World of Warships- The Most Fun You Can Have In Germans Currently

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the Tier 7 Gneisenau! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. 12:10 as a Dutchman i can confirm, that’s not how you say it.

    You say it more as: een-dracht
    Speak the double EE and the a as a short one, ch as a g.
    I hope that makes sense

  2. Most fun i have with wows now is not playing for 49 days. Yay War thunder.

  3. Funny thing about my gneisenau. When I first unlocked her about two years ago I fired my first Salvo on long range and 3 out of 4 shells had really good rng and hit dead center. I though this ship had good accuracy. Until I fired the next Salvo.

  4. The ship I have the most games in, even now with the GK, I still regularly visit her every game session.

    It was an absolute blast during the T7 Ranked with me refusing to go to Silver league just so I could sail her more.

  5. The gniesenau has so much better secondaries than the scharn. I still love the scharn but the gniesenau can really hold its own these days.

  6. Helping my son with the German BB grind at the moment and agree that this is about as much fun as you can have in Wows. Even the matches you lose you still leave with a smile most of the time.

  7. I like Tier VII the most. The ships are fun, and you don’t pay through the nose in terms of money if a match goes badly for you.

  8. Who needs the fantasy Russian dreamboat at t7 anymore when Geneisenau is in the house

  9. As I was grinding the Lyon, Gneisenau was like my rival 🤣 I would always end up fighting one. But I actually ended up winning. Not saying it’s bad just saying I have some funny experiences with them

  10. The pc version of this ship must be way different. Gneisenau in Legends will break your heart at long range and the secondaries don’t reach out at all compared to Bismarck or GK. The armor is really all that it has. Wish I had a pc to compare them better. Thanks for the vid SLM

  11. Funny story I had while playing this ship, I got downtiered and on the enemy team was a tier 4 battleship for some reason and the t4 BB survived for a pretty long time actually before I killed it in cold blood

  12. Ah yes, my favorite German BB these days, and my RNG in it is pretty nice as well given the hits I get with the main guns sometimes

  13. If you are looking for some other tech tree ships to cover, try Mogami with 155 and IFHE. Everything that hits her will make her explode, basically at any angle. BUT if you learn to play her correctly, those guns can unleash catastrophic damage upon… everything. It’s stupidly fun.

  14. It’s by far my most played ship(932 games last i checked), i just love it, i know it can sometimes be disappointing but when it works it always leaves you with a smile and a happy feeling. There really isn’t anyother ship that gets my adrenaline pumping like this does

    • It always leaves me with a smile when it works because I never expect it to work, that is also why it never dissapoints me when it enters shotgun mode

  15. I played like 4 years ago with Bayern and queen Elizabeth and the shotguns were enough to make me quit grinding and pretty much stop playing.
    Have 10s now but still have Bayern and qe

  16. Agreed. To this day Gneisenau has my best WR in Random Battles, exactly 70% over 30 of them. I use full secondary build but with aiming systems instead.

  17. Back in the day I ground the gniesenau without a single citadel hit. You had to close in and torp and if your secondaries wernt firing you were not making any credits.

  18. Although outgunned by “cruisers”, I’ll take the Scharnhorst every time (almost always low tier, of course). More guns, faster reload offsets the dispersion/sigma, which once was terrible and now is merely bad. Torpedoes, which ordinarily get blasted into oblivion by the first incoming volley from a British destroyer, are a dubious asset. If you are within 6km of a target of any power you are about to sink, so the most you can get is a measure of revenge assuming the tubes have survived.
    Trading in the original 283mm guns for the bigger smooth-bores would have been a bad idea. I don’t think that is what the Germans had in mind, actually. But Wargaming didn’t get the memo, something of a specialty with that organization and a talent they have actively cultivated recently.

  19. This is why I love my Shiny Horse (aka Scharnhorst) 🙂

  20. Rasmus Dyhr Frederiksen

    Bloody hell yeah, the Gneisenau is just an awesome ship. And so much fun.

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