World of Warships – Colorado Cyclone

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Sorry, time was set to PM rather then AM for release.

Colorado on North pushes initially up the 7/8 line in a effort to engage a couple enemy ships that show their side. We move toward the center and engage a enemy destroyer. The storm hits and I decide to push into their base. Enemy ships start returning to their base and we fight them off as best as we can. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII American Battleship Colorado Replay


  1. notser pls play the yamato next game?…bc i love when u one shot a
    broadside ship…

  2. Notser please make video about Mutsuki, I just started to play it, and now
    struggling especially when I hv to deal with more slow torps than the
    previous tier, thanks Notser :).

  3. Why is there no escort mode like a merchant convoy , kinda like a payload
    idea from payday?
    Imagine the enemy team full of destroyers while you and a handful of
    cruisers have to seek them out and escort the convoy

  4. Hey Notser. Could you pls do a vid on the Schors?

  5. Michael Page (Gothicmace)

    That was a hoot…first time I have seen a cyclone. wow

  6. why does everyone hate the colorado so much? I loved that thing even more
    than the NC and had a destruction ratio above 3 without an issue (this is
    good for my standards….I don’t casually wreck everything all the time mr
    notser 😉 ) Have a nice day

  7. Thanks,captain Notser!Like your gaming.

  8. LightFoot Freddy

    Awsome video Notser , the Colorado deserves some TLC.

  9. Destroyer Inazuma

    The old man with the shotgun strikes back. Nice weather effects, do you max
    out all the graphics or is this just “high”?

  10. I swear the cyclone warning is invisible to me…I have looked and listened
    everywhere and never seen it once…

    Never mind, found it. I’m an idiot.

  11. For some reason when I hear your voice I picture you looking like Jesse

  12. Colorado is not a bad ship. Suffers from slow speed and low HP for the tier
    but guns, armor, and rudder shift time are very good. I am still grinding
    it albeit slowly as I like Nagato better.

  13. How to fight with idiot in WoWs

  14. Notser, I found a channel re-uploading your content.

  15. Sorry man, I have to disagree on this one. I dont think cyclone effects
    matches enough. I think it should not be lowered, but increased. I like the
    weather, makes matches more fun. wish more maps had weather. 3yrs on Oceans
    and it was NEVER always sunny with perfect visibility.

  16. i have been watching for nearly a year and have just decided to play
    online. i am in kolsberg and have just been given premium for 24 hrs. what
    does this mean? what would be best to do? Original giant noob

  17. Cyclone, DD best friend.

  18. Good Game

  19. I thoroughly did not enjoy getting destroyed by you in WOW the other day…
    But then again I got to meet so I’m glad. Hope I can see you again soon on
    the same team. ~Mario737ifly

  20. Yea the Colorado is underrated I think, I really enjoyed it, I was braced
    for the worst ship in the line, little did I know it comes right AFTER the
    Colorado, dam I hate the NC, at least its pretty to look at though 🙂
    When I fire my guns, even at 6-7km and its like throwing a handful of
    pebbles, I saw less dispersion on the Colorado and the ones that do hit
    tend to just bounce off, even against cruisers with poor angling.
    Can you do a NC video so I can see how to do it right please?

  21. Hey Notser. About the Cyclone, it can be very good for BB’s, except when
    there are Carriers around. I was picked off in my N. Carolina (which is AA
    spec and has an AA rating of 99) by a Lexington because the planes would
    not become visible until around 2 Km out, thus leaving less time to destroy
    the incoming squadrons. I have the replay file if you want to see it.

  22. the trolorado everyone want to fire HE at it…

  23. Great game, Keep them coming.

  24. Glad to see you take out the Colorado!

  25. Damn, I didn’t know the cyclone lasts all the way to the end of the match.
    But I like that! Ans great match, Notser :)

  26. +Notser , please PLEEASE do a CLEVELAND video , i want to hear ur thoughs
    on it and specially on the shell speed and feel , i find i really bad and i
    cannot find the sweet spot with it. Please help me! I LOVE THAT SHIP , hate
    to see what have they done to it !!

  27. How do you make the game show everyones names above their ship?

  28. Perhaps one of the best Colorado games ever.

  29. FaithfulScrubHD

    What was that random explosion in the water at 5:43?

  30. Andreas Petersson

    Hello Notser! 🙂 How about a Yamato game? 😀 I just so love when you play
    battleships! I’m gonna eat popcorn and drink water and watch this great
    game now! 🙂

  31. The other day i played North with my cleveland and my entire team including
    the carriers huddled together in a battlegroup and it was so amazing!
    It was kind of scary because as a light cruiser it meant i had to lead and
    it felt like anything could come out at any second. After a konigsberg
    strayed a bit to the mid we lost sight of him and seconds afterwards he
    it was so freakisly scary but soooo entertaining!
    At some point we killed a strangler new York and then it felt we were
    hunting them instead then.
    It was an amazing game <3

  32. Im still dissapointed you dont say “21 knots-ers”

  33. Love the Colorado. Great game Notser!

  34. my biggest difficulty on this ship is getting matched with Iowa and such
    usually, I can only survive a few salvos cause they can pen me super easy
    even at angles, and then the speed makes it impossible to gtfo. On same
    tier matches i get super results easy though

  35. i just notice have 95% win rat in 120 in mach in this beautifull ship….
    looool… this trusty dreadnought can carry very hard games.

  36. The cyclone can end before the match ends. I was in a game recently, (In
    Kutuzov) where the cyclone ended about 3 mins before the match did. It
    allowed us to finish off the CAs sneaking around the side of the map.

  37. Good you are on the NA server and not on EU…wouldnt stand a chance
    against you,but you in my team i wouldnt have anything against. :)

  38. dont think I could ever grind down the USSBB line… so many slow ships

  39. Notser – I actually kind of like the fact that weather impacts vision – as
    it would have – and changes things for a portion of a battle when it
    occurs. Is it irritating to have less information to work with? Yes. Will
    we adapt to that in our decision making rather than whine so much that they
    nerf the impact? I dunno – I hope so – we seem to be effective at whining
    ourselves into a pretty flat game at times.

  40. “channel needs this game!” LOL

  41. I had the same game recently. 2 DDs and a york while i was capping came on
    me. I got all three but then a norcal came out of the mist..yipes aaaaand I
    died lol

  42. Recently 1v1’d a full health Iowa in my Colorado and won, finished him off
    with a 40K salvo. Granted, I lost half my health and it helped that he
    stayed broadside to me during the whole fight. lol Still, Colorado isn’t
    the ugly duckling of the US BB line like it used to be. Seems like the
    North Carolina is taking on that role now. Everyone seems to hate it.

  43. Notser where did you get the inspiration for your name? Is there some kind
    of story behind it.

  44. Hey Notser, can u read my mind maybe? I was thinking just Yesterday to ask
    you a test on Colorado, coz i cheked and your last video is
    oooollllllddddd lol. Well…thank you very much, Always great and
    helpful videos!! :-)

  45. Colorado is my favorite BB. Had a 212k damage game with it earlier. You can
    play it extremely aggressively because it can turn on a dime.

  46. MelancholicThug

    It’d be great if the cyclone worked in the higher tier maps. I’m picturing
    Yamatos duking it out at 8 km. Glorious.

  47. Told ya the buffed CO was strong.

  48. Hey guys i’m looking for someone to play wows with. I am always lonley. I
    have tier 5-8 atm and i play on the eu server. Anyone interested?

  49. creepycreeper099 ,

    Thank you Notser so much for doing this

  50. Why complaining about the weather? Its the same for everybody. Something
    new in the game where the gamer has to adapt and you will find people who
    think evolving is a bad thing (“OMG SHIMA IS UNPLAYABLE NOW! I’LL STOP

    Stop the crying and learn the game.

  51. Lasse Nipgaard Sørensen

    Love to watch you play N. My own game keeps crashing after the update, so
    cant play much anymore, after 1 or 2 maches (or during), errors occour on
    some maps, and I get disced, but at least I can watch youre amazing vids
    once a day :D

  52. Great game. CO is my favorite ship. Thank you, Noster.

  53. I love the Cyclone. I hope they implement it on other maps too.

  54. 21 knots?!?! That’s awful!

  55. Speaking of your King of the Hill idea, the Cyclone could be adjusted to
    have an “eye” at the center of the map where everything’s visible

  56. I am a few thousand away from the Colorado, and the New Mexico is great for
    killing DD’s. Before the 5.5 patch. Now I can not get through a match
    without my internet going wonky, AUGH! One thing is I fire one turret at a
    time at the DD’s, but I also try to have one CL covering me. As in Me being
    DD bait on the side where we are just holding to delay. Some times those 5
    DD matches are just fun seeing how many you can get.

  57. Ultimate Shifter

    so you’re planning to rebuy the NC? :)

  58. Really nice game. and the weather effects make it interesting to watch. I
    would love if they made the “intro-weather” permanent and added more
    gameplay-effecting mechanics

  59. holy mole lee…In a Colorado?
    well done and thanks for sharing

  60. The Cyclone should be much more darker and you should have a better sound
    of the rain ou even better some times a few lightning and after a few
    secounds you would hear the thunder.
    That would be amazing.

  61. That ship was such utter trash in beta I played about 5 battles and free
    XP’d through it. Its greatest feature was its AA, which tells you something
    (back then it was CVs galore, and I’d regularly kill 20-30 planes; I used
    to platoon with someone I knew from the forum in his Atlanta and I’d kill
    more planes).
    Regardless, watching a 6″ gun CA doing 4k damage every 5-10 seconds against
    a DREADNOUGHT is why I simply can’t bring myself to get back into this
    game. It’s just pants on head retarded, an utter travesty (want some
    interesting reading, go check the after battle report of damage to the Adm
    Graf Spee following the battle of the River Plate and you’ll see just how
    ineffective 6″ shells were against an over-sized CA; against a dreadnought
    they’re spitballs for all they’d do to any essential systems or watertight
    integrity; yes, yes, I know it’s not a simulator, but I’m sadly not
    ignorant enough on this subject matter to remain blissful).
    Nice play; closed vision helps the dreadnoughts because they tend to have
    thick vertical armour (which is what you need for closer range) AND their
    own range/speed problems don’t really matter when you can’t be seen beyond
    You still had to have the balls to wander into their base, however. LOADS
    of citadels; I’ve seen people comment that Colobado is better than it was
    (not saying much), and this replay it certainly seemed pretty brutal.
    Still takes far too much HE damage (because lolWGdamagemodel and what they
    think was ‘thin’ deck armour v HE, which in fact is utter bullshit but
    that’s no announcement). Also has a really crap health pool for its tier.
    Hard to see a case for playing down the USN BB line when the IJN are simply
    better in nearly every respect that matters at most tiers. Not one regular
    USN BB (other than Ark Beta) makes it into the top 50 ships sorted by win
    rate, which to me at least suggests WG’s usual ineptitude at balance.

  62. The mode was most probably created to stop battleships and long range
    cruisers from sniping. I actually like the cyclone. People bitch about new
    stuff every time.

  63. Autit Rahman Khan

    ” Oh!! help me man..well guess what…u r all alone and there is none here
    to help u….. Actually…there is someone to help u…i m here to help u
    to the next game” …loved it man…keep up the good work :)

  64. The cyclone is cool, but they have to redo the spotting mechanics.

  65. I prefer to call that red/green/white camo “holidazzle” :)

  66. Could you pls do a video on the mahan?

  67. thanks for showing us your builds notser…it helps a lot…keep up the
    good work…

  68. KingOfRotterdam16

    can you please show the IJN or USSR cruiser line some love?

  69. Hey notser love the video’s keep it up ;D

  70. Sorry, time for release was set to PM rather then AM on my end. Video
    should be up and ready to go now for everyone to view

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