World of Warships- The Azur Lane Event Is Kinda Silly

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Hey guys, today I discuss the Azur Lane event and pricing of certain items. Let me know what ya guys think below!

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  1. Mate, a single Container is 2500 Dubloons. What even is there to argue about, the event might as well be a Money Laundry Operation, it is that expensive.

    • Grimmshred Sanguinus

      u like weeb?
      pay for weeb!

    • Arktos der böse Schneemann

      WG is becoming more and more greedy! The Big Santa Containers were a nice deal i spend 70€ on them and got: Indianapolis, Arizona, Lazo, Huanghe, 2k Dublons, 15k coal and on top of that a lot of camos and flags. For the same money i wouldn´t even get 10 AL containers and they are just the flags, camos and the captains so it´s so ridicoulos!

    • But_Can_ You_Meme

      @Arktos der böse Schneemann ”i spend 70€ on them and got: Indianapolis, Arizona, Lazo, Huanghe, 2k Dublons, 15k coal and on top of that a lot of camos and flags”

      So you got all that trash content for 70€ (most of which we get loads of for free) and were happy about it?

      Then you’re suprised things get worse with the following events after being happy about being ripped off the first time?

      Are you always suprised when things happen that you encouraged?

    • Arktos der böse Schneemann

      @But_Can_ You_Meme Why is it “trahs content” and how do you get doublons or premium ships for free? Four ships for 70€ is a nice deal when you look what they regulary costs, i didn´t bought the Pay to Rico or the AL containers because i think they are overpriced. I don´t know what you are complaining about and i don´t care if otheres buy these things. If you think it´s worth your money than go for it and if not than leave it.

  2. YoStar: Here are some new PR ships, you’ll have to grind out your soul to get even 1 of them, but no pressure as there is no time limit.



    They copy and paste the Roma and called it littorio

    I watched Flamu

  4. I’m looking forward to the Raid Shadow Legends Crossover…


    Azur Lane Fans: I don’t like this Event

    Wargaming: Sorry it’s pay to win for your waifu

    Kancolle Fans: watching this happen

  6. I don’t really care for Azur Lane so I’ve basically ignored the event.
    I did grind for the Nelson commander because a free 10-Point Captain is always useful.
    I don’t get the fuss: you’re not obliged to buy any of it and it’s not like WG don’t have a history of trying to rip off the player base, so are we really surprised by this?
    Call me cynic but how much of this the fuss is actually because that it’s an anime event in peoples historic ship game, which I have seen a lot of complaining about.

    • the prices have gotten worse since 2nd wave, and less “free” for the non-payer players. The days of HSF and ARP collabs are long gone and it’s all price gouging their customers. Warhammer 40k collab was a slap to the face too. Funny that the hololive thing had 2 commanders but didn’t force you to buy a ship or bundle to get one.

    • Because it’s a shit product. Probably a bunch of people who want to spend money on WoWs but WeeGee keeps putting out shit that no one in their right mind would pay for.

  7. PerAsperaAdAstra

    The prices for the collab in WoWs so high and all you can get are some 10point captains, skins and copy paste ships.
    While in AL you get 5 new researchable ships (Drake, Cheshire, Odin, Mainz, Champagne) which gives you smth to do for roughly a month for each ship (if you are playing casually) with them having individual skills and looks. Furthermore it is impossible to buy any of them.

    No idea what Wargaming is thinking tbh. They are outperformed by a chinese weeb game developer

    • Destroyer Inazuma

      strings  sorry 🙁 at least some old anime dvds can be found for cheap at conventions. I once met a sweet girl who was selling all of her weeb items cause her mom just left a sh job and a sh husband and was trying to have a second life, so to say. Weeb girl just wanted to help her mom to settle.

    • Really helps when the developers actually like the game they are making. They know what the community wants because they are degenerates also.

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      @Gorge Food didnt they raise 35K for charity a few months ago?

    • @drake consumer of souls and cheese strings the community calls itseld degenerates because they like lewd ship girls. It’s a meme that the developers picked up on when they made a video calling everyone in the official azur lane discord chat degenerates.

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      @Gorge Food I dont follow the devs so I was not aware of that.

  8. Joey Strittmatter

    By the way Jingles is pissed at YouTube for the way they treated you about your reenactment video

  9. I got into WoW cause of Azur Lane, but the prices are pretty expected for the ships alone, what really upset me is the ships you’d want commanders and skins for aren’t even up (Belfast, Enterprise, Jean Bart) I was hoping they’d bring those up to pretty much satisfy everyone, even non weebs alike.

    Littorio in AL isn’t that great in our Mobile game, and to just reskin a Roma in that copy pasta is such an disappointment. The containers are even worse! I could spend that money on the mobile game and get skins I want for ALL my characters I’ve collected. The art and such has so much effort put into them its more worth it in that case alone to spend on supporting the artists.

    Even the Gacha game doesn’t make you spend that much to get characters during our events or at all even (unless you are super unlucky and I mean SUPER unlucky). Like it makes no sense, for someone coming from AL to WoW and be like “whoa that’s an awesome Belfast skin!” buy it not knowing you can’t even get Belfast at all! Shes basically non existent in WoW unless you played prior to her release or whatever way it was done back then.

    I was really happy to see Jean Bart as a commander, in AL shes a really cool character. Ever since WoW Jean Bart was taken down from the Armory as a ship to buy, like wtf is the point of having her as a commander to sell if you can’t put her on the ship we like her for. I dunno this is such a disappointment. (Yes I’m aware we can put characters on other ships of respective nation, it just takes the fun out of collecting them and putting them in their ship counter part.)

    Yes I get its free to play game and they gotta make money, but its like they expect the common weeb to just shill out hundreds like water for our waifus (granted there are some who’ll spend thousands but still if that’s who they are aiming for then w/e), it’s super upsetting overall.

    • The only reason I’m going to drop $200 on all of them is because I missed the first two go arounds. Then I’m not buying anything from Wargaming for a long time.

  10. Never underestimate weebs’ buying power.

  11. Tanya von Degurechaff

    I don’t think this is an event, i think that is just WG announce to the WEEBS that: “GIVE MY YOUR MONEY” :)))))

  12. Instead of just selling skins and commanders at the low low price of 2/3 of my monthly part-time salary, maybe they should’ve put some effort to make a new event operation or something.
    It’s a collab with a franchise whose main antagonist are using alien-powered tech on their warships. Surely that’s a good material for an operation or something. Having your team clash against mass-produced Siren ships, I mean, come on…
    The collab on AL’s side is much more worthwhile, really. What a shame. I’m just gonna grab that Manjuu flag and not bother with the rest.

    • Yeah if we could grind this stuff in a PVE event even from a container drop it would be something. The lack of easy to access operations is shameful, They would sell premiums just to play operations if they allowed random lobbies in all of them at once and created new ones.

  13. WG are really pushing their luck with their pricing and balancing in the game.
    Right now the game is all about camping behind islands with a fire spamming cruiser and DD while melting every BB in sight.
    The prices are ridiculously high for ANYTHING in the shop aside from some credits or doubloons but they won’t last you long anyway.

    I really wish there was a game like WoWS so i could quit this ruskitardogame already.

  14. i dont think there is a “pretty good deal” when you have to pay more than a price of AAA game for a digital ship.
    what WG doing is not “sketchy”, it is straight “scummy” they try their best to milk their customer.
    why would they keep doing that? well because some whales just keep buying them no matter what the price is.

    • Literally the reason why I would never spend money on WoWs. Not even premium. Not gonna give a cent to a company that thinks it can price 1 ship at 50 dollars. If they lowered their prices down to like 10 dollars, I might consider it.

  15. A good thing about the prices being so high in Warships is that I never feel pressured into spending money on the game. I spent like, twenty dollars on doubloons with that 200% coupon and that’s it. I don’t think I play enough to justify paying full price for anything in the game.

  16. They don’t care about just having a “good year” – they have been moving toward more predatory pricing for a while now. Stupid grinds or “just pay to avoid it”. Buy like $200 of boxes, or spend every waking moment grinding Benham, the Puerto Rico event, the Odin, where the grind is more reasonable but on the flip side you can’t actually get it 100% free like you could selling your soul greinding for the Puerto Rico. The first few years, it was reasonable – the grind for the ARP ships was reasonable, I got those without even trying, the missions just got done without me playing more than normal. They have been moving more and more from a legitimate pay to boost to predatory pricing

    • 60 bucks for a single ship in this game, especially in the shape it was in back then, was NEVER reasonable. Still isn’t today.

  17. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Hey guys so an update on the Roma/Littorio cloning. Apparently Impero was the test bed for Littorio. Impero had SAP and fuel smoke, evidently WG had trouble balancing it cause 15inch SAP would bully literally everything. Due to the deadline of the AL Collab, they ran out of time and couldn’t figure out a solution so they went with cloning Roma rather than releasing a broken ship. The change was ‘last minute’ to what degree of last minute, I’m not sure, but that’s why Littorio is literally Roma with a special camo.

    • I’m kinda sad about the Littorio. I’ve been out of the loop concerning this game for a while but I remembered some WG/CC reports about the Impero back then. Haven’t been playing a while, so I thought I’d spice my day up a little and hey, a shotgun with SAP sounds fun. Looked it up but there was no review, nothing obvious in the forums, so I bought it. Not a huge anime fan but I liked the concept of the ship. Imagine my face when I looked at it in port and saw my 50$ Roma clone. Guess it’s my own fault and they got me good.

    • Cannot release a broken ship? Hmm sounds familiar… Oh right only russian ships gets release being broken. Nice one WG

    • We could even buy the commanders seperate in the first collab event. No boxes, just a 10 point commander for.. like 10-13€ i think it was. But you got, what you wanted. The second collab with Azur Lane already had the same shity system like now the third.

    • I want to Upload

      I literally just wanted 1 commander, and would have been willing to pay 15 dollars for her, but I refuse to pay $100 dollars for a sure chance at the commander, and god knows how much on single containers thanks to WG’s stupid flag and camo drops from the containers.

    • @I want to Upload Yeah i only wanted Roon cuase she damn awesome to lissen to, and i tryed the stupid loot boxes and i would have payed less on her if i just bought the expensive 100% package, so stupid you can have unlimited of them, get us one of each if we get double it should been sure to made us get one we dident have

  18. Azur lane one of the most friendly F2P Mobile Game out there.

    WOW Azur collab: heh.

  19. I’ve been playing Azur Lane for about 4 years and I love it, the show is well entertaining but I’m not that idiotic to spend that obscene amount of money for all of the captains. The only good thing about this collaboration is that you can get Nelson captain by completing 3 tasks

    • which they already gave away for free the first time around, lol. Talk about lazy/cheap. Only good thing I see now is that they give folks another chance to finish the AL collection if you missed it the first time around (during Wave Two).

  20. totally agreed with the vid, especially because the containers dont include the commanders for the 1st and 2nd collab.
    I personally dont care about AL, i get that a ton of people do, but yeah, this time WG went in a really bad direction

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