World of Warships- So Many Players Won’t SHUTUP About This Ship

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Hey guys! Today we appease the Francophiles and take a look back at the Bourgogne! Enjoy!

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

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  1. I loved the part where Sea Lord Mountbatten said “It’s Sea Lord Mountbattening time” and Sea Lord Mountbattened all over the enemy ships

    • I mean it is his catch phrase after all.

    • @nathansullivan4433

      This meme never dies, just like Dr. Michael Morbius!

    • ​@@nathansullivan4433please don’t drag anything somewhat normal into to your quasi-retarded superhero sphere complex plzzz, the universe made by people who literally make fun at the death of your civilization and would laugh at you and your kids being defiled and murdered.

  2. I can’t get a good match in any ‘traditional’ battleship these days. I’ve been getting 4 dd and a sub games against HE spamming cruisers and nothing else. The other battleships are also HE spamming from 22km. It’s just boring then you die to torpedo spam or fires. They seem determined to destroy this game.

  3. @prisonerofthehighway1059

    Bologna is pretty good but as a Georgia main, Incomparable was the only choice for my first steel ship lol.

  4. small correction, bourgone as a special speed boost it is 15% instead of 8% on other BB ( i thought it was 20% like the cruiser but maybe i remenber wrong XD)

  5. @williamneitzel2249

    Personally, I wish the ocean map appeared more often; you can run, but you can’t hide.

  6. Bourgone is good in 11 vs 11 format but lesser ships like rank and brawls she struggle alot and gets clap easy by GK or shleiffen.

  7. I’m saving for my first steel ship and it will be Bourgogne even though I play cruisers more often in ranked and brawl. Not because I’m better at cruisers than BB’s, not really good in either to be honest, BUT the waiting time to play a BB is just (too) long in a lot of cases. Take a cruiser and you’re in a game in less than 15 seconds.

  8. BTW could you do a video on the impact of commander skills and ship builds on cruisers and BB’s? I understand what they are about. Question is how big is the impact on the results you can get in either typical random battle or ranked games. How much more damage can you take or deal etc.

  9. Great video! Great ship apparently even if I haven’t gotten used to it yet!

  10. I picked up Austin as my first steel ship and have zero regrets

  11. I love Bourgone and Mecklenburg. Mecklenburg is such fun ship when you actually hit what you aim consistently. Its amazing feeling when helming a German BB… but Bourgone is… well speed and MBRB is deadly combo.

  12. @sealordmountbatten

    Thanks for watching! Like pixel ships? I bet you do. Like real steel ships? I bet you do as well! Check out my tour of the USS North Carolina!

  13. Bourgone is an absolute beast, I finally picked one up and don’t regret it.

  14. @mysticdragonwolf89

    I damn near forgot I have this ship

    Went looking at the steel store and saw it was gone and I thought “oh damn they removed it!!!”

    Then it clicked – I have the ship

  15. Thanks for this great video! This has narrowed down my choices on what steel ship to purchase.

  16. I love the ocean map. Last time i did 258k with my bourgogne, should have sent the replay in. Ocean is about playing agressively eventhough others are carefull and thats where bourgogne excels. Got it secondary specced with the commander but chose to go for more accurate guns in module. The secondaries are for killing dds and cruisers of and setting bbs on fire when youre battling multiple enemies at once.

  17. @mattgearytransplanted

    happy new year. yep – best steel ship. mecklenburg is nice too. I told all my clan mates to get this, most of them bought stalingrad and are disappointed. listen to your friends!

  18. @supermarketyeast4229

    LOVE THE CONTENT. VIDEO REQUEST: Pls make a guide for how to best use resources for newer players. I have coal fxp steel etc and want to know what to buy first so I can be viable in clan battles and ranked.

  19. Maybe one day I’ll get this ship, but I’ve been playing for years here & there & am not really pushing for steel. I did pick up the Congress & am having a good bit of fun w/ it. Definitely need to pick up the Alaska next year in the Black Friday event, since I wasn’t able to this year.

  20. An Alsace given the Jean Bart treatment is nice, but what I really wanted and Wargaming didn’t give me was a Jean Bart with bigger guns. A Republique but with the all-forward layout.

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