Cruiser Kitakami – Extreme torpedo power

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Kitakami — Japanese Tier X cruiser. At the outbreak of the Sino-Japanese War, Kitakami provided cover for landing operations of Japanese troops. In the second half of 1941, she was armed with ten quadruple-tube 610 mm torpedo launchers for night torpedo attacks. In 1942, the ship was converted into a high-speed transport for escorting troop convoys. In 1944, Kitakami took two torpedo hits from submarine HMS Templar. During repairs, the ship was converted into a Kaiten carrier. In 1945, the cruiser was damaged by Task Force 38 bombers and then used as a tender.

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1- Adjustable Panels
2- Score Timer
3- Running Lights
4- Crew perks in battle
5- Calm sea mod

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  1. Jinan is better in everything…. And a lot cheaper

    • It would of atleast stood a chance if they gave it regular torp reload instead of that 1 by 1 bs imo.

    • I have Kitakami and it is definitely very hard to play; perhaps the most difficult ship in the game. This guy played it pretty well, the team just didn’t do their part. Kita has to be a pretty distant, passive player. If anything, this driver was too aggressive, but he made it work.

    • Kitakami can act as a huge torp. DD , different play style from other trop. CL in the game

  2. This a good game but the ship is still not worth it.

  3. Imagine you play for a bit of fun and suddenly 40 torpedoes come your way

    • then is more fun, else they should remove al torp DDs

    • REMEMBER that for this to happen, more than 5 minutes must pass, so only 3 times per battle, this situation may occur, plus I doubt that players will waste time waiting for all 40 torpedoes, so in 90% of cases it will be 8-16 torpedoes… not at all so much.

    • Assashio Division From Hell video is a DIV of 3 Assashio’s and they sent 10 x 3 x 2 with reloader….and they politely said…”we’re sorry Shokaku”. I think it was 60 torps.

    • @smilingpolitely12345

      Oh buddy , yesterday I had battle on kitakami , all went wrong from start loot of islands , 12 min of battle I did nothing ! , and then in I just sneak on flank with 7.7km det range that is easy , few enemy bb & cruiser have hide tougether behind island , I had full loaded all 10 lauchers , I sent them all , one suck salve I got 178k dmg , and I have sunk 4 ships … and on paper that look OP , but that was one of 5 battles I played , other average 100k , so yeah Kitakami is only OP if today is “Saturday , November 15th” ,= you need to have luck and be right time in right place , if you want to have “bit” of fun cv & subs are more annoying.

  4. haha this will be good , listen to this xD
    there was an escort mode and people said ”this is great because people will play more aggressively now”. Now that there is Kitakami, I will take the battleship to the game and as soon as I see Kitakami on the other side [and God forbid there will be Asashio there as well] I won’t move at all xD I’ll stay on my spawn plce / good job wg …. gj

  5. 144 Torps in about 16 Minuten = OP

  6. @alexandreescuza1616

    This remember glory days in Navy Field….

  7. I’d be more interested to see the enemy Hara’s match play. She beasted this.

  8. Mecklenburg has 2 smokescreens 8 kilometers to his port side and is still cruising without a care in the world.

  9. Playing sub with Kitakami in the match is definitely stupid. Since Kitakami literally took away the sub job anyway with that infinite amount of torps.

  10. 2 Shima + Jinan + Kita…..

  11. World of torpedoes 👌👌👌

  12. @mahathirsapuan3190

    Fun fact: kitakami is my favourite destroyer and 2 day after,WOW remove her from the list of destroyer 6 years ago… She comeback but I already uninstall it 😂.

  13. Ah yes the good old wall of skill

  14. Perfect example of poor teamwork with zero battle impact. The player totally ignored, for minutes, the enemy ship that flanked around and wound up taking A cap, sealing the defeat of his team.

  15. Good torpedo play. Unfortunately the team was very weak.

  16. Kitakami 2.0 is such a massive middle finger to the people who bought the ship when it first came out, then had it replaced with the Atago (it’s pretty good but it’s not the Kita)

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