World of Warships Soviet Navy Goes Ham! Torpedus for everybody!

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  1. Will there be french ships ?

  2. May I see some more aircraft carrier gameplay?

  3. How can I start playing????

  4. I cant tell which one is baron or devildog

  5. Baron play battlefied

  6. I just checked and they’ve pretty much doubled the grind now.

  7. Huuooo, Baron-kun, I see your dodging skills are improving, hai.

  8. Not to be that guy, but you probably could have dodged the last ones if
    you’d thrown throttle into reverse and turned into them, just!
    It’s so fun playing destroyers, they by far provide the most edge-of-seat
    game-play out of all the classes of ship!

  9. I enjoy Baron’s WOWS videos, but I think I’ll wait for WarThunder to add

  10. “Swamp Fox”…..Did you go to Marion?

  11. ThePlaceboEffect

    Those first dodges though, great stuff man!

  12. This video has the greatest title I’ve ever seen.

  13. Dem jukes doeeee

  14. You-you are the last hope! That was so funny! This game has the best sound

  15. EverGreen Shooter

    that ending made me tense up so bad. Clenching my damn chair! lol

  16. Baron von Last Ship 

  17. ´Slick is so fucking funny!

  18. Mr.Hippo watter bottom

    how do you get these ships so Fast???/ >-<

  19. Wilmer Nahnfeldt

    Baron test out brittish hms Rodney 

  20. red menace!!!

  21. Myogi!

  22. Baron i would love to come on wows with u but i need a invite key can u
    help me

  23. has anyone had any problems gettin on the open beta cos i have

  24. Did u have your vodka 

  25. make video of custom paint jobs …

  26. Where did those last torpedoes come from?

  27. Chips, torpedus, ham and word salad.. its a Baron Banquet!

  28. god this match was so intense i cant wait till this game is out >.<

  29. The Murmansk was part of the northern fleet :)


  31. The next one should be…the Hashidate!

  32. U & your crew r funny guys
    Keep up the good work! 

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  34. Norwegian let`s play


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