World of Warships – The Two Brothers Show!

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Two Brothers. The one map in World of Warships where the kind of Pants-On-Head-Stupid that might raise an eyebrow on any other map is just… well, it’s just Two Brothers.

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  1. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    Last time I see Two Brothers are just Battleships entering the Tunnel zone of the map.

  2. Really great DD play. Lucky to have those two GKs on OpFor

  3. 8:35 I was hoping you said this because he was about to sink their CV as well, based on the last known position lol

  4. That’s an oddly Kremlin shaped Musashi there…

  5. funniest map ever this, the middle is an endless stream of hilarity

    • The Noob-grinder giveth, the Noob-grinder taketh away ^.^

    • I’ve always called the two middle islands as Russet and Red.

      Because majority of the players that pass through there at the start of the game are usually potatoes of different varieties.

    • @MISOT i ambushed a Bayern and Vasteras in my Graf spee a couple of months back coming through the middle…. the banter beforehand was hilarious…. at the end of it everyone was laughing

  6. 14:00 umm actually Jingles, that’s a Kremlin.

    • That is the new Kremsashi!
      You forgot the story of when the Musashi mated with the Kremlin to have babies!

  7. Kholdan Staalstorm

    *Notification:* Ahh, new Jingles video!
    *Sees title:* Jupp, par for the course.
    *Fetches snacks:* This gonna be good!

  8. I just love this map. The crazy stuff, it is epic.

  9. I think he had a lepantso on the head moment…

  10. Do you really need to ‘Blind Fire’ at the Map edge? Just aim for the edge given the Lepanto’s position.

  11. Me, at the start of the vid: let me guess, a carrier secondary build is going to sail through the channel. Ok, not quite what actually happened, but close :).

  12. I’ve never played WoW, but i would definitely match the energy of the friendly aircraft carrier. That was hilarious hahah

  13. Jingles “I had to do some shopping and play AC, you nearly didn’t get a video”
    Me “Damn millenials, they’re not used to doing any work at all anymore”

  14. Just like certain meals, some maps go really well with potatoes.

  15. The yolo Kurfürsts not being bottom of the team really says something about the quality of play … Bless them, they had fun!

  16. The funniest bit wasn’t just the enemy Lepanto trying to flee to another map – there was also the friendly Yamato who ended the battle sailing _away_ from the enemy near the friendly spawn point…..

  17. Joseph McKenney-Barschall

    This is the wierdest case of yannie/laurel ever. Everytime Jingles said mcgibe, I some how heard budyonnik.

  18. we actually tried GK div down two brothers
    The enemy team were all there giving broadside, while both of us were smashing their broadsides. Once we killed the DD and a Kremlin, we went out full swing and killed the rest.
    Me and my div had 9 kills in total, me 5, and my div 6.
    That was such a fun match. And these days fun is in short supply

  19. No comments about my favourite Youtuber coming in at the end to make it a perfect video (Thanks Akizuki)? I can go back to my work in the Salt mines happy now.

  20. It’s the two islands in the middle of the map, they look vaguely like cleavage…amd we know how cleavage affects gamer-brains.

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