50 CALIBER HEAVY BULLET | HEADSHOT 1 KILLS 1000 METERS ++ (Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2)

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Thanks for the support phellas 🙂

50 CALIBER HEAVY BULLET | HEADSHOT 1 KILLS 1000 METERS ++ (Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2)


  1. ahmedrugo20 Minotaur

    Day 150 : play the Mitsubishi F1 and show them the mighty of the samurai

  2. LEGO Star Wars gonk droid

    Day: 42 of asking Phly to play the Typhoon Mk Ib

  3. Day 58 of asking Phly to let me take him turkey hunting.
    Day 38 of asking Phly to let me take him deer hunting.
    Day 18 of asking Phly to let me take him dove hunting.

  4. This is the first time in ages that ive seen phly play something different

  5. Spitfire Mk IX 1945

    Oooh new game! I’m for it thanks for daily videos they’re appreciated!

  6. GenerikGamer 123

    Phly should make a sniping video in War Thunder

  7. Day 95:
    Play the forgotten Mig-9 and show everyone the power of the original 37MM/23MM Vodka launcher Jet.

  8. Long range engagements? Ah, my downfall in every game

  9. *Click this link and download today to feed Baby Fairchild steak dinners* https://sgwc2.com/PhlyLaunchYT
    Thanks for the support my dudes

    • @CptJohnB Hewler first off why are you such a dick? I just asked politely if he could make a video showing his controls and you find the need to be so mean about it? I have tried for a long time and I just can’t find ones that work. Phly obviously is good at the game and advice from pros is a common thing in gaming.

    • @Scott Lee If you “can’t find ones that work” it’s because you’re intellectually lacking in the fundamental understanding of the real world counterparts and what controls do what. I mean it really isn’t that hard to understand what certain controls are for If you understand what the real world counterpart is. And from there it shouldn’t be rocket science to figure out the most fluent bindings to fit Your* Neural Pathways

    • @CptJohnB Hewler Tbh I just realized that this isn’t a war thunder video and now I feel dumb so I’m sorry about that lmao


    • Angelo Francesco D. Garcia

      I miss these types of videos where you play other games phly.

  10. Eating Scabs For Breakfast

    That’s possibly the worst name for a game I’ve seen to date xD

  11. “Some people say they can outsmart me, maybe. I have yet to meet someone that can outsmart bullet” -Heavy Weapons Guy -Team Fortress 2.

  12. I have been playing much less warthunder lately but I still love your content! I’m excited to see you playing other games! And it’s okay to take brakes from posting videos every day when your kid is born, we will still be content knowing you are happier.

  13. 18:30 i did that in Delta Force Extreme, and i got my mission failed, the reason was i shot a non-combatant

  14. Wow nice to see you playing other games! I really enjoyed it! Your personality makes every game literally fun and exciting to see.

  15. I’d be up to see more of this if you enjoyed playing it.

  16. Phly: plays something other than WT

    Gaijin: *WAIT YOU CAN’T DO THAT*

  17. Iamaddictedtobread

    6:51 Did a double take when this happened. Fuckin’ savage, Phly.

  18. Thanks for this, more please.

    This is my kind of FPS – I’ve never found ‘twitch’ shooters to be even remotely fun.
    A bit if a silly name for a game, but if it plays well.

  19. Phly: shoots 1000 meters
    JTF2 sniper: pathetic

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