World of Warships – The Derzki

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I originally hesitated going down the Russian Destroyer line. I have no clue why now! This ship and its tier 4 brother are a blast.


  1. I see the chat in WG’s games is still its normal intelligent self.

  2. yep. that’s basically ” Russian fishing trooler”

  3. Always great vids

  4. Wish they would add Nevada-class battleships. Great video!

  5. 3:12 and this is why we do not leave cap. Especially when it is just
    seconds away of beein taken. ;)

  6. Hey, nice vids and channel! I have a quick question. I play war thunder on
    my MacBook Air on the lowest graphics it runs quite smooth. I have played
    for about 2 hours this week and got an AT&T waring that my data usage is
    90% used. Because of this I can’t play the game. I was wondering if there
    was any way to reduce the data usage. Do you think it is the WiFi router or
    the MacBook?
    Thanks for your help!!! :)

  7. Go big or go home, amirite? Fire all the torpedoes, or fire none at all!

  8. Do another Hurricane Mk IV video please, 40mm cannons of hilarity.

  9. They need to do some changes to those low tier russian DD’s … I’m at the
    Iziaslav (tier IV) now and i can’t wait to get rid of it and get the tier V
    already !

  10. Derpzki is love! Im keeping it on my slots, its my go to fun ship when the
    high tiers grind is too salty. Thing about the Derzki is, know the maps
    blind spots, nooks, shoals and choke points and dig in..and wait :B its a
    great ambush predator with a little patience you can really clean up. Took
    out the Salem Witch with it the other day, burst out of my hidey hole like
    a spider monkey fired from a trebuchette! Bouquet of torps for everyone :3

  11. Александр Воробьёв

    Russian low tier destroyers – literaly YOLO ship with torpedo machine gun.

  12. That dipshit in the chat.Kiloviper. “Two dumbasses in the middle of the map
    lost us the game.” Bo and Mo won you the game..And they are trying to have
    fun.Not like a tryhard like you. =_= Geez..This is only what..tier 4,5?
    Tryhard alert.

  13. Hey bo! russian destroyers are more like extremely light cruisers, they
    beat every single other destroyer in a gunnery duel so allot of the time
    its good to poke the enemy DDs a bit with your rapid fire joycannons. You
    are going to love the harassment that the tier V can dish out :P

  14. I thought the Russians inherited the Mongols’ inability to navy. :P

  15. The name of the ship actually means daring in Russian so I guess you have
    to be daring to use the ship

  16. The deck gun is actually just a mosin

  17. why you dont use AP shells?

  18. yo bo time i really want to play world of warships but my download gets
    stuck at extracting updats did you have this or anything like it please i
    need help btw im downloading of the asia launcher :c

  19. Lol love that Tommy boy reference! Great vid btw.

  20. I didn’t really enjoy the russian line till I got the the t5 gveny and the
    t7 kiev those were some fun and good ships to play

  21. Howdy Bo! Did you get the Whataburger Condiments yet?

  22. Random Question Bo, have you ever played the age of empires series?

  23. I think my thoughts parallel yours… at first I was skeptical. And still,
    the raw stats aren’t fantastic (K/D ratio, etc.). But, the action is
    amazing in these little YOLO boats. So as far as simply having lots of fun,
    the Derzki does not disappoint.

  24. Great video Bo and Moe!

  25. 2:29 is that person in chat mad at him and moe?

  26. I’m not a very big fan of the Derzki

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