World of Warships Tier 10 Cruiser Gameplay – Des Moines!

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  1. +Edgar Delgado You need gold and to be at the right level for it

  2. ANonPaidAttorneySpokesperson

    Le Funny

  3. Lol, that’s a patriot. I dont give a jack too, that accent is just fun.

  4. ANonPaidAttorneySpokesperson

    But what makes us American is that we can do with it whatever we want and
    can’t nobody do Jack about it. Cheers!!

  5. It is still a french word, as Orleans, sorry mate 🙂
    Aoba !

  6. Manuel Fernandez

    On a side note Des Moines is a city name but at least the two other ships
    of its class have Salam and Newport News with Des Moines being the nameship.

  7. Your Japanese accent I mean

  8. Read my request in a Japanese accent cos yours sounds funny

  9. Don’t dishonour the mighty Japanese empire. Use our mighty battleships or
    commit seppuku in shame!……

  10. EVE Online is another steep learning curve game too. It’s a sandbox MMO
    with a hugely diverse player base. It’s been my favorite game to play
    regularly since I started about a year and a half ago. The social element
    of the game is my favorite part of it. Besides playing internet spaceships.
    Also World of Warships is in open beta, right now. That game is a lot of
    fun too.

  11. If you like giant learning curves and stress play war game red dragon

  12. +TheThugLifeHuh If you think you might like strategy games, Sid Meier’s
    Civilization V is really good. It’s $30 on Steam but it’s definitely worth
    Side note: lots of games on Steam to look though, and their Summer and
    Holiday sales are amazing.

  13. Cs go is a great game and it costs $15 on steam

  14. Emilien Gosselin

    Des Moines is french and it’s not pronounced the same way at all in France

  15. Order of Killing

    Its supposed to be pronounced that way. I should know, I was born in Des

  16. ANonPaidAttorneySpokesperson

    +Xor rd
    Thats how it is pronounced I’m an Iowa native.

  17. +Emilien Gosselin “De Moooooooin” … I’m from Minnesota.

  18. ANonPaidAttorneySpokesperson

    To anyone not from the Midwest then yes

  19. youtube

  20. +Zev It took me around a month I think. I started playing the CBT in late
    April, and got to it in mid-June before the account wipe. Not sure how many
    hours exactly, but I was playing maybe a couple hours a day, and I wasn’t
    playing just US cruisers either. I was switching back and forth between
    frigates and battleships. Especially once US battleships came out I played
    those a lot. If you played only US cruisers hardcore, it might only take a
    few weeks at most. Depends on how much you grind.

  21. +Zev Press account

  22. Poi poi poi

  23. Great idea

  24. Yup that’s why I don’t really watch baron anymore

  25. +Lucas K. Maybe actually playing the game is fun…?

  26. TheEpicminecraft70

    That’s unfair

  27. What’s fun about playing the game then?

  28. War gaming gave him a press account which basically gives him everything in
    the game for free.

  29. He has a press account, so he instantly had tier ten.

  30. +TeamAnime Take out da shitland tier 6

  31. +TeamAnime yes!

  32. +deJer777 huh it is

  33. Yes!

  34. If that’s the worst ship in the cruiser tree for IJN it’s not the end of
    the world.

  35. You go from a ship with super fast firing turrets that transverse just as
    quick and a ship thats very nimble. To a ship that is the total opposite.
    You have to drive it like a BB since the turrets turn so slow. You have to
    plan ahead. You can’t effectively zigzag fire. The guns are too slow to
    make those slight adjustments before you need to turn again. Torps can be
    handy is you get in close.

  36. +david donahue The furutaka has top quality Japanese torpedoes and a
    caliber of main gun that the US doesn’t get to tier 7. The furutaka is
    fantastic if played right, I dont understand why everyone hates it so much.

  37. Its shocking going from the Kuma to the futa. In a bad way IMO.

  38. +BaronVonGamez 3:45 That Baltimore is WRECKING you because he is firing AP,
    where you are just hosing him with HE like this is the first time you have
    played WOWS! Please play Zao next! If you can use torps, Zao is the tits!


  40. +BaronVonGamez the op warspite

  41. +BaronVonGamez the op warspite 🙂

  42. +BaronVonGamez Atago and Atlanta

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