World of Warships Steel and Reward Ships – The Case to Leave them Alone

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So World of Warships will be introducing to accumulate steel quicker, therefore making Stalingrad accessible to all players easily. I say leave it alone, and let reward ships remain a special item hard to achieve. Or at least make steel hard to accumulate enough in a short amount of time.


  1. My view is, small increments like So up said. Don’t make it so easy that it’s like Coal. And make it a special event that comes around once every 3-6 months where this can happen. And do NOT sell steel for money.

  2. What you are saying Zoup, is that we need to get rank1 every season and be in a unicum clan.
    Really? The only players who get these OP ships are the unicum players who will just club everyone else with them.

    • Perfect… whats the point on everyone getting one by default?

    • You’ll get clubbed just as easily regardless of what you or they drive, so how does your comment address anything we don’t already face day to day?

    • +Cosmin Lesutan I just want people who don’t get rank1 or are part of a strong clan that does clan battles to have a chance of actually getting some steal.

    • +Dylan Wight yeah the tier 9 tech tree ships need some love (FDG Izumo Ibuki Seattle Buffalo Neptune…)

    • thats the whole point. these ships were only available from playing ranked to begin with and should stay that way. if people want them then they can play ranked

  3. You’d better pre-warn the mods before you put this one up on the forums. I can tell this is going to go south pretty fast.

  4. Wasn’t interested in the Stalingrad before, Still not interested now.

    • I agree completely. Honestly, who cares? Players take this stuff WAY to seriously. It’s a frickin’ pixel ship for hell’s sake!

    • Same, was hoping for info on the Alaska.

    • +Kyle Stoddard i am not interested in these russian mini BBs at all, i don’t even play the russian cruiser and DD lines. I am sure the Kronshtadt and Stalingrad are nice to play but they just don’t appeal me, i want some real battleships, not those battlecruisers that only existed on paper

  5. these comments are going south quickly, but I’m gonna be the positive guy here in saying that I don’t care about stalingrad, the only ship I truly want is flint, because she plays like atlanta, and I love my lanta, but I dont care for stalingrad. is she strong? sure, but does that make it fun when everyone goes running around in it? no. should you get some steel available for non clan players? yes. should you get a stalingrad instantly? nope

    • +Nick Frank Some rewards should take that long.

    • +Sgt Rock52 To bad some CCs like Notser want laser stealth firing DDs and care nothing about anything else…

    • Amen brother… you said more or less what I was going to say…. which is ironic. I want Flint. I don’t care about Black or the others.

    • +TheSp3ctr3 im not talking about a few weeks man but 1 year is just stupid. some of us have lives to live and jobs to work. cant spend all day on this game. plus i cant earn steel at all. how am i supposed to get around that issue? buy every ship i see? ive bought several ships in this game and spent money on other things like doubloons, so i am invested in this game.

    • Similarly, I just want to get Musashi before she is removed. The ability to earn Steel? Yes, please.

  6. Honestly, why play a game in which you cant get all the content. Would you play a Star Wars game you couldnt unlock Vader, Solo, or Skywalker on even if they were “earnable”.
    Also, hey people that buy stuff with money you get from working, which supports the game, here is a scheduled event that may not work with your work schedule and its the only way to unlock certain content. . . that is far from genius.
    Finally, “Not everyone should feel special so that some people can feel special even though feeling special is for snowflakes and babies”

    • Shut up and touch my Spaghet

      “Honestly, why play a game in which you cant get all the content. Would you play a Star Wars game you couldnt unlock Vader, Solo, or Skywalker on even if they were “earnable”. ”

      The difference is: WoWs is a F2P title so why should you be able to get everything without money/effort?

    • +Shut up and touch my Spaghet I didnt say it should be a free hand out just that it doesnt have to be for 1% of players.

  7. Zoup, just because you do not have time for grinding steel for Stalingrad/Bourgogne and are alright with it, fair play, but it doesn’t mean that others are alright. I have time to play warship, few hours every day, more hours than I should spend on game, more hours than it should be considered “Casual”, I usually spend 4 – 6 hours just playing warships and when I see these nice, cool, strong Steel ships showing up, I want one, but my Clan is not super powerful and super great to get me there and I won’t ditch them just to sign up for a job that is being in a Super Unicum Clan (which I doubt I would be even accepted to). And Ranked? I have no interested in this toxic playground where everyone wants to save their star instead of winning the battle. I have no patience for that. I do not want to spend 10 years till I can get my first Steel ship and by then there will be way more of them and I will only feel regret of not getting there sooner. Rewarding loyal players who play a lot with chance to earn steel by playing the game is a good idea.

    • Nop i rather u take the long way; isnt fair for ppl who worked hard to get those ships just because i dont want to get it the hard way

    • It certainly doesn’t help that a great many of those super unicum clans are toxic cesspools.

    • +TheUnknownOne I understand that top clans have a tendency to be toxic, but what ive seen in all games is that theres toxicity in all levels of skill, me, a unicum with super unicum levels of wr im a extremely competitive player that do not like to lose games, more because potatoes lost the game for my team.

    • was about to say same thing.. also dont want stalin.. now for someone that dosnt play ranked id like to have flint and black in my port 🙂 stalin is dull another moskva clone with biger guns that can be seen from the worchester and Zao are looking forward to more stationary targets to burn.

    • +Clews Like MMORPG games that have end game special raid gear I think there should be a reward for being dedicated, but there’s no need to act like a dick to people who don’t want to or can’t play at that level.

  8. I understand what you’re saying to an extent, but maybe you should look at it another way as well.

    Having gated content can be bad for the playerbase, ships should still be hard to obtain and there is nothing wrong with multiple paths to them.

    How about looking at it with the view that big steel guys are going to have had and played the ships for quite some time before they become less uncommon.

    I don’t see why a ship becoming less uncommon is an issue as long as WG put new ships in to continue the cycle.

  9. This is another WG knee jerk reaction to a problem created by the community itself. The problem with clans, is that there are quite a few ‘good’ clans who are very selective about who they allow to join. Also a lot of the ‘unicum’ clans are actually very toxic to the rest of the community who is not up to their level. It creates an environment, where new players don’t feel they are good enough to join a clan, or that it’s too much of a burden for them. What they don’t understand, is that there are MANY different types of clans out there. For the benefits that WG provides, there is really no excuse NOT to join a clan of some kind. Even in a casual clan, through playing clan up to Silver and ranked up to say rank 10, you can still get around 6k steel each rotation, so accumulating Stalingrad can be done in around a year. Some people take exception to not being able to get it in one go, but then it’s supposed to be a reward. This is a situation that a small selection of the community brought upon themselves, and if the ‘unicum’ would get their heads our of their butts, and come down from their lofty pedestals, maybe this community would be better off for it.

    • Exactly, I got blasted in game chat by one of those Unislobs because I reported I was spotted by RPF. 11 others did not have a problem, so what did he do right away, attack my average winrate, Fragsetc..

    • Not all unicums are toxic dont you generalize us

    • +Kebobs I am sure not all are and since you wrote replied, I am sure you are, BUT not enough of you “good ones” are slapping down the shit ones on how us average players do…until the good Unicums straighten their own house up…sorry…no respect….seen too much of it in WOT…

  10. This is sad, WGing must be in financial trouble. They’ve employed a trillion people, i wonder if they get tax breaks for it or something. They just cut loose Total War, good sign actually, i was worried theyd be too proud to admit failure. Next is world of warplanes, if they axe that they’ll be ok I think. But, they need to start hiring more core game dev programmer to FINISH WARSHIPS. They need to ditch all the video glitz and glamour, chicks, collection artwork…All that crap is preventing the actual game from getting better due to misplaced resources. No one really cares about that crap, they care about the game. Theyre pulling musashi and kronski because they want people to blow thier free xp, then conveniently release Alaska a month or two later, they know people will spend money to convert free xp, or buy crates for the special flags. It seems like the bigwigs at Wargaming told them to start making the game more profitable, problem is, theyre doing it the wrong way. they need to improve player retention, and polish the actual game.

    • That’s what happens with free games … are charged from somewhere

    • I don’t think they are hurting, they just bought the company that makes Fractured Space

  11. Νίκος Μπρέστας

    Ships for bragging rights should not be OP or provide advantage over the rest of the players. And Stalingrad is better than the ships the average player can get. The SuperTester special camo for the Alabama is bragging rights. The Vanguard could be a reward ship, with its pros and cons. The Stalingrad NOT!!! Or the Belfast for instance. Give to the most devoted fans ships that need skills to do good, not better ships, since they are also the better players. Imagine giving the Conqueror as a reward ship.

  12. Be careful Zoup your unicorn is showing…..Your reasons are fair to the point of saving and working towards special ships but not when WG decides a certain ship/s are becoming “too populated in the game” and yanks the ship off the Arsenal case in point the Musashi and the Kronstadt. I’ve got over 100K coal saved up for the Musashi and I’ve now got less than a month or so to get another 30K coal before they yank it off the shelves in January whereas the Mighty Mo was available for 2 years!.All I ask is that if your going to have “Special ships” at least keep them available long enough so that everyone that doesn’t play WoWs 8+hrs a day can have a chance at getting them?.

    • why would you even want to buy Musashi with coal if it is available for free XP?

    • +Smoku 132K coal (with a voucher) versus 750K free exp besides I havent got 750K free exp atm and I dont want any of the other ships you can get for coal their either too low tier or not my play style.

    • youre comparing apples to oranges. youre bringing up an issue with wg removing coal and fxp ships which are by far way easier to obtain and dont have any type of special value to them. this video is about steel ships which were originally only obtainable by getting rank 1 multiple times in ranked. much different.

    • Mighty Mo was available for 2 years because Musashi was only the 2nd ship on tier 9 that could be researched with 750k free XP

    • WG said when the added the ships that they will be removed at some point and others will be entered

  13. I gotta say I don’t understand the fuss at all. WG has stated 2 things very clearly, and I know WG isn’t exactly the most trustworthy company out there, but stick with me here. They said that 1) This was only gonna be a thing during these Christmas events, which I’d like to remind everyone only happens once a year; and 2) That although an exact number to the amount of steel you’ll be able to earn has not yet been given, the final number would still be less than you’d be able to earn on a single ranked or CB season.

    Now, let’s say that they throw one of these promises out of the window. If they did so with the second promise, and allowed players to earn some crazy amount of steel, let’s say 15k for the sake of this example, but they remain true to the first promise of only doing it during Christmas events, people who didn’t play competitive would easily be able to get the Stalingrad… 14 months from now, and then the Bourgogne… 3 years from now. At which point I have absolutely 0 doubt that at least one of 2 things would happen: 1) WG would release more steel ships; and/or 2) WG would remove Stalingrad and Bourgogne from the Arsenal in order to make room for newer ships, just like they did with Mo, just like they’re doing with Musashi and Kron. Additionally, in 3 years, how many seasons of Ranked and CBs you think we’re gonna get? Let’s say we get around 9 CB seasons and 5 Ranked seasons, that’d be up to around 120k steel, give or take, vs the up to 60k steel normal players would be able to get *IF* WG breaks their promise of not giving more steel than you’ be able to get from a CB season, and break it hard.

    I’m not disagreeing with the fact that if you make Steel too easy to earn, the reward ships stop being special, but a very quick game of math shows that right now, this fuss about steel being given to normal players is uncalled for in the way WG *says* they want to do it, that being small amounts during very special events. Of course, it’s important to keep an eye out, so that we don’t allow them to turn this into a common practice. But as long as WG stays true to their word, which right now is all they’ve really given us, this discussion is beyond unnecessary.

  14. I’ll disagree on this one. We took a big nerf on Yueyang and other stuff before because clan battles, I couldnt give two shits about stalingrad, but I take thats as compensasion. I’m not asking for free stalingrad, but we should be able to get some steel over time.

  15. I play almost every day, I have accumumlated a lot of resources in game, I’m the CO of a clan and still I only have 1900 STEEL. what can that buy me? ….Nothing.

    The introduction of STEEL in the first place was wrong, basically it is a currency held (in any quantity that matters (ie. you can buy something with it)) by unicum players only.
    When you do this, you set up a player elite class within the game, you may as well have a elite only game mode in the game…. say greater than 57% win rate, gives you access. Imagine it, some people will fall over themselves trying to acheive it, all so they can play with the big boys. I bet unicum player would love that idea, basically they don’t have to play with potatos.

    I don’t welcome the new move, it diminishes the accomplishment of so many players who have spent so much time getting STEEL. Rather than making STEEL easier to get, just introduce a new currency (lets call it X). So with X you will be able to buy (the great ships) but they would be a variant, like STALINGRAD X.
    This way everyone know how you got the ship, STEEL or X. X will be a grind, open to everyone but taking a year to get something like a STALINGRAD, for an average player.

    STEEL is here, to remove it would be wrong, it would insult so many players. Leave it as is. It is a unicum currency and don’t try and tell me its not.

    Great game play in CW and Ranked should be rewarded, STEEL is an approach but the implemetation in game is not working out as planned. I suggest if you rank out you get rewarded, twice, three times even more, perhaps with a great ship like the STALINGRAD.

    What’s wrong with STEEL, simply this…. only unicum players can get STEEL of any amount and at present only great ships can be purchased using STEEL (of significant amount), so…
    Great ship + Great player = an unfair advantage in average random battles.

    List of in-game Economy….

    Elite XP
    Free XP
    Ship XP
    Commander XP


    Premium Account

    … what next Unobtainium, sorry my mistake that’s STEEL, well not any more.

  16. Zoup, ya gotta go one layer deeper my friend. If the Stalingrad is so powerful why did it make its way into the game in the first place…it gave unicom players something over powered to slap the average players around with. Either truly have level parity, or this game goes the way of WOT.

    • +A&J Z dude, it’s a cruiser with battleship armor, If you cant admit it’s a bit OP, than you have your head in the sand.

    • LOL it have even worse armor than the moskva; better guns and amazing sigma but thats it.

    • +jaimegonzalezTGK26 really… it’s replaced Moskva in almost every competitive game, and also functions as a second BB in Ranked and CW that normal players cannot get. Tipping the odds of winning into the team with the Stalingrad.

    • +noobtotale yeah all those stalingrads that o7 used to win KOTS… oh right they didn’t. It’s not OP.

    • +Tony Burton Not in KOTS, but in competitive game modes where the amount of BBs are restricted, or paralleled on both teams, Stalingrad has replaced the niche Moskva used to have. However even in KOTS, from what I’ve gathered there was one player in the top few teams that used Moskva, but quickly changed over to Stalingrad after.

      She certainly overperforms when compared to Moskva, which is concerning considering Moskva is one of the best T10 cruisers.

  17. I have to disagree. Locking ships which have a competitive advantage behind a wall of steel, which most could not achieve due to factors not under their control. Being part of a Unicum clan is circumstantial, as players cannot affect that fact. “The masses” pay the bulk of WGs bread money, and being forced to watch others be able to obtain these ships which they (let’s be honest here), cannot, is galling. Rewards are fine, especially if they are cosmetic, etc. But making it so the underachieving clans have to face Stalingrad and Bourgogne -equipped clans, making it more impossible to acquire steel, is just insulting to regular people who have to slog it out in competitive modes that just are not fun anymore. This is WG saying, so what if you grind out whole tech trees and invest in our premiums. We don’t care about you, so you get to watch the top players get access to better tools than you can realistically get. This is something I’ve thought a lot about and I believe that WG opening the pathways to acquire steel is on balance a good thing. Perhaps someone on their end is finally listening. We will see.

    • I cant agree with you, it makes the suffering and effort of the top players useless because now everyome deserves a reward for participating.

    • +jaimegonzalezTGK26 You’re not required to agree with me. It’s just a game, though I don’t believe in ‘top players’ as an elite group that deserves anything an ordinary player cannot achieve. The rewards in the game ought to be challenging to obtain, but not impossible, not walled off for the benefit of a certain fortunate few.

    • +Peter Wort from my POV everyone have the opportunity to have those ships, via your clan or on your own in ranked, but the people who do not play the game as hard as most players in top clans wanna receive a piece of the cake.

    • +jaimegonzalezTGK26 I have over 10K battles, my clan is a bunch of awesome guys, but they and I for that matter, generally play the game because we like the game. Locking content behind the wall of competitive nonsense is just dumb, and I applaud WG for devising methods by which steel can be obtained (which methods DO require effort, BTW), that don’t involve competing with a bunch of type A personality jerks. I could not give one brick for so-called top players, who want to keep all of the best ships for their elitist selves. You have your opinion and I have mine. looks as if WG is leaning more to my opinion.

    • Welp lets see how it will end. At the end it will also benefit me

  18. Lame argument. Giving an OP ship to a select few Clan Battle grinders to dominate random battles and easily rank out is inherently bad for the game. It seems like you’re actively trying to go for controversial opinions to get views lately, guess it’s time to unsubscribe.

    • They re op ships because they re used by the best players, for example black, in hands of imcompetent players is a bad ship, even having both radar and smoke and u can see how blacks stats been suffering since they re easier to get.

    • Yes agree not much of anything lately worth watching from zoup other then dribble.

    • +jaimegonzalezTGK26 Hard for 1k battles potatoes to understand this … Give the UNICUMS a MOSKVA and they still have great results

  19. I disagree strongly. If someone wants to play this game but has has to put all his freetime into it to play a certain ship, it will seem unfair to them. Even more if it is a strong ship. Give players who excel in this game special camouflage, emblems and flags or a special way or color their name is written in, but no ingame advantage.

  20. Looking at King of the Sea, it seemed that Stalingrad was a ‘MUST HAVE’ ship for clans to be/stay competitive in Clan Wars scenario battles. Burgoine at Tier 10 is also locked behind a Steel Wall. I play this game a lot, 7k battles, but I avoid Ranked beyond rank 10. So, why should the Unicum Clans have access to a Super Unicum ship and place all other clans behind a power curve? That, Sir, is not fair.

    I am fine with losing to a superior clan with superior tactics in Clan Wars. Get Good or learn from the experts. That is Competition. Being blown out of Hurricane and Typhoon because a Unicum Clan has an OP ship that I can’t get….no good.

    Bring on the Steel missions!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!

    Oh, and I proposed that there be an Elite Battles button added to the game. Tier 10 only, rewards granted in Steel—just like War Bonds rewards in WoT!! Oh Snap!!!

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