World of Warships – The Sims – First Impressions

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Open Beta is coming, so I had to get back into wows to actually play test the premiums.

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  1. YAY I can comment from my tablet on your channel again! Still about 3 more
    channels I watch that I can’t comment on from my tablet, but at least you
    and Dez Gamez work again!

    But, yeah 12:20 it will take on average about 12-15 solid HE hits for those
    USN 127mm DD guns to light anything on fire, only 5% fire chance, and a low
    max HE and AP damage of, IIRC, 1750-1900 HE and 1500-1700 with AP.

    And the torps SUCK! This is why I LOVE my Yubari! The guns, while it only
    has 4, have a 15% chance of fire and 2500 HE damage, compared to USN 152mm
    cannons (at least til the Cleveland) do 2100 HE with 12% chance of fire.
    I’ve been playing a lot of WOWS the last few days, and I seriously have the
    most fun playing my Yubari anymore! And I have; Kongo, Furutaka, Omaha,
    Wyoming, St. Louis – and am 1k Exp from buying the Cleveland!

    I started off concentrating on USN CCs, but once I learned how to use
    DEVASTATING IJN torps (thanks to many games in my beautiful lil Yubari) and
    the new patch came that replaced the Senjo with the Zao – I now am focusing
    most of my grinding on IJN CCs! The Zao is friggen AMAZING! Its guns may
    have half the RoF of the Des Moines, but they have longer range, tighter
    accuracy, have more damaging AP and HE shells by a little (though HE has a
    good deal higher chance of fire than the Des Moines IIRC as well as higher
    damage) – it has 3 more main guns, over TWICE the DPS with AA (but for some
    reason, despite higher DPS and longer AA range, the Des Moines has a higher
    rating in AA than the Zao) – and last but definitely NOT LEAST; It has
    DEVASTATING torpedoes! 10 per side, 72 knot speed, only 8km range, which is
    more than adequate IMHO, and an INSANE 22K max damage!

    So while I definitely want both the Zao and Des Moines, I am far more
    excited for the Zao! Too bad the Furutaka is a rough grind – at tier 5 I
    definitely would rather be in the Omaha than the Furutaka despite the
    Furtaka’s 203mm main guns and the same torps as the Yubari (which FAR
    outclass the torps on the Omaha)

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