World of Warships – Striking Distance

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In which I give the mediocre 1993 Bruce Willis movie of the same name more exposure than it’s had in 20 years simply because the name of todays’ hero is vaguely similar. Hey, you try coming up with unique titles for thousands of videos! It’s not easy!

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  1. Striking distance has one hell of a good car chase in it

  2. jingles trying to not cause an argument with his viewers is pretty funny to me, especially with cruisers.

  3. Just for fun you should try to contact the F. Bagration player Jingles, to see if you actually know him!

  4. Haven’t played WoWS in years but still enjoy these videos and Jingles dulcet tones.

    • @smilingpolitely12345

      I got Kitakami yesterday , people call me whale , they say I have spend cash on her , but in reality I am F2P player , and only whale I am is Free Williy …

  5. guy sank 4 of the top 5 opponents (by experience earned), that’s pretty impressive

  6. Solid end to that game. Well played.

  7. @plutoidrepublic2765

    id love to see some supership replays!

  8. @crazzykanadian2685

    Risky ending that was a spectacular finish

  9. 9:48 You were close, they did loose a Renown class, it was just Repulse
    Also, I took on a Colorado in a Pensi during that Ranked season a while back that was T6-7 in Bronze, and I pulled off the win,
    Also, Striking Distance has 2 things going for it, a beautiful classic boat, at least for a Chris-Craft (technically they had 3 on set), and a great city to film in, Pittsburgh PA

  10. The scene with the cricket bat was from The Young Ones, episode ‘Oil.’ Still hilarious after all these years.

  11. Would be fun to find out if the P. Bag player was a former shipmate of yours

  12. Dear Jingles, the Pyotr Bagration is pronounced Ber-gratty-on. You’re welcome.

    • he knows the difference between shire and shire, something I will never learn. we should give him some leeway witth real languages^^

  13. A classic and amazing double-strike end a close game!

  14. I’ve always wondered why some people, including Jingles, call the furry taco the furious taco. It doesn’t make any sense. 😂

  15. Good game Striker and thank you for sharing this with Mr. J! Happy holidays everyone! 😎🎄🧑‍🎄🤟

  16. There at the end, it was a game of WHOAS! What a very close shave for the win.

  17. Thank you MJ for another great video👍

  18. With regard to Cheshire’s heal, it *does* heal 50% of citadel damage. The problem isn’t so much that it can’t heal citadel damage, it’s that the heal only works if your HP is above zero to trigger it. And it’s quite easy for Cheshire to get dropped to zero HP in a single salvo from a battleship.

  19. Everyone start PMing HMS Brazen guy and let him know Jingles is out there! This would be a great story!

  20. Hope your Friday is going well Jingles. This was fun to watch in the morning

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