Helena NA new DMG record || World of Warships

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  1. It’s Funny that the ship (Mogami) that historically inspired the Brooklyn class of which USS Helena is an improved subclass ended up a Tier higher in this game.

  2. And at a not friendly map for CL,and the enemy BB just parked in front of him,nice,but i can’t understand the salt from the Enemy DD,he did win why insult the other player?I can’t get it

    • George Gkavlos cause he couldn’t kill the cruiser at low hp and the cruiser took him down, some people have mental problems . Aka see fortunite rage you understand me. Plus some people from that cancer game and the LOL came to wows , that’s why chat is now what it is…..

  3. Missouri was the perfect example of why i go nuts when BB’s enter the A cap on this map…just DONT do it. Cutting yourselves off at A and not moving to B was also a huge failure, no one thought to cap even after being told in the chat several times over, you also were robbed via “kill secures” Team failure 101 guys……….

  4. besides the immature conversation by the Helena/Z46 that was impressive

  5. Is there a way to have my crosshair look like that? Without the horizontal lane?

  6. tbh, he should have died twice
    one from that idiot nagato shooting HEand second from z23 if he shoot AP at broadside

  7. …and this is why i have aslain mod pack to disable/hide the entire chat window

  8. aburrido

  9. Meh, The yesterday Atlanta game was more interesting

  10. Fascinating gameplay.

  11. Quocchien Quocchien

    Bởi vì đam mê

  12. Awesome, especially considering the fact that he did this in a T9 match on a map that’s hard for CLs.

    • nearly the entire enemy team positioned themselves right in front of him for about 8 minutes, while he had perfect position behind that big island.

      don’t even need a hoe to farm that patch.

  13. I just can”t understand why so many people are such poor losers and asses to be so salty it’s just a game it’s not like you get cash from the game….wow.

    • you mean that DD at the end?

      if anything he had the better game! also? he won.

      and he was right, the Helena was very lucky, twice.

  14. Damn that Helena is a fire breather.. A Dragon ?

  15. 大和*Bayern.ヤマト

    Holy crap, all the tier 9 players in this team are absolutely atrocious….

  16. I despise scroll zoomers

  17. that first five minutes pretty much defines “target rich environment”.

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