World of Warships – The Ring, Round Two

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Seconds out, Round Two! Today our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to sink five French ships! Jolly good! What’s that? They don’t have to be French? DON’T BOTHER ME WITH DETAILS!


All music licensed from and


System Specs: i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 , running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. French englishman? That doesn’t work.

  2. Oh jingles, i think you should stick to your English accent

  3. omg, im dying. that accent is soooo good:)

  4. Please, never do a French accent.
    What’s that? Double shift in the mines?

    Me and my big mouth….

  5. Some of you frogs might die… but that is a sacrifice I’m willing to make!

  6. Sinking french ships? Why not send a strongly worded letter demanding they scuttle their vessels themselves? It’s worked before…. right?

  7. Ahah! Jingles putting that shotgun to good use I see

  8. I am german and as a German I can tell you your French accent is as good as a scone with marmite and jam. sorry dear

  9. Oui oui. Charles de Gaulle agrees

    I did a funny!

  10. As a French speaker, I am 100% triggered. Good job Jingles!

  11. And next we up we have Russian Jingles

  12. The sole reason I am commenting is to get jingles in the game

  13. Should I upvote the video to see our Overlord into WoWs, or downvote it because I’m French ?

    *Gun cocking sound in the background*


  14. Please jingles, we demand an entire battle with British/french narration! For screening in the salt mines rec room!

  15. russian commander jungles interesting ideer

  16. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    2/10 no Algeria is France comment

  17. Lol. I’m ‘alf French and recognise your plagierism of ze Black Adder at ze beginning of your film. I shall zerfor fart in your general direction to expresse my disapproval. Bon. Assez de parlé la langue des sal Anglo-Saxons. Vive la République.

  18. How to trigger 99% of the WoW community:

    Make Jingles a captain…

    But make him french


  19. Love the Black Adder reference

  20. echogameadventures

    Tune in next week when Jingles insults a different country.

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