World of Warships – The Gremyashchy – First Impressions

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Open Beta is coming, so I had to get back into wows to actually play test the premiums.

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  1. +The_Black_Rose That won’t work any more. One of the changes in patch 0.4
    is that smoke charges are reduced to making smoke for just 20 seconds. A
    destroyer will only have 2 charges It goes to 3 charges if you get the
    level 3 commander skill, but there is no reduction in the cooldown time.
    The only way to get a cooldown reduction is to buy the premium
    smokescreens. The cost is 22.5K credits, and that’s per mission, even if
    you don’t use the smoke.

  2. +Fearz Mez Working on a review at the moment, but not one many are waiting
    for, or even want to see … but it’s a premium, so I have to review it
    some time ….. 🙁

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