World of Warships- The Strangest, Yet Funnest, Match I’ve Had In A While

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Hey guys this match was all over the place and I loved it!

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  1. First!

  2. Rahulaanchal Gupta

    Hey bro, I just joined ur discord.. my tag is Xenofire01

  3. Proof that Flambass isn’t the only one who can make the middle push on 2 brothers work. GG

  4. For the sake of all the n00bz that WILL try this after watching, I feel you kinda need to post an utter fail to go with it.
    “Because Scharnhorst ain’t gonna hit that” Occasionally, RNGesus will fellate you with railgun accuracy. Just hope you have HE loaded when it happens to a DD.
    I’d say that Nelson’s secondaries destroying your torpedoes is equivalent to the Scharn’s guns landing citadels on a battleship.

  5. Fun Scharnhorst game

  6. lol, I was the Leander in that game. At the start, duggy was talking to me, since we were trying to shoot down planes. He just talked into the wrong channel

  7. Pretty Strange that ALLLLL funny or rare games are played on “two brothers” map xD

  8. you must be far away from home cuz I remember uncle Jingles said “Don’t try this at home.”
    : )

  9. You only went through the middle 3 times in the same match? Slacker.

  10. Nice game!! Good fun to watch, keep it up 🙂

  11. george marnelakis

    that was fun!

  12. Robert den Blaauwen

    Send it to jingles. He may be interested.

  13. not once not twice but THREE times through the channel on two brothers………just wow. In a what?!?! A Scharnhorst?!?! Ok a cruiser or destroyer yea ok maybe but a BB?!? Are you mad?!?! That was a hell of a ride

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