World of Warships Tier 10 Cruiser Gameplay – Des Moines!

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  1. lol… Baron i thought that u can play better than hiding and use your team
    as HP slaves – and your dmg was like my dmg on tier 4 so… yeee im not
    gonna be whining about your play style its PA i can understand it… next
    time take your balls and show some flanking action !

  2. Baron you tittfish


  4. warspite

  5. play in shout carolina

  6. Tier 10 Yamamoto attempt #4

  7. Baron USS Cleaveland Cruiser

  8. P1nts1zeDwarf Parker

    USS Montana

  9. KevlarSoulMalkav

    Baron, I love your vids but every time you said Atago I cringed, the same
    when Phly says Fuso. 

  10. AP did half as much damage yes; but you fired a third as many of them, math
    wise tthat means fire MORE AP yes?

  11. the troll wasn’t wrong this time. You know you should have intercepted the
    Ibuki and lent AA support to the DD long before you went that way…..

  12. Shimakaze!

  13. Well, that plane the Des Moines is carrying is not a scout, it’s a fighter.
    When you release it, it will fly around your ship and attack any enemy
    plane getting close to you. XD

  14. Can you do the tier X Zao japanese cruiser

  15. 17:49 to victory or death!

  16. use ap vs cruisers my friend

  17. Why does your crew talk more? Like mine only says general quarters at the
    begginning why does yohr say more? Is thst like higher ranking stuff or

  18. But who finally won that second battle?

  19. St. Ludacris.


  21. The tier X Yamato

  22. @worldofwarships benson dd

  23. Honestly, I would have preferred a video on why you’re a tittyfish.

  24. ar-kansas video i said it like that

  25. Anyone know how once a ship has elite status ( my St. Louis ) it says your
    able to change the St. Louis xp to free xp and I currently have 1500 xp
    with my elite status St Louis so my question is how do I change that to
    free XP (where do I go to convert its xp to free)

  26. I say words wrong (not necessarily wrong, but phonetically, as in not
    following the weird grammatical rules of English. ie. Arkansas as
    are-can-sas, Des Moines as des mo-in-es) on purpose. Not to piss people
    off, but because I find that it’s more fun to do.

    Also, a most honorable sacrifice. RIP in peace.

  27. Baron could u do an air realistic battle serie plz?

  28. Zao, Shimakaze

  29. do the st. lewis

  30. World of Battleshits

  31. Tier 6 Cleveland or tier 10 Bismarck pls

  32. that is the worst games i’ve seen you play, christ pay attention, you let
    both teams down. watch the video again.

  33. now take out the des moines little brother the baltimore

  34. Zao!

  35. Claire Evergreen

    and remember to stop having fun…….
    thanks snoozer…

  36. i always thought des moines sounded like someone with a heavy brooklyn
    accent saying a slang term for the morning ” hey yo i gots to pick u up at
    5:30 in des moines so be ready: lol

  37. How can I play with you baron?!?!? I would love to play a round or two!

  38. For whatever reason, Phly is always such a douchebag to Slick.If it was
    Baron being hit by torpedoes, Phly would have risked everything to come
    help him.

  39. ANonPaidAttorneySpokesperson

    Merica!! F the French!!!

  40. I cant wait for all the nations and ships there gonna add… Italian hype
    (littorio class) so muuuuuch hype

  41. These english guys can’t pronounce any french word correctly, definitely 🙂
    Des Moines !

  42. It’s not a scout plane Baron! It’s a fighter plane that do ok vs other
    planes in range, atleast he shoots, the scout doesnt.

  43. It’s doing well, not doing good. You’re not out there in a floating soup
    kitchen feeding the poor :P

  44. Yamato the most honorable ship!!!

  45. Nope Nopede Nope

    Play one of the destroyers…you fishytit

  46. Nope Nopede Nope

    Haha that start xD “Baron you tittyfish”

  47. Iwaki Alpha, love that ship but no-one plays it

  48. Manuel Fernandez

    Can you do Zao when you have a chance?

    • Manuel Fernandez

      On a side note Des Moines is a city name but at least the two other ships
      of its class have Salam and Newport News with Des Moines being the nameship.

  49. How about backing your teammates & stop running like a little Bitch!

  50. Paulingen Jaeger

    Please rec a video using Midway, i had never played with any Aircraft
    Oh and i love your videos!

  51. fuso

  52. SMK attempt 4!!!

  53. kick ass with the des mornings baron

  54. Iowa next ship 

  55. The American beast Montana 

  56. Baron iowa or clevland plez or i will send you to gulag

  57. Essex Carrier!!!

  58. Tier 10 Japanese cruiser Xao please 

  59. Gearing or shimakaze???!!??!?!


  60. Tits are definitely what’s up baron


  62. Day 8, still no Phoenix.

  63. The Zao, very honorable for Imperial Japanese Army!

  64. Tier 6 uss shitland cruiser

  65. the Deus Monies looks pretty fun

  66. FrustratedTurtle

    Zao or other japanese high tier cruisers! Less reload, moar torpedus!

  67. Can anyone recommend me some games to get for pc

    I’m about to get one in two days so looking for some games to play.

    • EVE Online is another steep learning curve game too. It’s a sandbox MMO
      with a hugely diverse player base. It’s been my favorite game to play
      regularly since I started about a year and a half ago. The social element
      of the game is my favorite part of it. Besides playing internet spaceships.
      Also World of Warships is in open beta, right now. That game is a lot of
      fun too.

    • If you like giant learning curves and stress play war game red dragon

    • +TheThugLifeHuh If you think you might like strategy games, Sid Meier’s
      Civilization V is really good. It’s $30 on Steam but it’s definitely worth
      Side note: lots of games on Steam to look though, and their Summer and
      Holiday sales are amazing.

    • Cs go is a great game and it costs $15 on steam

  68. defenestration is the act of throwing someone out of a window. I wish I was

  69. Emilien Gosselin

    So funny to hear Americans say “des moines”

  70. North Carolina fully upgraded.

  71. Tate “Hyplexium” Jordan


  72. Fire AP at cruisers

  73. Play the montana you tittyfish

  74. furutaka, people say it the worst
    I quite liked it thou

  75. The Kongo 😀 

  76. Fletcher

  77. Carrier, i don’t care which low tier for weird stuff if you want.

  78. Brandon Dallmann

    Play Montana tier X battleship 

  79. Payton Smith (DuckyonQuack)

    Atlanta dpm machine

  80. Uss Baltimore!

  81. Do the Lexington

  82. New Orleans!!!!

  83. iowa, iowa, iowa, omg who cares about iowa

  84. use ap

  85. Can please please do the zao next Tier X japanese cruiser

  86. I love the Des Mornings

  87. Take the Cleveland out Baron if not then God have mercy on your soul

  88. Payton Smith (DuckyonQuack)

    Kongo brings honor to your family 

  89. Baltimore could have been eliminated early if AP was used to hit the
    citadel, Des mOines has autoloader, right? :O
    just passing by..

  90. Midway v Iowa 

  91. Baron you tittyfish


  93. The Zao is amazing,show us that.

  94. Cleveland!!!!

  95. The Zao!! I’ve literally only ever seen one gameplay video of the the Zao

  96. So there’s a new Premium Tier IV Japanese Battleship “Ishizuchi”
    Any chance for a review?

  97. NexGenInnovation


  98. furutaka pls pls pls :DDDDDDDDDDD

  99. Play Ibuki and Zao next!!!

  100. no planes have came my way……..crikey daft bloke lol

  101. Jake van der Veen (Ur-Quan Lord 999)

    How about some Kongo or Fuso game play? Been awhile since I’ve seen any
    Japanese Battleship action

  102. youtube

  103. Het Hoekie Kanaal

    japanese tier 5 heavy cruiser furutaka pls

  104. Baron you really need to start using AP against cruisers more. Seriously
    dude, just switch from HE to AP once you set him on fire and your are set.

  105. Baron play the mighty FUSO

  106. Please play tier 10 Japanese destoryer

  107. Geez, how many hours do you have to put into this game to get to that tier?

    • +Zev It took me around a month I think. I started playing the CBT in late
      April, and got to it in mid-June before the account wipe. Not sure how many
      hours exactly, but I was playing maybe a couple hours a day, and I wasn’t
      playing just US cruisers either. I was switching back and forth between
      frigates and battleships. Especially once US battleships came out I played
      those a lot. If you played only US cruisers hardcore, it might only take a
      few weeks at most. Depends on how much you grind.

    • +Zev Press account

  108. Nick Young (SlowSteadySqueeze)

    The capital of Iowa vs the state of Iowa. Who will win? lol

  109. Tier 10 Japanese Carrier next. (Don’t want to screw up the spelling)

  110. Any one else want them to add Australian ships to the game

  111. North Carolina VIII and beat this guys

  112. Erie :D

  113. sail the hatsuharu for poi

  114. Gearing pls 

  115. Zao

  116. Awesome Des Morning game play

  117. why don´t you use ap at max range you could do so much more damage.

  118. how about play its IJN counterparts, Zao

  119. Tanker Dude (Tank3rDude)

    And yet again Baron using the wrong ammunition LOL. I ALWAYS use AP against
    other cruisers unless they are very far away. The US cruisers are VERY good
    at hitting citadels with AP. Use HE against BBs and DDs.

  120. Doe the Zao next

  121. Could I ask what the most spiffing Soviet Ship is? And Is there any chance
    of see that being brought out?

  122. +BaronVonGaming just a word of advice when playing a ship with good AA
    focus your AA fire in the closest group or the most dangerous aka torpedo
    bombers press ctrl and use cursor to click on the air group all you AA
    focuses on the group and takes them down faster and just keep doing that
    once you shoot down one group switch to the next that’s how I got 69 air
    kills in my Pensacola 

  123. +BaronVonGamez Des Moines is pronounced De Moine.

  124. don’t get it – why you dont use SHIFT to switch to zoom mode… it’s way
    faster than scrolling up.

  125. Martin Oberhauser

    Use AP against other Cruisers dude! But nevertheless, freaking sexy ship.
    Had the good fortune to unlock it on wipe day :(

  126. Nguyên Architaku

    Shimakaze, please! I want some torps!

  127. TheEpicminecraft70

    How did they get high ships so fast

  128. 28:14 Dive bombers dive underwater… Submarines confirmed?!

  129. play the Myogi !!!!

  130. DonTheGreekGamer 7

    Baron plz the kongo

  131. That beautiful tier six CLEAVELAND

  132. Play the U.S. Colorado baron

  133. Erie

  134. josh soper (comando5768789)

    How long has it taken you to get up to tier 10 in open beta? if your there

  135. Baron Pls do the Gearing
    Ps. Tities fish

  136. +BaronVonGamez (not to be rude, but) why the fuck do u cut out the rest of
    the battle after you die? its far less entertaining to not see how the
    battle ends >:/

  137. Fires HE on cruisers “i´m gonna switch to AP on this guy” *fires AP on

    Fuck me…

  138. Hey Baron, unleash the torpedus with the Shimakaze! :D

  139. tier 10 Japanese dd

  140. play the ZAO pleaseeee !!!

  141. Taking out the Tier 10 Des Moines Cruiser in @WorldofWarships what ship

  142. +BaronVonGamez Do the Tier 9 Taiho Jap Carrier.

  143. Please play the North Carolina next!

  144. Baron, because that ship has nine main guns, the correct fire rate would be
    90 rounds a minute, 10 per gun is correct, but saying the ships fire rate
    is 10 is not, if a battleship with 6 guns fired twice every minute, it’s
    fire rate would be 12 rounds a minute, not 2 per minute

  145. Baron, you know you can just press shift instead of scrolling when you want
    to zoom ;)

  146. Play russian warships :P

  147. Tier 6 uss claverland

  148. Baron I am going to open my own cupcake shop up and name the sprinkles,
    “titty sprinkles” and they will look like boobs 

  149. Am i the only one that notices on the ship turret compass is the bottom
    left that the rear turret is represented in the wrong spot. (it shows it is
    on the rear end but in reality its actually more towards the middle.)

  150. Zao!!

  151. Hello Baron!

  152. odin sekkingstad håbrekke

    South carolina

  153. xXx_Sp0d3rm4n_xXx

    i said dont dishonour your family…you did by not playing the YAMATOOO

  154. Het Hoekie Kanaal

    Furutaka at tier 5 heavy cruiser its the only heavy cruiser at tier 5

    • Yes!

    • If that’s the worst ship in the cruiser tree for IJN it’s not the end of
      the world.

    • You go from a ship with super fast firing turrets that transverse just as
      quick and a ship thats very nimble. To a ship that is the total opposite.
      You have to drive it like a BB since the turrets turn so slow. You have to
      plan ahead. You can’t effectively zigzag fire. The guns are too slow to
      make those slight adjustments before you need to turn again. Torps can be
      handy is you get in close.

    • +david donahue The furutaka has top quality Japanese torpedoes and a
      caliber of main gun that the US doesn’t get to tier 7. The furutaka is
      fantastic if played right, I dont understand why everyone hates it so much.

    • Its shocking going from the Kuma to the futa. In a bad way IMO.

  155. Montana!!!

  156. next time use the furutaka, teir V japanese cruiser, worst ship in the
    game, for me at least ;)

  157. Terryn Camilleri

    Baron take the CLEVELAND out!

  158. BAAAROOONNNNN PERFECT TIMING! 420 BLAZE IT greetz from amsterdam mate!

  159. Nice!!!! Lol agin…..

  160. you have P-51 on that ships baron

  161. jean philippe Mesguen


  162. hi baron

  163. baron play the FUSO plz!

  164. Good vid :)

  165. Just saw this upload

  166. Taking out the Tier 10 Des Moines Cruiser in @WorldofWarships what ship

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