World of Warships- The Support Problem

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Hey guys, today we talk about the (lack of) support in the current meta, enjoy!

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  1. I totally agree.
    The game would improve greatly if passive gameplay is not rewarded as much as it is now.

    • Passive gameplay being rewarded or not is irrelevant. The fact is nobody WANTS to work as a team on purpose regardless of rewards. It’s why in the new game mode they introduced into the console version that has big enticing rewards but has friendly fire in it they’re having a big problem with teams intentionally taking each other out as soon as the match starts. Play any MMO, nobody wants to work together on purpose, all they want to do is either Lone Ranger it as though it was a single player game or troll & mess with their teammates.

  2. lost all my motivation to play this game due to this issue.

  3. I do agree with rewards for tanking, assists, spotting etc.

    • We have been talking about that for near 6 years. I think its safe to say never going to happen.

    • I think it would also help if they actually give a more detailed explanation of where your credits and xp come from, so you know what was good and what wasn’t

    • @bodasactra had the exact same discussion in world of tanks . Guesa what happened over ten years ? Absolutely nothing , just more premium tanks released.

    • Biggest Problem is that everyone becomes an egocentric, battleships hang back and destroyers yolo.

  4. Since the rework, as a cruiser, I’m not necessarily sitting further away, but I’ve found I’m not opening fire as often as I previously would have. Pre-10.0, if a DD popped up, I would be looking to open fire as often as I could and put damage on it, even knowing that I’ll probably be targeted and being prepared to rely on kiting and dodging.
    Since 10.0, with BBs sat waiting for cruisers to appear, especially CL’s to appear to try and nuke. It means I’m having to guarantee I’m in a safe kiting position or have decent island cover before I can even consider opening fire, regardless of whether a prime-target-DD is spotted or not.
    Which is frustrating because I really enjoyed those DD-Hunting-CLs like the Leander – Mino, Helena – Worcester, Mainz etc

  5. Yeah, death eye is the elephant in the room but also about for the secondarys nerf (precision and AA damage)

  6. Base on the current events by WG, my whole Clan has stopped playing with only 6-8 die-hards still play out of almost 50

  7. Lost count of the times I’ve asked for support, been ‘Wilco’ed’ then spot an enemy DD with a few Cruisers only to find my team doing a runner thus being blasted out the water by the opposing team playing AS a team. I usually ask for support on my sector and going for the cap and if I get silence I wander off and pair up in another cap. Get a team that plays as a team its like night and day and akin to seal clubbing!!

  8. WoW’s should be called “Currahee”. Which means “Stand alone Together”.

  9. WG needs to remove the commander rework. It is the most dumb ass idea ever

  10. Imo one of the important dd jobs is to report the position of the enemy. This results in dmg on enemy ships spotted by friendly dds. Usually I can achieve 150k spotting dmg yet during the end phase of totalling xp you get very little for it. Why should I accrue spotting dmg if I don’t get rewarded for it?

  11. The fact that WG hasn’t implement scoring based on anything else other than dmg is plain ignorance. And now WG add commander reworks to the clusterfucks of high tier player not knowing the basic of aiming and what target to prioritises is exactly the cause of all this.

  12. 160K spotting in Smaland, and came in 2nd to last. Aside from helping to win the match, what’s the incentive?

    • Yeah, I feel you. I’ve been playing destroyers for a while at some point and especially in bottom tier battles i was concentrating on spotting and occasional torpedoes. Of course my dps sucked so I didn’t get rewarded even though my team was thankful.

  13. Points for blocking a cap is a friggin no brainier as well.

  14. You are overlooking one important factor, right now, DD’s are hard to hit for a BB, so rather than shoot at them, the BB’s (using Deadeye) are farming cruisers that are closer if they are dumb enough to drive up to support their own DD’s. To the exclusion of anything else, cruisers are being farmed by everyone because they are midfield and cannot evade like a DD can so they’re easier to farm.

    • This is why BB and DD are now far far more popular than Cruisers….deadeye alone has made Cruisers except kiting HE spammers less popular

  15. Wargaming has made the game what they want, not what the players want. They can sit on it and rotate.

  16. Let us take a moment to say farewell to the content creators who have left these last few months.
    Godspeed, iChase, iEarlGray, Mejesh, Aerroon. These guys discovered technical issues and gave real fixes, offered detailed tutorials in series, gave insights to the inner workings of Wargaming and so much more. The value of their contributions to the community cannot be overstated, I will miss them.
    You have the helm Mount.

    • Flambass is out too. He just made a vid explaining how its not fun anymore and he’s moving on. You know your game is fucked when your oldest CCs give you the finger.

    • That many? Like the other dude said I saw Flambass leaving but I had no clue there were that many more. Absolutely sad, especially because I doubt Weegee would really care

  17. Kleber with 4.4km air detection and gets spotted.

    CV: are you sure about that

  18. The thing I took away from this is “Ape together strong”

  19. Spotting really needs to be rewarded I feel maybe even more than tanking

  20. It’s annoying when the battleship on one of the extreme wings decides from the start to go to the other flank and leave that side weak.

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