World of Warships- Submarines Are Fun, For The Submarine Player & The End of The Yukon Saga

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Hey guys, today we’re talking about the current state of submarines, and the end of the Yukon Saga with LWM leaving the CC program. Enjoy guys!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. WG will not change, there’s no reason to try and keep any hope, it all went with White Mouse.

  2. Sealord please if someday WG offers you to be a CC, prepare a bowl full of dung to throw at them face

    • yup, i think they are going to and this should probably be his response.
      Also, i won’t like my favorite wows youtuber in that shit show of a company in any way.

  3. Late last night, iChase put out a vid in which he resigned as well, and said that there were going to be several others leaving the program as well. From the sound of it, they had already decided on this, before LWM had her interaction with WG and submitted her own resignation – that the last straw was the Missouri lootboxes – and that they had a similar conversation with WG on the CC Discord, where they were also belittled, insulted, the WG employees ending up just leaving in the middle of the discussion. In short, he and other CC’s were fed up with WG’s questionable business practices, and after their poor treatment during the Discord meeting, many of them made the decision to resign – I imagine LWM’s resignation just hastened that decision, but it wasn’t the root cause of his and others decision to resign – although it might make some that were still on the fence go ahead and take the plunge.

  4. agree that every ship should have some anti sub weapon. Being in heavy cruiser or battleship without depth charges to combat sub is crazy. Because of this scores drop dramatically for powerful ships that can’t damage subs-and if 3 of 9 ships in coop is a sub, how to get a high score in coop?

  5. Ichase, Jingles, Flambass, and a few others are all leaving. Ichase put out a video a few hours ago naming a bunch of ccs all got together and decided this.

  6. Friesland / Groningen are using the depth charge mortars, firering in front of the ship… lots of fun also.

  7. Easiest way to deal with subs in co-op, in a BB with no ASW Airstrike – just park right on top of the little buggers. Their minimum torp arming distance is somewhere around 1 to 1.5 km – plus there has to be enough distance for those torps to come up from whatever depth the sub is at, to the surface – and they stop homing at 1 km from the target.
    So when one was spotted, I’d go straight at the little bugger, and just cruise around less than 1 km away from him – main guns and secondarys ready – and when he ran out of dive time and had to surface, my secondarys and main guns would just blap him – or if he surfaced in front of me, well, a ramming flag works wonders.

    • Split that submarine in half! 🤣

    • something I also partly learned through playing subs, where subs are safe from secondaries and main batteries while at 24m depth (or lower), but they won’t be able to attack at that depth if the target gets close enough that the torpedoes homing won’t be able to hit the target from that depth, and the only way sub could attack at that point is to put itself a strong state of vulnerability (periscope depth or while surfaced), so for the battleship/cruiser (with no ASW armament) they simply have to wait for the sub to enter that state of vulnerability, and poke it full of holes or ram the submarine (part of me wants a separate achievement for Battleships ramming a submarine, and have it called “Bunga Bunga” in reference to a part of HMS Dreadnought’s history, the only battleship confirmed to have sunk a submarine).

  8. Apparently, there are about four top viewed CCs that have left the programme. It’s a shame you can virtually guarantee WG is going to f-up up things on a regular basis. I have an 18 wheeler full of salt on stand by every time they come on stream or post something new. I’m reminded of Marie Antonett quote “Let Them Eat Cake”

  9. Salmons are good for dinner. And applause to the CCs leaving WG. I have to decide if leave now or expect Diablo 2 Resurrected.

  10. Good on Rear Admiral Jingles. Let’s all get together and make our own game….

  11. Not just LWM. There is an exodus, and I’m subbing to everyone in support that I wasn’t already. Everyone is sick of weegee and they’re leaving. Flambass, iChase, heard Jingles is coming today or tomorrow. Don’t know yet on Zath and SeaRaptor.

    • Yep, I think Jingles just confirmed he’s out. He’s the one that got me interested in this game.

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      Yea but much like that CV boycott its not gonna work like you thought most people dont care about CCs because they arent on a pedestal and the game etc. isnt a part of our personality

    • Denarmo as well

    • @CynicallyObnoxious The CV boycott is nothing compared to what is going on today. This is an entirely different shitstorm!

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      @Lick Kitty Split I have big doubts most of the whinge is getting memed already because like I said most people really dont give two fucks about the CCs and never put them up on that cross

  12. EVERY ship needs a way to deal damage to subs that are diving. I’ve had many matches where one bot sub was still alive and didn’t surface for 3 minutes or so. Waiting for a sub to run out of battery, without you being able to do ANYTHING about it is truely fun and engaging.

    • GK has had zero problems from subs so far same with my Yamato, submarine damage doesn’t even seem that high from them either

    • Brandon Sheffield

      Imagine being the last player alive in a sub and not being able to carry the game because if u surface your dead, too slow to re take caps in time and too weak to take out ships byself. I do really believe, there should be 14 to 15 ships in battle with 2 subs limit at low tier and 3 at high tier. If keeping 12 ship format then reduce the max limit to 1 sub accross all tiers. Mainly because HP Dmg averages will go down considerably.

    • completely agree with this. and the current set-up is weird – some of my favourite ships (Georgia, Mass, Alaska, Jean Bart, Agir) have no way of dealing with a sub unless it surfaces. The bots are dumb and ultimately surface, but I am very very concerned about what happens when playing against human players who know how to properly manage dive and concealment.

    • Subs aren’t meant to yolo to caps as shown. In a non-bot game that will get a sub sunk because , generally speaking that is what the dds and cruisers are doing almost every game and they are the sub hunters equipped for that fight. Maybe the big girls should div up with the sub hunters or just hang out together like they do for better AA support. This isn’t rocket surgery.

    • @Tactile the Dilophosaurus LOL War Blunder world of tanks plans all the above any game gijin tuched is crap.

  13. Subs – In Co-op (and I’m a CO-OP mainly player so am focussed on that – Boring to play – Boring to play against – games just degenerate into find ‘the freaking subs hiding at the end of the match’
    Also unbalanced – the design is utterly messed up – Only certain ship have ASWs so if you haven’t you find yourself praying that the sub surfaces so you can fire at it

    And the DCP / unping mechanic – WTF were they smoking. You get pinged – you use your DCP to unlock – and then you get set on fire by a surface ship and have nothing to stop the fire damage as you burned the DCP. And then to make make things even worse as soon as the DCP goes into cooldown the sub relocks and you can do nothing

    BTW also it appear that Hydro appears not to be able to detect subs (and this I see all the time in Co-op) , WTF???? – that’s exactly what Sonar was designed for

  14. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    What a day to release a slightly positive video about subs. Needless to say we’re gonna have a humdinger of a topic for Monday’s video. I’m gonna let this play out over the weekend and see who is all involved in the CC Exodus from WG and any potential response from WG (doubtful). But, let us not only applause the large CCs leaving, but also the small ones. The small time video makers and streamers, leaving the program hurts these guys the most as their channels likely don’t provide the income to cover the cost of reviewing ships (especially with the aggressive monetization schemes recently). So bravo to you small fish for taking a huge risk and putting your channels on the line! 07

    • As a CC from War Thunder I applaud these guys for growing a pair of balls and not taking their shit anymore, im waiting for the same thing over on our end but idk if Gaijin can have as many back to back PR shitshows as WG has

    • Flambass is out Trenlass maybe and I heard Jingles may be out… Love your vids Sea Lord you’ve probably got a follower for life in me but I may not be playing this game anymore as An American I already took serious offence to putting Missouri in a loot box. (Obviously they wanna stick it to us American’s) and how they Disrespected LWM Ya I’m pissed. Kinda a last straw moment.

    • @Hybrid Reno II Jingles is as good as out as he refused to attend WG last event on HMS Belfast because not being hiven the right to talk of anything about what was gonna be said, nor record anything.

  15. The Torps are jacked. You basically can’t dodge them when their going 70+ knots and track you

  16. Remember people, every time you play a sub an angel loses its shoes!

  17. All the feedback I have heard is that subs are as exciting to play as watching paint dry.

    The only thing they offer is the promise of stretching games out to 20 minutes when the winning team is forced to search the entire map for that last enemy sub.

  18. I don’t even think subs are fun for the sub player. They’re just mindlessly launching torps and getting the occasional ping lock. I think the torps should have been dumb fire like every other ship with a bigger focus on stealth, getting in close and hitting the torps like normal. This would have been exciting and emphasized balancing remaining oxygen/dive capacity in order to egress after attacking. Edit: before I get people sending me messages about how acoustic homing torps were a thing, I know. If you really wanna have those, they should be a consumable. While homing torps definitely existed, they were not common and were really a special use weapon. This is not reflected in WOWS.

  19. When you hit the citadell, the torp damage is increased above the maxium dmg. instead of 7k, a torp will do around 14k

  20. Wargaming promised that Subs wont receive “BIG” changes after release, so reverting the speed and damage (30-50% nerf) back isn’t really on the table

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