World of Warships the Current State of Cruisers

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We’ve looked at the current state of Battleships. Now it’s time to take a look at cruisers. I’ve included both lifetime and two week stats for the analysis, as last time some suggested it was unfair to use life time stats.

Slai47 was nice enough to compile the data for me. If you haven’t checked out his Community Assistant app, please do as its awesome. Disregard the misspelled cruiser names on the info graphics. I think only Chappy was misspelled, but oh well.

Bottom line is that the USN cruiser line, like the USN BB line, is struggling. It needs some serious help. I think the arc of the shells doesn’t help. Right now, the Russian and RN lines are dominating. Sorry for the false start this morning. I had an incorrect spreadsheet in there and decided I needed to re-render and upload.


  1. Watching at 360p.. horrible xD feels like 2010 again xD Now to answer the
    questions.. I would say that My favourite cruiser line is the Japanese. But
    the RN is a very close second. And US cruisers lack in the range
    department.. the Ibuki has 16.5km range while the Baltimore only has
    15.8km.. Hell.. even my Neptune has more range… with 19.2km so how would
    I buff the US Cruiser.. Longer Range on the guns. lower reload.and maybe
    tighter dispersion as its the only form of damage they can deal.. every
    other nations also got those Torpedoes ^^

  2. USN Cruisers do not have torpedoes. This makes them losing that burst
    damage. Thus USN lagging on damage. And their guns have the same RoF as
    other nation ships. Even with Des Moines increased RoF it is not enough.

  3. Zoup are you really surprised that the Russian cruisers are where they are
    at and the US isn’t?

  4. I love the US Navy. I just hate the fact that the Pensacola is just a total
    nose dive after the Cleveland. The Cleveland is sort of decent compared to
    the Pensacola, where you get big guns that aren’t so good and a citadel so
    massive it might as well be the whole ship. And it only goes from HORRIBLE
    to Tolerable when you upgrade it. Before it’s upgraded, you might as well
    just assume you’re not going to be able to help your team, cuz the ship is
    so very bad. And your detection is the range AFTER upgrades. No other
    cruiser has that issue as far as I can tell, where they’re like a freakin’
    lighthouse for being a giant target when they shoot.

    I don’t get it. And yeah, it needs fixing, bad.

    Also, why does the P’cola have this giant spinny Radar on the model. It was
    1 of 6 ships that had the CXAM Radar in 1940. Why not give the US line
    ‘superior radar’ at T7 and up, sort of like the German’s superior hydro? If
    CVs are going to be a non-issue at this point, the devs NEED to give ships
    the ability to do something. But that’s just my thought. But no, no Radar
    consumable for the floating-citadel P’cola.

  5. remember when cleveland was totali OP. dam best ship ever but now i agree
    the high arc is very very bad specaly after you get used to german arc

  6. USN Cruiser need more health like 5K bump to all ships tier 6 and up, also
    the guns arcs are way to high they need to be flatter, and the fire rate or
    shell damage needs to be much higher and USN crusers tier 7+ should get a
    heal consumable.

    But why even bother trying to make the Russians see reason, they are to
    busy making sure they have russian bias on every ship.

    And the lastest German DD lines gun fire detection is beyond bad and
    totally uncalled for, so WG is a bounce of amatures who have no clue how to
    balance the game anymore, they need to just reset the game and start over,
    as every change they make make something else unplayable.

  7. that’s why I stop playing USN cruiser and CV. . . .

  8. loved the Phoenix Omaha and Cleveland, but hated the pepsi, for me what
    stopped me playing USN was the AFT nerf taking it down to 139mm, after that
    i got annoyed with being outranged and getting pasted by every other nation
    that i couldnt do anything about without losing half my hp

  9. One thing I would add to compare is avg experience per game. Still, I say
    either give Pensa a C hull with reduced visibility, or drop New Orleans
    down to tier 7 and remove Pensa, Baltimore Tier 8 with Wichita as Premium
    (can use at same time radar, hydro, and AA barrage), Buffalo at tier 9. If
    Pensa is kept, New Orleans would just be removed.

  10. Tier 5 cruisers are in a tough spot at times because of MM I normally only
    get tier 7 MM

  11. Yes they need to fix cruisers but lets get real. Carriers SUCK, it is why
    so few people play them. The idea that I cannot choose on the fly what
    squadron type I want to launch makes it a total waste of time to take out a
    carrier. When a game is like playing the lotto, instead of being the
    tactical game it should be designed, NO ONE is going to play carriers! What
    ever idiot thought it genius to make squadron type selections so limited
    and beyond that the idea that a carrier is going to leave port with
    predefined squadron types is just blind ignorance. I should be able to
    launch they squadron type I want, when I need them and not be forced to set
    there and go “O well” I guessed wrong in port and I have the wrong plane
    type. That is NOT historically correct and it makes for total shit game
    play and anyone that wants to try and argue that this is necessary I have a
    debate for you that will prove you wrong!

    O an YES you are dead right about the shell arks. They may as well put 21st
    century ships in the game and give us ballistic missiles, because really
    that is what a number of these cruisers appear to be launching. I dont play
    my Atlanta because it is near impossible to get the aiming right when my
    first set is hitting at the time I fire my third set. The idea that there
    are three sets of rounds in the air at the same time is ridiculous!

  12. One more thing wows said they are going to Buff the USN cruiser line

  13. This was full of contradictions. Get your act together please.

  14. only the Atlanta has torps for USN past tier 5, even those are crap

  15. paper armor and weak output.

  16. I agree when you say the Britain smoke is too stronk. Need some nerf in its

  17. German cruisers are in bad shape but the US is worse. Both lines need love.

  18. Only cruiser i would like to have is Zao.

  19. but, don’t the British cruisers have the same kind of trajectory?

  20. ha To bad the American arc needs more kinetic energy output to offset the
    suborbital trajectory.

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