucky enough to face you wen it was the first match on the dream
    team live streaming but i manage not to get killed nad be sure i will hunt
    you all wen i get my chance again, for portuguese sailors glory

  23. The not so Mighty FL_3

    An awesome little ship with an amazing history. Honour has nothing to do
    with the side on which you fight.

  24. Wonderful story, and well-worthy of being retold!

  25. It’s a crime that this wonderful story doesn’t have a modern hollywood

  26. NotSoRetroJakko

    Will this be making a short apearence in the premium store, im kinda a
    conisour of premium ships and this will be a fine addition to my growing
    port of ships

  27. not this bloody boat game again

  28. Give us the Sydney! Then we can have some fun! GO RAN!!

  29. Jingles teamkilled that Sint Louis haha

  30. Jingles have u seen the Anime ” Zipang ” Summary:

    Mirai, an improved Kongou-class Aegis guided missile destroyer, is one of
    the newest and most advanced ships in the entire Japanese Self-Defense
    Force (SDF). Her crew, also one of the newest, is lead by Capt. Umezu
    Saburo and Executive Officer Kadomatsu Yosuke.

    its an amaising storry and thing you will like it.

  31. i have only played world of warships 1 time and a it was fun but I broke
    the computer I was using

  32. dat rate of fire…. pom-pom-pom-pom-pom!
    I love this little sealclubber
    BFT+AFT = rekt enemies

  33. Jingles I have a pop up virus on my computer, so I can’t upload my replay I
    want to send to Could I just email the file to you, or what
    else could I do?

  34. Crap artillery but fast high arc firing, who cares, and it gets free
    premium cameo.

  35. I really wish Emden was cruising under Kaiserliche Marine War Ensign. That
    “modified to not have swastika, but not really” Kriegsmarine War ensign
    does not suit it.

  36. drunken Bavarian

    Sadly the Emden has the wrong flag, like many german ships in WoWs :(

  37. when will you do a video about the Atago ? or the pensacola ?

  38. Jingles have you seen the Battlefield One trailer?

  39. Would really love to see an Australian premium vessel Mabey HMAS Australia

  40. Nice video Jingles, the historical record was great. Are you ever going to
    look at the Russian cruisers? I know you would need a press account to do
    it well, I’m guessing Wargaming won’t give you one. Anyway, great video!

  41. What great story about a great man thanks and a ship and crew that reflects
    the same.

  42. I always wondered why my emden’s first stack didn’t blow smoke. Thanks

  43. I though you’d go more into the shore party and their trek to turkey. They
    had one hell of a long march as well as being attacked by Bedouins for
    three days before being relieved by the Emir of Mecca.

  44. Oh Jingles, that wasn’t an Arsonist medal. It was a burn kill medal for

  45. Horay its Story Time with uncle Jingles! What? what do you mean i’m too old
    to enjoy stories? Who cares i’m 28, Horay, Story Time!

  46. The captain was a true gentlemen and his crew were honorable.

    Wouldn’t get anything like that now.

  47. Geoffrey Mowbray

    The SMS Emden should be flying the Imperial German Navy’s white ensign not
    the Krieg Marine’s red war flag.

  48. jingles pls do more history!

  49. i ve killed a bogatyr with a dresden AP well it does work jingles ive taken
    90 % per cent of some battleships with the dresden i have damm near killed
    every ship in its tier and a tier above it and below it when kaptin kaos
    circle jerks your ass your gonna have a bad day

  50. I love the little history lessons you include in your reviews. Excellent
    vid as always.

    One of these days I actually need to give WoWs a try…

  51. Console Peasant

    Playing a lot of WOWs lately, I must say players are much more friendly in

  52. the emden needs “bad” stats, you can use you hightier captains on her.

  53. Robin Schuhmacher

    Well if the Emden is anything like the Dresden in game, I’m now really
    salty that I don’t have one.The secret’s in the captain skills, Basic
    Firing Training and Advanced Firing Training apply to the Dresden’s main
    battery (remember, only 105 mm), so if you’re willing to put in the effort
    it’s a complete monster.The Dresden is my favourite seal club. A
    diamond-encrusted seal club. Made of 18-carat awesome.
    Also, regarding the Emden’s history and HMAS Sydney: the rematch with the
    next Sydney during WWII was a really ugly affair for the Australians. Sank
    with all hands, if I recall that correctly. :-(

  54. Like all three tech tree German Cruisers in that area (2-4) the Emden was
    one of the worst ships I’ve ever sailed.

    The four of them never did more than scratch damage on the rare occasion
    they managed to hit anything.

  55. It is interesting to note that the replacement HMAS Sydney also battled
    against a German raider in WWII, the Kormoran, but this battle did not end
    so well. The Kormoran was an auxilliary cruiser, disguised as a merchantman
    and due to multiple factors, the Sydney approached too close and was raked
    by the Kormorans’ guns and torpedoes at point blank range. Set on fire and
    holed, the Sydney returned fire, but was forced to break off the engagement
    and later sank with the loss of all hands. The Kormoran was also set ablaze
    by return fire from the Sydney and was abandoned by its crew before
    exploding and sinking.

  56. I already heard this story when the emden first came available but I just
    like to hear your voice :3

  57. Classy Churchill

    Erm jingles it’s a hair OVER 24 kts, jingles?

  58. physical line of sight? don’t you mean visual line of sight?

  59. Double Double 4G

    The channel ‘The Great War’ did a special on the SMS Emden back in December
    – go check it out if you’re interested :)

  60. 16:11 Jingles you daft old bellend! 105mm AP weighs like, 38 pounds! Even
    the USN 127s have 56 pound AP, and for comparison, that Bogatyr with the
    130mm guns has 80 pound AP, and of it is using the stock guns (the same as
    of now the Aurora) the 152mm L45 Canet guns fire a 98 pound AP shell, and a
    109 pound HE shell! The St Louis is perfectly symmetrical with 105 pound AP
    and HE shells!

    So yes, compare your 40 pound maximum 105mm AP shell to the St Louis (and
    even Chester) 152mm 105 POUND AP!

  61. SeaTehNoobWorld

    There’s a turret of the Emden and sydney in Canberra war memorial.

  62. 15:03 I don’t often sail tier 3 and lower ships, but when I do, I sail the

    I used to defend the honor of my Yubari, but since the skills have changed
    and she received no compensation whatsoever – I cannot any longer say that
    she is in ANY way a good ship….

    But as I got the Aurora for just $6 with the port slot during a special
    deal about 2 months back, I decided I would give her a good try!

    And my god was I impressed! With her 11.2km range, she out ranges all other
    tier 3 and lower ships, and on top of that – while her AP is not as good as
    the St Louis, it has FAR better HE!

    It has the same rated max damage, but in a direct comparison Aurora HE does
    more damage more often for whatever reason, THEN she also has an extra 1%
    base fire chance at 8% (St Louis is 7%) which means that my
    Kutuzov/Murmansk captain brings that fire chance to 12%!


    Aurora is a more Skill-Based version of the St Louis, because her armor is
    nowhere near as good and she has something around 4500 fewer Hit Points.
    But she turns on a dime, literally! I have dodged so many torpedoes in the
    5 or so matches I have played in her that I quickly lost count! Her guns
    turn a good deal more slowly than even the St Louis, but not so much that
    it ruins the ability to keep 4 to 5 guns on target at all times even when
    turning on a dime! And finally she is more accurate than the St Louis, with
    the same dispersion at 11.2km as St Louis has at 10.7 – as such you need to
    make use of that range and accuracy to do well in her!

    If you manage all that, she is EASILY a more effective ship than the St
    Louis! Just with a little more emphasis on support.

    I kinda wish WG would add a dodge stat for torpedoes, it wouldn’t be too
    hard, anytime you spot a torpedo within 2.5 km or less, and said torpedoes
    would hit directly if you had not pulled some evasive action – every
    torpedo that misses that otherwise WOULD have hit – if you were sailing
    totally straight without any course change or speed change!

  63. The Emden is made for PvE matches, in PvP the ship is hopelessly under

  64. Actually Jingles, you didn’t get the Arsonist award. You completed an
    achievement for destroying a ship by fire damage. I assume you don’t play
    all that often, because the achievements have been in the game for a while.
    The Arsonist award is for doing fire damage of at least 40% of its health
    and destroying it.


  65. If you want to learn more about the Emden I can highly recommend the book
    “First Victory” by Mike Carlton

  66. Classy Churchill

    Jingles what was the name of that book about war stories cause I really
    want to read it

  67. SMS Emden: the light cruiser that single-handedly humiliated the most
    powerful Navy in the world.

  68. Jingles,

    What do you think of the Russian tier III cruiser, the Bogatyr?

    I absolutely love it. It can beat a St Louis in a 1 v 1 fight, with a
    longer gun range and a higher speed. Armour isn’t too much worse either.
    Plus, the gun upgrade drops the calibre to 130mm, meaning it benefits from
    commander upgrades.

  69. I sold the Emden.

  70. i also want to play warships, but stupud installer wont extract files and
    just fails :,(

  71. Jingles, you spoke about the emden in one of your videos, i red a lot about
    it after that, facinating story, thank you i love to learn stuff like that

  72. So lately you work for WG marketing department?

  73. Dominic Peakman

    have you ever played command and conquer?

  74. Michael Fisher (MiikeDavid)

    man i need to stat playing this again, when are they adding weather btw?

  75. Jingles, I live in Western Australia, and have lived near the memorial for
    the HMAS Sydney which overlooks the ocean on a hill.

  76. I kept my Emden when I got it for free. Great little seal-clubber.

  77. Hey jingles will you play the new stellaris game from paradox, as your a
    fan of the orion games?

  78. isnt the emden a german ship thatcwas sunk by the HMS Sydney??

  79. Husky The Dinosaur

    Wasn’t HMAS Sydney a Modified Leander Class Light cruiser?

  80. what is the best ship in the game?

  81. Where are the ships of the largest navy of this period….it is getting
    stupid now.

  82. Only two ship names wrong. What is this?

  83. I used to own the Emden. Then I needed a port slot…

  84. Mitchelle Benitez Guy

    Jingle smells like an old avocado

  85. Well at least there’s two benefits to being ill – Missing school and
    watching good YouTube videos.

  86. Gilbert Santiago

    jingles won’t respond but if he does I will work the salt mines

  87. hey jingles, are you gonna do anything special for 500k subscribers?

  88. jingles how did you miss the emden? it was basically a christmas present
    and if you didnt feel like doing the missions you could get it for
    doublooms but it was a very low amount

  89. Withskel the warrior

    just got here after loans of shitty games in a stock panther,this cheers me

  90. I absolutely love my emden, such a rich history and it’s a rare ship and I
    got it for free!

  91. RAN for the win! Thanks for telling this story Jingles!!

  92. Vessel Grenlund

    500k.. it is coming..

  93. Minarus Infernus

    You’ll never see such chivalry in war these days…

  94. Wonder if SMS Emden might end up in the Battlefield1 since it will have
    some naval warfare.

  95. Lol my Senpai needs more respect

  96. I actually LIVE in EMDEN omg xD

  97. happymonkeygames

    wow. that guy had bals of copper

  98. Hey YouTube lick a dick

  99. I cannot think of a funny line. :-(

  100. British Banter Chaps

    Does anyone else listen to these as bedtime stories?

  101. Im early, need to make a joke


  102. Ah the ship most people sold for a free port slot: the Emden :D

  103. Wow, this is the earliest I’ve ever been to one of jingles videos :D.

  104. Notice sempai!

  105. Notification squad!

  106. watching at school!!

  107. was bored without jingles’ videos

  108. yay!

  109. Hell yis!

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