World of Warships – The Tirpitz

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Special thanks to Wanny13 for his generosity hooking me up with the Tirpitz. Even though Battleships are not my preferred play style… this ship is fun.


  1. Stephen “2strokesteve” Williams

    I’m liking for the Bob Ross reference!

  2. Bo how come your camera doesn’t lead with the ship? It’s like you don’t
    have it focused on anything o_O

  3. I like world of warships

  4. Just had a fun game in a German propelled plane Stuka got me though

  5. More world of ships pls :)

  6. Hey Bo, Mo and cobey. great videos! just wondering, why u guys dont play
    World of tanks?

  7. i don’t play this game, but why does nobody ever actually shoot back at you
    in these vids

  8. The Lonely Queen Of North Sea Is The Master Of Short-Medium Range Artilery

  9. Keep up the amazing work Bo! I love your videos.

  10. The floatplanes aren’t usefull for spotting anything in WoWS, they either
    extend the gunrange and give you the… uh… isometric gunview? Or they
    work as catapult fighters, that’s it. Nothing else.

  11. “Give him the Beethoven!”

  12. What does everyone think of World Of Warships? I have a really good stats
    for Warthunder, even though i’m fairly new, but I have been tossing up
    whether or not I should try this too. Please let me know thoughts on this
    compared to Warthunder and whether or not I should give it a go?

  13. Always happy to see a new vid everyday…i love it, GJ BO

  14. +Mo Time (Moevil) who promoted you to commander to make the plains??????

  15. lolz get skinny? omg i love your vids mate your the american version of
    squire you need a bo empire mate

  16. My first battle in the Derpitz, back when I still had no idea how to play
    BBs, had HE loaded and fired on an enemy Cleveland. Enemy Derpitz pops up
    and switch fire to him. While aiming at him I hear “Enemy Cruiser blown
    up!”, uh what?! I had one HE hit that managed to detonate the Cleveland’s
    magizine with my first salvo. We both had a good laugh, I made the remark
    that he my not have been a Hood and I not a Bismarck, but that will do.

    Advice on the Tirpitz: Don’t think battleship, think really big heavy
    cruiser and you get a better idea how the thing handles.

  17. I’m great at geometry… But algebra sucks

  18. Bob Ross haha lol

  19. why does your game look so squished? like your tirpitz looks shorter and
    wider than it should and the turrets are taller than normal

  20. had fun playing tag with torpedoes i see.

  21. titanium white all over the place. HAH

  22. I’m with you Mo bad taste on the Belichick

  23. Oh man, I love this ship. As a BB captain, it’s usually everything the
    class usually lacks, and it really excites me for the Kriegsmarine
    Battleships, whenever they end up coming… Although, the Royal Navy still
    needs some more rep; Warspite’s getting pretty lonely out there. Actually,
    it’d be pretty awesome if we got Bismarck and Hood in the same patch, now
    that I think about it…

  24. Bo you need to straighten out and only turn your guns towards them when you
    have a shot. I don’t know if you’ve watched his stuff but Jingles the YT’er
    has done quite a few vids on it, not that you did bad I thought your aim
    was quite good.

  25. How do you get different camo schemes for your ships? (still a noob at this

  26. Bout time for some warships!

  27. Patrick Lee JackOfAllBlades

    German ships are my favorite

  28. I love that ship and awsome vid as always

  29. Hey Bo, sorry it’s a bit unrelated to the video but how far have you
    progressed with the Hunter? I remember in your last British tech tree video
    you were researching it and not *that* far in.

    I love the Tirpitz btw, beautiful ship. Shame we had to sink it ;)

  30. Moevil stayed the tirpitz killed the hood what a dumbass

  31. Wanna hear a joke?

    Moes aim in Rainbow 6.

  32. How is the balancing in World of Warships? Is it like WoT? Hopefully not as
    bad as WT…

  33. TheBattlefieldMaster(Matt)

    Got the notification you uploaded this while I was Playing

  34. any chance of a stream tonight bo?

  35. Tirpedo ’em like you mean it.

  36. Been waiting for some WoWS :3

    Noice to see you back on the sea Bo!

  37. The Northern Fedora

    4th Love your Vids Bo •~•

  38. to all the people who want to say bo that he’s a bad player don’t say
    anything or he’ll stop making world of warships videos. keep makin these
    bids bo!

  39. The tirp-titz

  40. bo you are awesome

  41. Darp a darp

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