Update 13.2: Teaser

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🎁 Play for free on PC! 👉 https://wo.ws/3YaUKus
Captains, very little time remains before the launch of the next update. Check our stylish teaser video to catch a glimpse of what’s coming!


Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website: https://wo.ws/website


  1. Asymmetric Battles & T9-10 Ops >>> Pinata Hunt

  2. Bring back asymetric battles.

    • @WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannel

      Don’t worry Captain, they will be back!

    • @@WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannelHopefully sooner than later 🙂

    • @@WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannel Please make it permanent or replace Co-Op even since Asym Battles is basically improved Co-Op in many ways

    • ​@@WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannelhonestly co op needs an update. Asym is a great improvement of what we have currently for co op. There are many co op only players that would appreciate it a lot if asym replaced it.

  3. Just reject the Pinata Hunt gamemode already, it’s truly awful and disgusting.
    And also, please bring back asymmetrical battles!

  4. @thiewes18racing

    we need the battleship South Dakota!!!!

    • @aristosachaion_

      Considering the main theme of this update, South Dakota would have been a perfect addition.

    • @michaelmcnally2331

      Unless just reskin of Alabama or massa then figure they would want to make some alt gimmick for the ship.

    • @aristosachaion_

      It’s not possible to make an Alabama reskin because Alabama itself is just a slightly worse NC lol. Literally has zero special features apart from the ridiculously good torp damage reduction

    • well alabama is a south dakota class…@@aristosachaion_

  5. Where Chikuma?

  6. High tier operations (T9 – T11)?

  7. I already played a lot of Pinata on test server and i like it, but i still miss Trouble in the Hot Tub.

  8. @kristoffergustafsson9717

    Operations T9 – 10

  9. GOOD JOB! I an expecting to seeeeee a new tech tree branches!

  10. I hope we get a 13.3 soon, hopefully balancing individual submarines, as the powerlevel between them is quite radical.

  11. Finally, the Commonwealth Rockfishes have arrived

  12. @kamilbudzyna8622

    What will be the compensation if you have already Musore in port, payed battle pass?

  13. @guilhermecamargo316

    Nothing about fix the shikishima ricochet in T10 ships with 30° – 10° angle?

  14. @wembozandco.807

    I’m very excited for the Commonwealth cruisers, and the potential to get a full tech tree one day.

  15. Indian camo looks cool. Hope to use them on all my ships.

  16. So when is this update to be scheduled?

  17. @haydenbruce4277

    About time commonwealth cruisers are added to the game

  18. Make Asymetric Battles Permanent !!!!!

  19. bro if there’s a sub buff I’m going to do something

  20. Would it be Possible to nerf fire Damage ? Because Fire deals way to much Damge to low Hp Ships. If you would look how damaged a ship with less then 33% Hp is, it wouldnt make sence that a Fire would deal the same amount of Damage as to a Ship that is Hull Hp. So how about Reworking the Fire system where it depending on Hp % will deal diffrent amount of Damage. Like 100-67% 0.3% 66-34% 0.2% 33%< 0.1% of Max Hp.

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