World of Warships- This Was Supposed To Kill Shotgunning….

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Hey Guys! Today we head on over to the PT Server and check out the changes to sub torpedoes, changes that WG hopes will help balance out the shotgunning maneuver, enjoy!

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  1. @abuhelalrashed8736

    This change was more to help DDs than any other ship. When ever I play a DD if I see a sub I have to ignore him coz he can easily one shot me I can’t.

    • @randyblackwell5016

      as a Kidd main this days when i see submarine i starting hunting him because they killing battleships fun.

    • Yes I think it is a help to DDs trying to make a depthcharge run. Subs are so fast underwater by the time I have caught up to them to depthcharge them they have time to get two, or more, torpedo launches at me. It is especially true for the rather slow IJN DDs.

      The high underwater speed also allow the subs to get away from airstrikes, like in this video.

    • Increasing the arming distance would have been a better solution IMHO.

      I honestly think the arming distance of all torps should be increased.

    • @@randyblackwell5016 As a battleship main i thank you

  2. The best solution would be reworking the detection mechanics of subs. Add cavitation when going above a certain speed expecially full speed periscope depth leaving a white trail on surface and when underwater no white trail but still gives your approximate position away by sound that shows sub’s direction and at close distance or high speed/cavitation showing a circle on map so when you are close to ships sub cant rundown ships at 30+knots undetected and add something like coming to a full stop at max depth makes you undetectable to every consumable in game not even proxy spot. That would pasify the subs gameplay and add more SKILL to shotgunning soooo thats my take for it.

    • Been saying this since the Public Testing of Subs. Hell Subs used to have their Detection range BLOOM every time they PINGED.

    • Everything is very well said Mertc8050, I would also add to treat the subs as DD in respect to the torps… to remove the homing and just have them send torps like everyone else.

    • I don’t think cavitation would change anything unless there is an audio alert when a ship detects a periscope depth ship cavitating. Maybe add cattle prods to a “WoWS mouse” that shocks the player when “Submarine detected” is ignored and it represents the XO kicking the player for not changing course and/or speed?

      Adding a circle on the map is a no-go. It’s either in the detection range or it’s not.

      Now what range do they set that at? Cavitation should still be less than the surface detection range, obviously more than the current periscope depth.

      I don’t think they could successfully implement a full-stop max depth stealth because of how little battery time is in the game. All players would do is sit on top of the last known position and either wait for any movement or the battery to die.

      Shotgunning doesn’t take skill, what takes skill is not dying after shotgunning. Your suggestion only adds temporary speed limits. That just means from 10km out a sub is at full speed, and slows down to “non-cavitation” speed at 6km, close to 2.9km, and fires.

    • Excellent review of the changes

    • Add hedgehogs and depth-charge throwers to the DDs and cruisers thus they do not have outrun subs to use just guns – with nice risk of making it into collision and mutual destruction.
      Eventually play with risk of flooding / inability to dive when sub is penetrated by AP rounds. Or maybe severe flooding will either ground you to the bottom or send you bellow crash depth and repair takes more time while you are either in risk of being crushed or depth charged to pieces? And what about DDs and maybe some cruisers with their own version of the active sonar? And list goes on.

  3. @davidwhitfield6025

    Respect you a lot and really enjoying your views but I feel I have to point out you are using potentially the best sub in the game to prove your point (yes the U-4501 has its advantages but it can’t hit as hard as the Gato and its only speedy in a straight line). The Gato is specifically set up for shotgunning. Its torps have a very tight spread (like a British DDs). The other US Subs, Brit Subs and the German Subs have a much wider spread making shot gunning much more random. Also, at least on the Asian Server, there are a lot more Sub Surveillance equipped Japanese and Italian Cruisers (I’m one of them) in the games which makes shot gunning suicide if the subs are in the same area as the Cruiser as well as a sub.

    Also the Gato speed needs to be nerfed and nerfed hard. It is the only sub in the game that can go 35 kts plus on the surface or at periscope speed while turning. The U-4501 can do 40 kts, underwater, in a straight line but you just tap the A?D key and down it goes to 20kts. The Gato is too fast and too maneuverable. Fortunately it’s a steel boat and not many are in the game (I don’t have one and it is likely it will take me another year to get that amount of steel if I want it. Try HMS Sturdy which can only go 26 kts on the surface and dies as soon as you look at it or the U-2501 with its wide torpedo spread and no rear tubes. The Gato is special and way better than all the other subs when it comes to shot gunning.

    • This comment right here Sealord

    • @frantiseksedivy5136

      Very well said, its like taking out Yamato or Iowa and complain about citadel hits on cruisers when they show you side for too long…

      Only fair point in the video is reducing periscope speeds, that was in another video and is quite right that it does not make any sense to have that different speed with periscope depth and dive or full dive depth, due to pressure, a bit of a difference yes, but not like over 10 knots difference.
      This would make U4501 better though, if you could go that fast with periscope depth as submerged.

  4. @richardcutts196

    just make subs realistic. 21kts on surface and max 10 kts submerged, no homing torps for most.

    • Doesnt work then you gotta make dds realistic by making them from glass.

    • @richardcutts196

      @@mertc8050 DD’s are a lot tougher than that. If you don’t believe me check the battle off Samar and USS Johnston or the Samuel B. Roberts. I might add that any torpedoes in the hump at the front of British subs can’t be reloaded because there is NO access to them from inside the sub. Also if someone penetrates a sub with an ap shell then the sub should be stuck on the surface while it is being repaired at least

    • @drakeconsumerofsoulsandche4303

      ​@richardcutts196 that tends to happen when you’re firing AP shells from an 18″ gun. Yeah they hurt but an HE shell would’ve flat òut obliterated

    • @richardcutts196

      @@drakeconsumerofsoulsandche4303 When you get a penetration on a sub you have penetrated the pressure hull. That’s the only thing keeping the water out. In case you didn’t know water pressure doubles every 30′ so even if they could patch from inside they’d need to surface before the sub could dive very deep.

    • @drakeconsumerofsoulsandche4303

      @@richardcutts196 is this in the same vein as penetrations on the waterline of ships not causing floods?

  5. As mentioned,I think its fair to say that a big part of the “sub situation problem”is their high submerged periscope depth speed (high tier specially)in combination with their good concealment.

    Despite such an incredible submerged periscope speed is historical inaccurate,its way to easy,for a good sub captain,to get that close,so you have zero chance to dogdge,and mostly no time to react, except your in a group that pops hydro nonstop during the whole match.
    So..yeah..still pretty annoying,as long WG doesn’t nerf sub detectibility in general

    • @drakeconsumerofsoulsandche4303

      Their submerged speed, except U4, is below 30kts, with some doing less than 20kts. I would hardly call that fast

    • @@drakeconsumerofsoulsandche4303 meant periscope depth speed…
      But anyway you see it,they need to fix this imoo, because that scares away lots of players, just saying

    • Subs are in a good spot with this changes imho.
      Playing subs including shotgunning requires skill and a lot of map awareness. So the high risk high reward mechanic is legit. Everyone knows that 80% of the sub players dont understand their own mechanics and die in under 5 minutes.

      And to be honest, to hit a 30k AP salvo with Yamato or Satsuma unspotted from 20km range dont require more skill than a successful 30k shotgun attack, but no one yelling for japanese BB Nerfs 😉

    • @@mjy000 Also true.
      A good sub captain will always find his way to nuke your ass out of the water,it depends a lot on Teamplay, proper Positioning”as a team”,to build a “sub firewall”,hydro,sub detecting device,planes etc.
      Once they spotted,team usually hunt’s them down… usually

    • @frantiseksedivy5136

      Agreed, periscope speed and a bit of detectability,
      modification on torpedoes is utter nonsense.

  6. i agree. the change is good and helps DDs do their job. getting that ridiculous persicope speed toned down should be next. as far as i am concerned that would pretty much fix subs.

  7. All they have to do is introduce a 3-5 second delay in launching individual torps

  8. WW2 subs could do 7/8 knots submerged, X2 at periscope depth. Their torps top out at 50 knots maximum. When WG added subs, they just made the game too arcade for me. WG usual MO is Create a problem, sell the solution. I haven’t seen any solution so far!

  9. Subs have the same problems as destroyers they reload way faster than they should

  10. the average bot is usually smarter than most of my teammates
    at 35 knots the periscope probably would bend or rip off

  11. Its ridiculous how maneuverable they made subs, like race cars running around torping everything to death turning on a dime, diving like a rock and speeding around way faster than they should, while BBs are super slow in comparison. If they are keeping BBs slow like in real life than they need to keep subs slow and sluggish like they were in real life.

    • @sealordmountbatten

      BBs in game are far more maneuverable and quick than they were in real life

    • @@sealordmountbattenyou are thinking of high tier Paper BBs that have made up speed. BBs that was built irl actually have their accurate historical speed in game for example Warspite, Nelson, Colorado, Yamato, Iowa, Bismarck, Massa and many more while every real steel subs in this game have built in speed boost. Why is my tier 7 Colorado have to suffer her irl 21 knots while a tier 6 U69 can rock and roll at 27 knots? Why is WG playing favorites and choosing which class have made up speed and which class have irl speed ?

    • @UnimpressedAussie

      @@faynk.6247 because scrubs who cant handle taking damage and only want to farm free damage are the same people more likely to pay to win.

  12. Increase sub periscope detection. Make them full dive to get in that close. If DDs can hit torps at 12-15km, I think sub players can learn to hit them at 5km

  13. Just add a delay (2-4 seconds?) between torpedo launches so they can’t shotgun but they can still creep as close as they dare. The issue for me is 30k of citadel damage that I cannot avoid in my clunky BBs. Not that realism matters, but it is very hard to keep a sub in trim. Launching a 2,000lb torpedo can cause the subs nose to break the surface (it’s called broaching I think). So launching 6 at once would surely cause the sub to come out of the water and be unable to dive until the ballast tanks filled. Add these mechanics and let the sub do what he dares.

    • You’re right, I think. I used to read a lot about submarines years ago. The people who designed the Mechanics for the submarines need to do some more research, I think they can fix these problems for both subs and service ships, making both more playable and fun.

    • I entirely agree here. I also think they should increase the time it takes to dive and surface. Then they could add consumables like crash dive or “blow the tanks” for emergency maneuvers. Subs diving in 2 seconds isn’t helping

  14. I heard, on Jingles video, that WG is nerfing DDs with a 4km air detection range. And increasing the CV aircraft replacement rate. So a CV can drop a fighter flight nearly on top of the IJN, DDs and some others, and they are spotted and cannot even shoot them down.

    • See, this is the issue with misinformation: it spreads. What he said is true… _for the Russian server._ That change is not for the rest of the world.

  15. @kingofcastlechaos

    Please do an in-depth video on how to set up the minimap settings!

  16. @broccanmacronain457

    Half of the surface speed would be a reasonable nerf.

  17. Not sure we can really call them gearing torpedos anymore now that you can get them up to like 22,000 damage per torpedo

  18. Again the fundamental issue they can’t change is the wholly un interactive / binary nature of subs…

    Either the sub is an invisible super Kamikaze-R with extra tough to dodge torps or he’s dead to a thousand DC planes because 3/4 of the surface classes are a CV vs a sub.

  19. This is exactly why I feel like the fact that the damage ramp-up is only 100 meters from 2.9 to 3.0km is stupid. The ramp-up should be within a much longer distance, maybe even make it so they don’t get full damage until 6km away, to give them closer parity to a torpedo destroyer.

  20. When this was announced, I had the same thoughts that you found out in the game. A good first step but no real appreciable difference.

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