World of Warships- The Apology That The Community Deserves

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Hey guys, today WG issued a statement that went over most of the major gripes that the community has had over the past month. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below.


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  1. I doubted that they would do anything at all. But given their track record with apologies, I doubt that much will come from this. Words are cheap. Also, WG whining about the way their staff is treated after f***g over and disrespecting the playerbase time and again for years is imho a little hypocritical. As far as I understand the CC walkout happened because of this primarily. The outrage they’re facing is home grown to the last leaf and bud.

  2. This is a typical corporate tactic.
    – Calm the crowd.
    – Say things to placate the masses.
    – Make vague promises.
    – Stall progress.
    – Hope masses lose interest over time.
    – Return to normal.

  3. More like a long non-apology full with promises that they actually commit to do, but plan to view sometime in a randomly picked future.
    The part about disclosing drop chances from lootboxes is shady as hell. Why is it so hard to do in PC something they already do in consoles? They claim they need to be compliant in every country and that China is heavily regulated, but I can’t think of a single country who would prefer to keep things in the dark by law. That is an implicit admission that lootboxes are rigged in some form or have different set of rigged rules for each country. At the same time they claim to comply to the laws of all the countries they do business they also admit that they actually don’t comply to any law.
    So, nothing concrete

  4. I think it’s a good first step. We’ll see how the second and third steps go. I appreciate your positivity in a community filled with negativity.

  5. I think this is the best apology they’ve ever put out. However, like you said words need to be backed with actions. If they follow through with publishing odds and non-lootbox purchases on all ships, those would convince me the most.

  6. They did a good job mentioning a lot of the hot topics, and I look forward to the monetization changes specifically, but I wish they could realize the imbalance between HE and AP, being that AP overpens on EVERYTHING, while HE has some insane damage output to where a DD can actually gun down a BB with no support. I wish there were changes to fires and damacon as well as reduction of the chances for overpens. Too many cruisers have simply sat broadside to me and gotten up to 10 salvos pumped through em and lived to tell the tale.

  7. A well crafted statement for sure, but how meaningful is it really? Will future actions be equally well thought out? I am skeptical after watching so many decisions impacting the game negatively. Now they don’t even have quality input from a strong CC program to largely ignore. With a failed CV Rework forced into the game, a Commander Skill Rework that no one asked for, and now adding Subs to negative reviews, my confidence is low.

  8. I’m not condemning this partial apology form WG, but their actions to this date no longer grant them the benefit of the doubt. WG, MUST back this up with immediate actions supporting those words. They need to stay profitable and I fully support that, but they need to stop using legal babble to support when they cross the line and put time back into the development of game quality, i,e. user interface, map overly….ect, instead of 100% chasing the almighty dollar.

  9. It’s a better apology for sure, but it still boils down to “it’s not illegal”, “everyone in the industry is doing it” and “more stuff is coming don’t worry”…. some people will remain sceptic until they actually do something physical.

  10. There was no public apology about the treatment of the former CCs, more so for LWM who practically did work for WG; if you watch iChase’s video the wording about respect towards WG and rules for CC is more concerning as well. There was no mention of one of the biggest issues, match maker…which is a fairly big thing for the overall health of the game. (How many one-sided high tier games does it take to show there is an issue?) Three….three years in and the CV re-work still does not fit the game; they have had time to sort things, they ignored feedback and chose to not make adjustments. Also “If Subs don’t fit, we will remove them” – they doesn’t fit as they are now, cause unneeded delays to game play, and many ships have no defense against them; WG is moving right along with forcing them into the game despite the feedback etc. Concerning the lootboxes, they have the numbers, so why will it take until 2022 to properly show drop chances? I do not trust this statement as it stands now – WG will have to spend *years* fixing the damage they have done to the game and the community over the past three-four years, before I give them another cent.

  11. This “apology” is a first step in the right direction for me, but they need to actualize what they said. And will remain a “non-apology” until it is actualized. Modern games, these live service titles, are “living and breathing” in the sense that its almost a cooperation between the player base and the company. I understand WG has a vision and needs to make money. Okay! But listening to the player base is what makes us want to spend money. I immediately went from watching Flamu break this down to the title update preview for my other favorite game For Honor. Listening to the Ubisoft devs talk about character/hero reworks and reasoning behind mechanics almost brings a tear to my eye. One of the devs even stated that (paraphrasing) how the game feels, how the heroes play and feel is how they balance them! Not just stats! They literally test hero reworks based on a mix of player and dev feedback! Cant believe I’d throw Ubisoft such a big bone, but WG should take a page out of Ubisoft’s For Honor development practices.

  12. Exactly this. I’m letting my premium time end and I will be taking a break at that point. The only problem is that they keep adding extra days with super containers and such so it keeps getting pushed back. I’ll come back later after my salt levels drop (running high tier games is getting bad for my health) and we can see what WG do over the next few months. I have lots of other games I can play.

    And I guess if I take enough time off I could get a few free ships/stuff when I come back .

  13. Like how they justified RNG loot boxes by saying “well, it isn’t illegal”. Rest seems decent though, doubt they will do all they say.

  14. I honestly believe that WG have a long established record as “thrice perjured liars and oath-breakers”.
    I seriously doubt that they will realize any single of these “promises”.
    WG can start delivering on their promises for the next 3-4 years straight on, not missing a beat, and then I might lean towards having any faith in them or their “promises”.

  15. Honestly, I agree to an extent of what you say, but to expect what half of the things they say will be done is asking a lot of WG. After seeing their behavior with other things in the passed, and I don’t mean no ship with guns bigger than Yamato or the other nonsense that people say.
    Puerto Rico Dockyard
    Research bureau
    CV and Captain skill rework
    CC interaction

  16. Well I love this game. I hope that their words ring true. I have substantially slowed down on my spending in game due to the hijinx that WG have been up to. If I see WG keep their word I don’t see any reason I wouldn’t be open to more purchases. In other words lets see what happens. To me, Honor is everything. Keep your word and we are good.

  17. I really want to agree, but so many of their statements are just “we plan to” instead of “we’re going to”. That just means they have an out when they decide to go back on their “promises”.

  18. Fips von Fipsenstein

    The only honest regret WG has is that the waves have hit external media. Media that they cannot control. And this apology obviously has only the aim to calm down these media. Anyone who knows WG longer/closer will also see here the many little loopholes and backdoors they have left open.

    And even if they publish the drop rates of the containers, this is always only a snapshot. The values (which take a year or more to publish) can look completely different the very next day. In order to really change something here, more and especially larger countries would have to go the Belgian way.

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