World Of Warships – THE BIGGEST SHIPS

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  1. Why does Rhythian never fire back?

  2. start low tier and learn to play noobs lol

  3. If you’re getting shot at, why would you turn broadsides? Aim at them head
    on to make yourself less of a target! I don’t even play these kind of games
    and I know that.

  4. Rythian so like the the soldier in every war movie that dies immediately
    but you still looked as though he fought valiantly

  5. It doesn’t take years to get to T10, it’s a few months. Playing T10 isn’t a
    great way to show off the game if you don’t know what your doing.

  6. you have to asign skills to your captain, and upgrade the ship before using

  7. not a good advert…play level 5 Japanese and German ships…fast furious
    and you need your wits about you.

  8. How is Rythian so incredibly bad? I cannot believe it.

  9. I’m not asking for pro plays, but for crying out loud Kim you don’t need to
    account for drop off! And no you didn’t kill him, it would say in two
    different places!

  10. they got paid to play this

  11. plz sub to me i need help with my chanel to grow

  12. Av Rand (TheAv66)

    Why is the yogscast being spammed across the board with all these Warship

  13. MrDisgruntledGamer1

    dayam, Rythian was getting shot up by 4 people at once, that must have been
    one hell of a bad spot to be in

  14. as someone who plays this facepalm… lol

  15. wow got carried by team hard, agreed u need to stick to mc, or play low T

  16. Rithean you should’ve just played bumper boats with him

  17. playing teir 10 but they’re still over steering like a motherfucker

  18. Kim complaining about being slow when she’s literally twice Duncan’s

  19. id play it if it had subs but thats unlikely to happen..

  20. Lord Sylph (Darth)

    Rythian says “I’m not dying straight away!”
    I’m betting he gets triple-citadeled by a Yamato, xD

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