World of Warships – Take The Win

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In which Kosulf starts a match by losing 95% of his health. And then things start getting worse.

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  1. Jingles what did you do to lose your “might” and get downgraded to uncle?

  2. It wasn’t “Howdy Folks”

  3. Darkness Nighthingale

    A win is nice. But if you can also get just a little more.

  4. No “Howdy Folks” ?? Should we be worried? Were you planning world domination and that was the signal?

  5. My God, I actually got a Jingles recommendation.

  6. WoWS presented to you by:
    Uncle Jingles
    aka The Mighty Giggles
    aka The Mighty Babbler
    Keep them coming.

  7. You can tell that Jingles hasn’t played the game in a while^^ still enjoyable 🙂

  8. Uncle Jingles likes to be called “Daddy”..

    A shivver went down my spine thinking that🤣

  9. Alexander Straker

    Me: Finally gets am instant jingles recommendation from YouTube
    Jingles: “I’m trying the creepy intro today”
    Me: I dont normally like creepy things…?
    YouTube algorithm: hehehe, that’s what you think

  10. Hmmm, I’d have to say half creepy, half cringe. You can see yourself out, lol.

  11. Good lord, that was one heck of a comeback in that match. “Well played” is an understatement.

  12. That first torp had me awestruck. Kosulf’s performance afterwords had me even more awestruck. Jingles not calling him Dave had me the most awestruck.

  13. Jingles: “can’t repair full torpedo damage so this heal isn’t doing great”

    Replay as soon as jingles finished explaining this: *repair finishes, lights up the next repairable segment*

    Good job jingles, you never fail to disappoint 😛

    • I mean tbf he’s not wrong. You can’t heal all torpedos damage. DD heals don’t heal a lot anyways (unless your in a neustrashimy) which is really the only reason they were full heals.

  14. does uncle jingles still need a Japanese schoolgirl screaming into his ear?

  15. “For a destroyer extremely potent AA….. uhm, we are talking world of warships here right?

  16. He must have tried really hard to eat that torp at the start.

  17. Having never played this game, but also having watched enough Eurobeats, even I know he should have turned into those torps.

  18. A Jingles video before going in for my Hernia surgery in an hour.

  19. The G in Ägir is pronounced as in “great ship of the Volkswagen Navi” and not “geography is something the americans suck at”

  20. “Honey, it’s time to go boating!”

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